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Hang it Up! 5 Fashionable Places to Store Your Neck Ties

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Where do your ties sleep? Do you keep them on your suits or hanging off the briefcase at the end of a long day? Don’t hide your fine clip on neck ties inside a garment bag. Here’s a five fashion-forward way to hang those neckties, so you remember to wear them more than once a month!hang your neck ties

  • Use a wall mounted tie rack. This puts your ties out in the room so you can see them all. Mount the rack against a wall, the back of the door, or either side of the closet door.
  • Make a peg board to hang your ties in a fun, dysfunctional style. Hang ties in alternating patterns, a circle or triangular formation.
  • Run a thick cord or string across a length of wall. Then using the clip of the clip on neck ties, hook a tie evenly spaced along the length of cord.
  • Use a shadow box with partitions to neatly roll up and house each of your clip on ties in their own space.

Hanging your neckties together, you can compare, pick and choose which to wear each morning, rather than wearing the same tie with the same shirt each day. Be bold, hang all of your ties in a tie-riffic place!

Movies Featuring Fashionable Ties

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

A lot of up and coming movies incorporate ties in the wardrobes of many characters. Here’s just a few that are out in theatres or soon to be released!

In the family oriented movie, Dolphin Tale, Morgan Freeman’s character wears colorful bow ties. One bow tie consists  of olive green, burnt orange-red, white and black stripes. The colors give an old feel to the bow tie but at the same time it is fun and has a classic feel. Another bow tie consists of navy blue, light blue and red stripes. The colors and stripes give basic, plain button down shirts a type of flair and personality.

striped tiesContinuing with stripes, in the upcoming drama/thriller movie, The Double, Topher Grace’s character wears long, striped ties throughout the movie. The ties consist of only two colors, neither of which is very bright. They mainly consist of one dark shade and one light shade. Several other characters throughout the movie wear ties as well, such as the traditional long neck ties consisting of basic colors, nothing flashy.

In the thrilling movie, Ides of March, ties are a very dominant part of several characters wardrobes. Most of the ties worn are either complimentary to the color of shirt the character is wearing or is a color such as red tie paired with a light blue button down. Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti’s characters all wear ties. In one scene, Ryan Gosling’s character has his tie tied for him during a conversation.

Ties are seen more and more in movies, giving a professional feel to the characters wearing them which shows you that ties will always be fashionable whether they are bow ties or long neck ties.

A Rainbow of Personality: The Power of Colored Neck Ties

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Margaret Thatcher said, “Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

So what does being a lady have to do with power ties? Well there’s a style and flair to wearing a tie that says power. You don’t tell people that you’re wearing a power tie.solid colored ties
They just know it.

One thing many people overlook is that power ties aren’t just about exuding confidence, each color says something different about your personality. Colored neck ties also give the person wearing them the power to express their personality. The style or color neck tie you wear can convey a lot about your personality.


Some colors to use to your advantage : 

  • Red ties can convey a passion for power.
  • Orange ties convey a sense of enthusiasm.
  • Green ties convey a traditional personality.
  • Blue ties convey a sense of peace and sometimes loneliness.
  • Yellow ties convey a positive and optimistic attitude.

Many people don’t think of color when it comes to the power of ties! Now that you’re informed, you’ll not only be a better, but also more powerful dresser! So the next time you choose a tie be sure to see if there is a connection between the color you choose and your attitude or energy for that day.


Neckties Make Dreams Come True

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Neck ties are often associated with power and success. One example of the power of a tie is 7 year old James Funaro.
boys necktie

James liked the attention he received when he wore a necktie for his  school pictures and decided to incorporate them into his everyday wardrobe. James then decided to take his love for wearing ties and turn it into a worthy cause.

His cause was to raise money for the Make- A-Wish Foundation. His main goal was to raise about $1,000, however he exceeded that amount and raised $8,700 by simply wearing a tie for 300 consecutive days. This made it all possible for Javier Romero, also 7 years old and suffering from Duschene muscular dystrophy to spend time with his family in Hawaii.

The power of the tie was so inspiring to James that he made another child’s wish come true!

Who knows what else you could use the power of a tie for, perhaps raising money for a local cause or even running a best tie-wearing competition to raise awareness and ask for donations to support the cause. You can even choose to wear a certain type of tie to promote a cause, like a pink tie for Breast Cancer Awareness.