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What to Pack for Vacation

Monday, August 29th, 2011

While some of you may be packing up your suitcases for the fall, others are planning getaways to enjoy the fall foliage or catch the warm summer climates where the sun is guaranteed to be shining for a few more months at least.
autumn packing clothes
Guys have a pretty basic packing list for a stay at the beach sort of vacation. Does your destination or itinerary involve a nice dinner out? Then you?re going to have to make room for your finer threads. No excuses!

  • For a nice vacation remember in your packing list:
  • Leave behind the breezy cotton shirts. Pick a synthetic or blend button down that will wrinkle less on the journey.
  • Bring a polyester tie as well! Nothing looks as bad as a messy tie creased on top of your crisp shirt! Short on room? A clip on tie takes up less room in your bag than a full size.
  • Pack something other than sandals or sneakers. Converse, loafers and dockers are all acceptable dinner shoes for a relaxing night out.

Don?t be a dinner dud. Make a list, pack ahead of time, and remember your nice clothes so you can go to that really nice looking restaurant while on vacation. What else do you usually forget for a fall vacation?

Tie Secrets: The Power of a Blue Tie

Friday, August 19th, 2011

What few know is the real power behind a blue tie. A smart blue tie will give you what appears to others as super powers* though really is just your super attitude powered by even a blue zipper tie.

blue zipper tieSome super powers you may be susceptible to are:

Enhanced Intelligence – If seen wearing a blue tie, people will believe that you are smarter than you actually are. Forget the contacts for a day and wear your glasses for even more intelligence.

Faster Worker – Ever heard of a blue collar worker? Pair that blue tie with a simple blue collared shirt and everything you do will seem to be completed in half the time. What a super worker!

Super Control - Not only will your blue tie make you look like a person who is in charge and knows what he?s doing, but your blue tie will exude calmness towards crowds. Wear a blue clip on tie to hold sway over large crowds or at public speaking events.

The secret powers of the blue tie can be yours with any length or width tie. These super tie powers are universal between all tie knots as well. What can you do with a blue tie?

*Blue tie cannot give wearer the power of flight.

For the Ladies: How to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Friday, August 12th, 2011

romantic tie occasionFresh blooming flowers, beautiful sunsets and hot sunny days – August is an unforgettable month, one to make memories that last. It’s also a time to raise awareness of romance in recognition of Romance Awareness Month. The man in your life may forget about the romance now and then – take time to show him that a lady can woo a man every so often.

Here’s a few ways to remind him this month as to how important he is to you:

  • Surprise him with a night out to his favorite restaurant.
  • Make things easier on him by buying him a pretied clip-on tie.
  • Have all his suits and ties dry cleaned and pressed.
  • Bake him something to appeal to his sweet tooth.
  • Reorganize his closet for him so all of his outfits are easy to find. (Which helps you, so you don’t have to help him pick out clothes later on!)

If August is a bit of a busy month for you, there’s always time for just a touch of romance. Ask him to put on his nicest shirt and finest tie, and meet you in your kitchen for a home cooked meal.

Keep the romance alive this August for Romance Awareness Month.

Dress the Boys In a Hurry with Matching Ties

Friday, August 5th, 2011

green tieYou’re ready to go out the door and call to see if your son is dressed yet. He finally comes down and is insisting on not wearing what you laid out. Sound familiar? Boys will be boys, and that means that he’ll always be trying to make life difficult – like when he refuses to match his clothes.

While we can’t help you get him into those fancy shoes – they are pretty uncomfortable – we do have a few tips for getting him to put on a tie for the occasion.

  • Go with a simple, comfortable boys clip-on tie that won’t bother him as much.
  • Promise to let him take the tie off as soon as it’s over – as an added bonus let him put the tie on at the last minute in the car as well.
  • Have Dad lead by example in his nice tie – Dad and son can share matching neckties to be super cool too!
  • Let him help pick out a new tie to wear. When he feels a part of the process and gets to pick his favorite color, he’ll give less grief later!

Whether it’s Sunday morning, a wedding or his first school dance, your boy will always struggle against wearing his formal clothes. Be patient and realize it may take him a few years until he’s as taken with ties as his dear old dad.