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How To Dress For Success with Men’s Silk Ties

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

They say you’ve got to dress for the job you want, not the one you have and it’s true. The way you dress and act can make your office persona. To dress for success, keep these tips in mind.mens silk ties

  • Always check yourself before stepping out the door. Take time to brush off any pesky animal hairs, lint, or dandruff before heading out.
  • Stay comfortable. When you feel comfortable, you look at ease. If you feel restricted by a tie, choose one of our mens silk ties that just clip on for ultimate comfort and style.
  • Wear the clothes that fit you. If it’s been a while since you’ve been sized for your jacket or pants, try a new size. You may be surprised what a different fit can do for your look!

Don’t be looked over on account of poor taste in matching, if you don’t have the skills or talents then ask for help to pick out your wardrobe. Take Steve Carell’s character in Crazy Stupid Love for instance. His character wouldn’t have gone anywhere without the makeover help from Ryan Gosling’s character. While the clothes don’t make the man, you’ll certain be making your clothes look better when you choose to dress in a confident, positive manner.

Neck Ties for Good Causes!

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Would you cut your ties for money? A local school raised money to cover a student’s medical bills and as part of the activities, cut off the principal and two of the teachers’ neckties. Inspired by this story of elementary school kindness in Jamestown, North Dakota, we thought of a few other ways you can use neckties for a good cause.clip on tie

  • Where the tie is worn can make a fun challenge for a school. ‘Kidnap’ the school mascot for a cause, and send a ransom note to the school that he’s been all ‘tied up.’ In order to rescue him, each class needs to raise money, the one to raise the most or reach a certain goal saves the mascot – and wins a pizza party!
  • Hold a tie only dance, where the only thing you need to get in is a donation and the dress code is ties-only. They can wear whatever else they want, but must wear a necktie, bow tie, or clip on tie!
  • Hold an auction for a famous tie. You can ask a local celebrity, like a star athlete or the major, or contact famous celebrity to see if they’d donate the tie for a really charitable cause.

It’s all about how you tie it – or in our case clip it on!

How to Trick Him into Wearing His Boys Bow Ties

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Trick him into wearing a bow tie? It can’t be done! Once he’s grown up, it’ll be harder to sway your boys into wearing his ties, but while he’s still a little guy you can teach him to wear one our boys bow ties – it’s just as easy as putting on a clip on tie!

boys bow ties

Step 1: Expose him to pop culture references with bow ties. Start off a younger child with lots of Donald Duck movies, TV shows, all with his bright red bow tie. There are even a series of books, like the ones from Little Golden Books. Does he watch Dr. Who with his dad? Then show him this great video of a kid in a boys bow tie giving a Doctor Who speech – all kids look cool in bow ties!

Step 2: Let him see how hard it is to put on a real tie. Dad can demonstrate, which also makes bow ties cooler – plus he’ll also see just how easy it is to put on a red bow tie.

Step 3: Let him pick out a few of his favorite colors. This way he has a tie for special occasions, one for weekdays, and another weekends!

Next thing you know your little boy will become a man who appreciates a good tie!

Tie-Time Saved with Clip On Ties

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

In the fast paced day – especially as a business person – you’re always looking to save time. Mornings are the easiest time to cut corners off your day, giving you more time for the things that matter or need more time and care. Start the morning off right by saving time with clip on ties!

clip on tiesIf you’re a Windsor Knot Man
In the time it takes you to tie a Windsor you could…
…have just clipped on 30 one of our fashionable clip-on neck ties.
…be 25% of the way into brushing your teeth.
…tell your family you love them, making their morning brighter.
…have the time to check yourself over and see that your socks don’t match.

If you’re a Double Windsor Man
In the time it takes you to tie a double Windsor knot you could…
…be done brushing your teeth.
…could stop to hug the whole family, and wish them well on their day.
…drink a glass of water, repeat 7 more times later in the day.
…call your mom. It’s just two minutes after all!

Make more minutes in the day by using clip on ties! Think of the minutes you’ll save over the entire year. Two minutes each day becomes 730 minutes over the span of year, which is 12 hours you’ve saved! (That could be 12 hours of sleeping in!)