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How to Get your Easter Outfit Ready, One Hint? Woven Silk Ties

Friday, February 24th, 2012

woven silk ties

When it comes time for your Easter services, you’re going to dress to impress. There’s certain things that you need to remember. Our tips will ensure that you will be dressed to the nines for your Easter service. Whether or not you’re observing Lent, we’re asking you to give up the attitude and hear us out on these simple ways to be ready for Easter.

  • Pick out a new tie already. Our new woven silk ties are just the thing. No one will be groaning at your same old, same old style.
  • Get in the mood by spicing up your outfit with a nice pastel color. It can be a nice pink woven silk tie, or a touch of pale purple on your sock, or just a pocket square.
  • Have your suit sent out and dry cleaned, make sure that it all fits!
  • Go Easter shopping already! Even if you’re not big on the church service, there’s bound to be at least one bunny treat out there that you have a sweet tooth for!

Don’t disappoint the family, or you may not like your Easter basket this year. Make sure that your Easter outfit is ready with the right clothes!

5 Mens Silk Ties to Prepare You For Unexpected Tie-vents!

Friday, February 17th, 2012

“Oh no! What am I going to wear?!”

We’ve all been there one time or another. There’s the last minute need to dress up, and you find out that nothing fits right, you’re missing matching socks, and your father stole your solid silk tie to match his suit. After everything’s said and don’t, you forget to do anything about it – until next time it happens. Then you’re kicking yourself in the butt all over again.skinny necktie

To prepare for any unexpected tie issues, whether last minute invites to a formal dinner, an unfortunate funeral, or just a holiday that approached way too fast, here’s a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you have at least one full matching suit, including shoes, socks, pants, undershirt, tie, and jacket.
  2. Pay attention to your weight. When it fluctuates, check your fit in the suit as well.
  3. Now, have backups for all of these. You never know if one will still be at the dry cleaners, or if you’ll drop a big greasy glob of cheese on top! A different tie or shirt can dress down your suit as well for less formal occasions.
  4. Be habitual. After every occasion, remember to have everything cleaned and hung.
  5. Have your style checked by someone who knows. That same suit ensemble may have worked a few years ago, but perhaps a nice skinny necktie will bring you into 2012.

Mens Silk Ties to Fall For

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Silk ties, red hearts, chocolate kisses. They’re all part of what we like to call the month of love. Not only is Valentine’s Day approaching, but February is also considered National Weddings Month because of the great number of couples looking to celebrate their blissful union so near to the romantic holiday. In honor of this sensual season, we’ve pulled together some of our much loved mens silk ties. Some we’re sure you’ll fall for, others will help her fall for you when you’re dressed up on February 14th.mens silk ties

  • Pink and perfect like your love. A stylish pink pops against black stripes in this patterned skinny silk pink and black stripe tie.
  • Hip men with a taste for plaid should leave their favorite plaid at home on Valentine’s Day. Instead try out red plaid zipper tie. This funky pattern will satisfy your desire for great taste.
  • When you’re tired of the same rosy colors, try a new cool shade. Our plum ties will speak to the romance of the season, this skinny purple tie is a cute and fun way to spice up your holiday’s reds and pinks.

Whether dressing for a Valentine’s Day dinner or to attend a wedding, you’ll want one of these fine mens silk ties to complete your look. Check out our many romantic ties here at

Keep things Zipped up with our Safe Zipper Ties for Men Tips

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Wherever you work, safety should be your number one concern. As much as we want it to be – it?s not just about looking good. also wants to encourage your safety as well. So while you?re looking good in one of our spiffy zipper ties for men, keep these words of advice in mind.

zipper ties for men

Working around machinery. Keep your neck tie tucked in or remove it when nearing extremely dangerous machinery. You can also wear a clip on tie, which will make removal a lot easier if you should end up in a dangerous situation. What classifies as dangerous? Anything that is fed material, uses sharp gears, or has fast moving parts that could catch your necktie.

Working around fashion conscious people. The safest thing you can do is always make sure your tie matches your outfit, and you?re not committing a fashion faux pas. One bad tie day, and you?ll be ?that person? for years to come.

Working in or around crazy labs or experiments. If you hear someone saying, ?Which object on the puppet will be the next to blow up?? get far away. You never know if it?ll end like it did for Bunsen on The Muppet Show! Also, try to not be the one wearing the exploding necktie.

How do you stay tie-safe all day long? Do you find it easier to avoid accidents at work or once you get home?