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Save Time in 2012 with Zipper Ties for Men

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Are you working on your New Year’s Resolution list yet? We’re sure that there are plenty of things on it. From remembering birthdays to learning a new skill, everyone has room for improvement. There’s so much that you can accomplish – especially once you start saving time in the morning when you use zipper ties for men!zipper ties for men

  • Here’s just a few of our New Tie Resolutions we think you’ll be able to accomplish in 2012!
  • Start every day with a smile on your face!
  • Teach your kid a new trick! Since making a tie knot is off the table, then teach him how to match his ties to a shirt color!
  • Promise to have your suits and ties all cleaned for the New Year – regularly! After all the use they get over the holidays, a thorough cleaning will do in January!
  • More tie time! Vow to wear your ties more often in the New Year. Even if you don’t have to wear dress up, you can still raise the bar with great style in 2012.

Quickly dress in the morning for a fresh start with our zipper ties for men – just like the fresh start you’ll be getting in 2012!

Forget Everything you Know About Men’s Silk Ties

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Think of everything you know about ties. There’s colors, styles, patterns, lengths, knot techniques, fabrics and so much more to remember. Is there really a need to remember all of it? thinks not! Take everything you knew about ties and drop it!mens silk tie

Wait, what?

We’re a tie place, what could we possibly want you to forget about ties for? We want you to forget everything you know about knot tying. When you use clip on ties, there’s no need to remember four different ways to tie a knot. With all this free space in your neck tie files, take time to learn these other important tie facts.

  • What tie colors go best with your shirt, vest, and jacket.
  • The ideal mens silk tie length for your body type and shirt type.
  • When you can wear patterned ties, striped, solid or novelty ties, such as which occasions or events!

You don’t have to carefully remove your tie to preserve your careful knot for next time! The knots on our clip on ties will stay intact and perfect for any tie occasion! Forget the small knot facts and focus on the bigger tie-issues at hand, like colors, fit and style.

Tie Quiz: From Novelty Ties to Clip On Ties, From Festivus to Kwanzaa

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Invited to a new party, wondering which tie to wear? There are so many types of holiday parties you’re going to run the chances of being invited to. Worried? Don’t be! We’ve got your collar covered for parties of all sizes and locations. It’s so simple; we’ve made a little quiz to help you remember which ties to wear for which occasion.

novelty tiesYour ties for this challenge are:

  1. Striped Mens Silk Ties
  2. Clip on ties for men
  3. Red and Green Ties
  4. Red Bow Ties
  5. Blue and Silver clip on ties
  6. Novelty Ties

The situations are:

A. Chanukah party
C. Kwanzaa celebration
D. Nerdy Christmas party
E. The after office party
F. Festivus Celebration
E. Christmas dinner party

Have you tied off your final answers? No peeking until you have finished matching your ties guesses! Done? The answers are:

  • Striped Mens Silk Ties – F. Formal and fitted for a Christmas dinner party.
  • Clip on ties for men – D. The quick change for your after office party.
  • Red and Green Ties – B. Either a red, green or even black tie will be fitting colors for a Kwanzaa celebration.
  • Red Bow Ties – C. The classic Dr. Who tribute will go over great for any nerdy Christmas party.
  • Blue and Silver clip on ties ? A. The traditional colors of will be perfect for a Chanukah party.
  • Novelty Ties – E. Festivus celebrations are a time to celebrate any of your passions!’s Favorite Month of the Year! National Tie Month is Here!

Friday, December 9th, 2011

When it comes to our zipper ties for men, we don’t like to pick favorites, extra long ties, bow ties for men, or even our novelty ties. We aren’t shy about admitting how much we love December, and National Tie Month. National Tie Month happens each year for one simple reason – there are more formal tie events in December than in any other month! (Though secretly we also think it has to do with the fact that ties make great Christmas gifts for dad too, but more on that next week!)zipper ties for men

So how can you celebrate Tie Month?

  • Have all of your guy’s ties cleaned and pressed – ready for the holiday parties!
  • Throw your own black tie party! Sure, there will be Christmas parties but why not step up your dress code with a formal dinner, complete with fancy Hors d’oeuvre, and bow tie pasta for dinner!
  • Go out for Tai food in your best tie!
  • Go tie shopping and find a new tie to wear out to parties in December.

Ties are a way of life for, and for the month of December we hope you?ll all ‘tip your ties’ to the celebration of ties all month long!