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No One’s Looking, Should You Still Wear A Tie?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

You may find that you wear a tie almost every day whether it’s for work or an evening out. However, many people ask us, “Should I still wear one when no one is looking?” The answer is yes! You may not think people are looking but they are!

yellow tie

A great example of wearing a tie when you think no one is looking is Oscar de la Renta. Just recently he was photographed working in his studio in a button down shirt and tie. His immaculate attire consisted of a light blue button down and a light yellow tie. The combination was simple yet gave a very professional feel. And I’m sure Oscar did not expect to have his picture taken that day while working diligently in his studio, but his picture was taken and he was prepared all while looking great.

Perhaps he will start designing more ties for his collection. If so I’m sure they will be very tasteful.

So the next time you head out the door make sure you are donning a tasteful tie because you never know who you might run into. Of course, you can keep it casual – wearing a tie does not necessarily mean you have to dress to the nine’s.

What to Know About Black Tie Standards

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Black tie is a formal evening dress code that requires men to be dressed in a tuxedo. As much as we?d like it to be – it?s not all about the tie. Here are the standards of a traditional black tie event you need to know:


  • The fabric should be black wool though midnight blue is also acceptable.
  • Can be single breasted or double breasted.
  • Should include lapels such as a shawl collar or peaked lapel
  • Traditional one button for single breasted jackets.
  • Pockets should not have flaps.

black tiePants

  • Should be the same material as the jacket.
  • The pants should have a single braid along the seams.
  • The pants should not have cuffs.


  • Should be white fabric with a turn down collar.
  • The shirt should have French cuffs and can have a pleated front.

Neck Wear

  • Should be a black self tie bow ? though we won?t tell if it isn?t!
  • Can be a silk four in hand tie which is a long tie however, it is not acceptable for very traditional black tie events.


  • Black shoes should be patent or highly polished leather oxfords or pumps.


  • Over the calf black silk socks.


  • Black, gold or mother of pearl studs and cufflinks are acceptable.
  • Black or white silk suspenders.
  • A white silk or linen handkerchief is optional.


  • Any dark dressy coat is appropriate.

What to expect at a black tie event:

  • They can feature fine wine and appetizers.
  • A fine location such as a museum, upscale hotel or botanical garden.
  • A multiple course dinner.

When you receive an invitation for a black tie event, take into account the location listed to get a better idea what to expect. Most black tie affairs have a purpose such as a way to raise funds, celebrate events or grand openings or can be a politically driven event so be prepared to make a donation!

Break the Regulation Dress: Back to School with Ties

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Polo, khakis and ties. Each year you’ll get the same requirements and pick out the same clothes – just a larger size. The typical back to school uniform doesn’t vary much. Most schools don’t really give you a lot of freedom in choice. While you can?t convince the board to loosen up – you may notice some room to loosen your knot when it comes to ties.novelty clip on tie

Let your kids express themselves where they can ? through ties!

  • Your child’s unique – so why not a unique tie? Pick out a novelty tie that shows  off your child’s individuality.
  • Patterns outlawed at your school? The least you can do for your child is to let them relax with the comfort of a clip on tie. Teachers  will never know the difference, and it can come off easily right after the bell rings!
  • Teach your child a different way to tie his tie. You may discover a new knot suits his personality and uniform much better!
  • Surprise him with a new tie. While he may have grown out of everything else, most neckties will last him a long time – so there’s no practical need for a new tie. A new choice in his dress line up will make his day even brighter!

Sometimes all your child wants is to rebel against the school dress code. Let them pick out a fun clip on tie for the new school year to do just that – within reason!

4 Ways to Improve Yourself for Self Improvement Month

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

We know you’re probably already perfect – or at least that’s what your mom says. It’s true though when they say that there’s always room for improvement. When it comes to dressing fine, though, we say there’s always room on the tie rack for improvements.improved tie

Here’s four ways you can look to improve yourself this month:

  1. Be a better dresser! You can start dressing better by setting out clothing the night before so you?re not rushed when picking it out in the morning.
  2. Get some help in picking out your clothes. Ask a friend with an eye on good fashion help you pick out your outfits. They’ll be able to tell you which colored ties to match with which shirts.
  3. Eat a better breakfast. It is Better Breakfast Month after all! A full, better breakfast will start your day off right!
  4. Start a new hobby or join a club, like a Tie Lovers Club! (We consider our Facebook and Twitter like being part of Tie Lover’s Clubs.) Not only will you stretch yourself mentally, and make you happier overall.

There are lots of ways to improve yourself. Make four goals to accomplish this month and see how much you can achieve – even if it’s just filling in your closet and tie rack with new professional clothing. What are your four goals?