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The ‘Who’s Who’ of Bow Tie Men

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Can a bow tie increase sales? Can it end a civil war? There are some bow tie doubters who say that a person wearing a bow tie can’t be taken seriously. You aren’t thinking of the really impressive men who have worn ties in history.

Bow ties are cool now!

Bow ties are cool now!

Doubt us? Just look at some famous men who’ve sported the bow tie with much success:

  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Winston Churchill
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Albert Einstein

Fictitious characters have started wearing bow ties once more again, not for humor like Pee Wee Herman, but for style and flair. In all types of popular television shows, main men are sporting the bow tie. From science fiction shows like Dr. Who, to the teen drama series Gossip Girl, bow ties are worn by men who have their own style and presence.

Famous lawyers, politicians and presidents all have worn bow ties. If you’re looking for a power tie, a bow tie may have just the right ‘oompf’ that you’re looking for.

Is Your Tie Rack Well Rounded?

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
Solid colors are a safe bet for the business setting.

Solid colors are a safe bet for the business setting.

Everyone needs a well rounded tie rack. You should have a tie for at least five general occasions. That wacky pattern tie may be perfect for a semi-formal party, but you’re not going to get away with it at church! There are the basic colors and styles that fit certain occasions.

Here are five occasions you just need to have a tie for:

Casual – A tie in your favorite color, pattern or just your favorite conversational tie. All men need at least one conversation starter!
Business – A formal, simple tie of just one color for the workplace.
Sports Night – A tie in your favorite team’s colors will make a great good luck charm!
Sunday – A tie that matches your Sunday best!
Party – A nice clip-on tie for something like a wedding reception, ready to pop off when you want to be relaxed.

Most of your other events can be matched to one of these as well! How many tie-vents are you prepared for?

How to: Attach Your Clip on Tie

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Anyone who’s ever had trouble tying their first neck tie on his own knows there are plenty of how to’s and complicated guides out on the web. So many in fact, you barely notice how few guides there are to attaching a clip-on tie! We were shocked!

clip on tieSo here’s our five easy steps to attaching your first clip-on tie!

  1. Grip the tie below the clip area.
  2. Open the clip closure.
  3. Hook the clip closure around the neckline, where you want the tie to hang.
  4. Close the clip. There should be a clicking noise.
  5. Fold collar down over tie. Wait, no, this is a clip-on tie. Never mind. Keep the collar down though. No popped collars with a tie!

We’re just kidding about there being too many tie guides. There’s no such thing as too much help when it comes to a classic knot. When you check back in with us, we’ll be sharing more “how-to-tie” guides and much more “tie”-riffic fun here at

Quick and Easy Harry Potter Costume: a House Tie and Shirt!

Friday, July 15th, 2011

With the final Harry Potter movie out, there are bound to be lots of Harry Potter parties, premieres and events! The easiest and most affordable way to dress up for these parties is to go with the typical Hogwarts student uniform – perfect for either you or your kids. Your kids might be scrambling for a last minute costume and what better way than to offer them one of your easy to wear clip-on ties!

A Gryffindor colored tie is stylish for all occasions!

A Gryffindor colored tie is stylish for all occasions!

All they’ll need is a white button up shirt and a color specific tie for a Hogwarts house. The house colors are fairly basic:

  • Gryffindor wears red and gold. So many types of red clip-on ties or even an orange and yellow striped tie.
  • Ravenclaw sports blue and bronze, for which any of your all blue ties will do.
  • Hufflepuff wears yellow and black, which makes this the perfect time to wear your yellow tie that matches so little!
  • Slytherin wears green and silver, many people just stick with the green clip-on tie for simplicity’s sake.

If you have a stylish clip-on tie, don’t be surprised if your kids come in to borrow it for a Harry Potter event! Do you have any plans to celebrate the end of the Harry Potter series?