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Celebrity Tie-Off: Gosling Vs. Pitt

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Some have it and some don’t. What are we talking about? Great style and panache while wearing a necktie of course! When you’re feeling a bit drab with your style, look to the celebrities who do it best. Either on screen with the help of fashion designers or even just in day to day life when snapped by the paparazzi, these celebrities not only know how to wear a tie, but also how to look good while doing it. In this celebrity tie-off, which big screen actor do you think deserves to win.

yhst-19093679602615_2202_112063495 (1).gif

Ryan Gosling – Thick and thin ties have both suited the man well, and even the occasion bow tie or two have appear on Mr. Gosling while on the red carpet. Ladies clamored when Mr. Gosling lost out on Sexiest Man Alive, posting numerous pictures of the actor in suit and tie as proof of his ’sexy’ status.

Brad Pitt- The always stylish Mr. Pitt is about to tie the knot, and you know he’ll be wearing something very befitting the occasion for his marriage to Angelina Jolie. We can’t wait to see the pictures of his France wedding attire for him and the rest of the fashionable wedding party including guests George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Johnny Depp.

Let us know in the comments which actor you think deserves the title of Tie-riffic Dresser, and we’ll announce our winner at our next Celebrity Tie-Off. 

Saving the Day with Clip On Ties for Men

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Neckties are an important part of any formal or semi-formal wardrobe. Whether you are celebrating your best friend’s wedding, attending an important awards celebration for your company, or presenting a big proposal before the county commission, you need to make sure that your appearance is just right. Clip on neckties for men make it easy to look your best, even if you aren’t comfortable with how to tie a necktie.A few reasons why:

neckties for men

  • There are many colors and motifs that can be found for your occasion, and the clipping gives you peace of mind as it saves you from frustration in trying to get things just right.
  • The knowledge of how to tie a necktie was once a rite of passage for young men. In modern times, though, things tend to be more relaxed
  • Formal wear is less common in a work environment, and this casual approach to attire makes the need to learn how to tie your necktie less important.
  • Clip on neckties for men allow you to have the freedom not to worry, especially if this skill has evaded you.

Your next formal event will go smoothly as long as you have your clip on handy, and nobody but you will know!

Cool off This Spring with Clip On Ties

Friday, April 13th, 2012

They say when you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. It may sound crazy, since eventually you’re going to have to eat. However, there are cheap, delicious alternatives to turning on the stove, like going out to your favorite, air conditioned restaurant.

When you can’t take the heat of your button up shirt on a stuffy spring day – there’s a fast and smart solution as well. While it’s not as fun as dressing down, here’s a few ways to stay cool:

  • Necktieemporium-cool spring ties.jpgUndo the knots and try a clip on tie! We all know that layers make a person warmer, which is why in the winter you’re wearing scarves, thick socks, gloves, undershirts, and many more layers. One less layer of fabric wrapped around the will keep your neck cooler during the day.
  • Swap out the heavy cotton blend for a light seersucker or something that breathes more.
  • Working outside? Swap out the dark winter colors for some bright spring ones that will attract less light. It may be a slight change, but every bit counts!
  • Take a break and from the necktie as well! It’s important to get the occasional breath of fresh air, and while you’re out, unclip the tie and let the top button go. Once your five minutes of freedom are over, just snap that tie back on, and you’ll be back to work in a jiffy – still looking presentable as ever.

Spring days can get warm – so stay cool as ever with a tie that lets you have the freedom and style you desire. Check out all of the snappy ties at 

Appreciate Your Clip on Necktie Style

Friday, April 6th, 2012

You pick out your outfit each morning -or for those really prepared, every week – which means you deserve a little recognition for your hard work! Looking so impeccable everyday is well worth the time – and also the notice from your peers. While your own self satisfaction and pride will definitely make it worth it – here are a few ways to maybe put your look over the top of necktie fashion and get you the compliments you’re looking for:

clip on neckties for men

  • No one overlooks a tie when paired with new clothes – your whole outfit will definitely get looks. Maybe your three button jacket with hiding your tie, and a one button jacket will be the stylish edge that you were looking for.
  • Have those hairs cut in preparation for Hairstyle Appreciation Day. A fresh new cut, in a different style may bring eyes to your smart look.
  • Do you really, really love that old novelty necktie that you got years ago and think it’s the best thing in the world? You may have to consider that it’s a tired gag. People may appreciate your humour with a new novelty necktie!
  • Are your ties actually popping and contrasting with your shirt? Maybe it’s time to get off the old blue and white combination and try something else from the wheel chart.

Are you getting the compliments you deserve? See if a small change in dress will really put your style to the top in the office.