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Hot Mens Necktie Styles On TV

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Mens neckties are more than just another piece of clothing. They say that the styles and fashions seen on television shows are a sign of the coming fashion trends – there’s always an ‘in’ with fashion gurus. Here’s some shining examples of TV neck tie fashions.yhst-19093679602615_2192_10627281.jpg

Hot Young Ties
The men of Gossip Girl are rarely seen without being dressed to the nine’s, which of course means matching ties. It just goes to show how the younger men are taking tie styles and making them hip and cool again.

Suited Up
How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson is never seen without a suit and tie. Anything less, he considers sloppy, unprofessional, and just not cool. His frequent catch phrase encourages friends to get their ties as well with a call to, “Suit up!” Recently, he’s had to wear a novelty necktie as part of a bet, which he’s never seen without.

Singing the Praises
The boys and men of Glee often dress up for performances in matching ties, but also some of the smarter dressed students at the fictional William McKinley High School will wear a dandy necktie or bow tie to class as well.

So long as we?re seeing ties on the small screens, we’ll be sure to count them as being hot and popular choices for young men as well as business professionals. How do you keep in fashion?

National Hobby Month is a Time for Tie Hobbies!

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Learn something new, meet new people, or just have a good time. No matter what your goal, hobbies are great for so many reasons. January is National Hobby Month, which makes it the perfect time to try out new hobbies or get back into an old pastime. Here are a few hobbies you can try out, while impressing new friends in your new men’s silk necktie while you’re at it!mens silk necktie

  • Painting class is a great way to impress people, because honestly, who wears a tie to painting class? It’s an instant conversation starter and new way to make new friends.
  • Magic, because a great magician is never seen without his magician’s suit which of course includes a tie. (Just like Barney on How I Met Your Mother, tie aficionado and magician!)
  • Card games are a great place to wear a tie. You’ll intimidate the competition with your professional attire and dress.

None of these hobbies doing it for you? How about these slightly more unique hobby ideas:

Neck Tie Collecting – How many ties can a person have? It’s not just about quantity; it’s also the type and quality of ties that make a collection worthwhile. Create goals like obtaining all the colors of the rainbow in ties.

Fancy cooking - Have you already mastered cooking and baking? It’s time to start showing off your talents and entertaining in a big way. Invite everyone over in their best threads so you can wear your tie while enjoying your delicious meals.

What hobbies will you pick up this month? Ties or more?

Show Your True Colors with The Perfect Solid Color Necktie

Friday, January 13th, 2012

The solid color necktie helps ma ke a statement, match your partner’s ensemble, and can say a lot about your personality. You may not realize it but women can discover a lot about you just by checking out your fashion color choices. This is why it is important to pick the perfect solid color necktie next time you are going solo to a social event. If you are trying to show off your sensitive, calm, and caring side you should wear a solid necktie in colors such as pink, lavender, and light blue. Most women are naturally attracted to pink and other bright and pale colors so keep this in mind when picking out your tie.

An orange tie shows you are a fun-loving and social person. A bright orange tie will let others know that you are willing to talk about anything and that you are here to have a good time. This tie can make you the most approachable man at the party!

A yellow tie is the color of happiness and wisdom. Females love an intelligent man and enjoy intelligent conversations. Wearing yellow and looking clean cut will intrigue a woman to come and start up conversation with you. Disclaimer: A yellow tie will not make you smarter, just look smarter.

solid color neckties

If you are a strong, passionate, and romantic kind of man you should sport the romantic pink tie. If you want the ladies to know that you can be their knight in shining armor, than this is the color tie for you.

Deep and bright purple ties tell women that you are witty, unique, and different. If you are on the lookout for a one of a kind person to fit your one of a kind personality, this may be the color choice for you.

Gray and black ties say that you are dignified without being showy, and you often work hard without reward. These colors are both classy and collective and will match any other color if you feel like dressing it up with a yellow or pink shirt. Show off those multiple personalities of yours! The combinations are endless!

With Valentine’s Day just one month away, it may be time to start checking out the solid color neckties from and deciding which color ’suits’ you best.

On Opposite Day – Who Wears the Boys Ties?

Friday, January 6th, 2012

On Opposite Day anything and everything is possible! Wear stripes and plaid together, eat spaghetti with a knife, dance on your hands or write everything backwards!
boys ties
Opposite Day is also a time for breaking all the dress code rules that may have you all TIEd up! This means little boys aren’t wearing boys ties but mens ties. (Which makes us wonder then, who wears the boys ties?)

Some people will celebrate Opposite Day on January 24 – but because it is Opposite Day you can celebrate whenever you feel like! So next time you feel like wearing a novelty tie to work, simply call ahead letting the office know it’s Opposite Day – they can celebrate too!

Whenever you do decide to celebrate Opposite Day, feel free to wear the exact opposite tie that you regular would.

  • Going to work? Find your most wacky novelty tie and wear it over your favorite graphic tee shirt for a very formal look.
  • Switch ties with your son. While you’re borrowing one of his cute boys ties, see if you can borrow one of his plastic lunch pails for the day too!

*Disclaimer – The answer is of course, that boys will wear boys ties. Mens silk ties are simply too long for kids to wear, even on opposite day!