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Use Your Mens Silk Ties to Stir Up Laughter

Friday, May 25th, 2012

mens zipper ties

Everyone loves a guy with a sense of humor, and finding the right way to portray your humor is always an exciting challenge. If you are the guy looking to play the perfect practical joke or bring laughter to a serious situation, you needn’t look further than your closet. Your mens zipper ties are just the thing for showcasing your inner jokester. Since mens zipper ties are already tied perfectly, you can adorn just about anything with one.

  • Use one of your zipper ties to dress up a teddy bear for that special someone. Maybe that teddy bear is going to have a special gift strung onto the tie. Wouldn’t that be a fun way to propose?
  • Your zipper ties may prove a humorous way to decorate the Christmas tree, and your children will have a good laugh when they find the ties hanging mysteriously on Christmas morning. 
  • Embellish one of your mens silk ties to create a unique door hanging, whether it’s a do not disturb message or a maid service request. 

Mens silk ties are funny choices for adorning presents or for piquing curiosity. Having some fun ties embellished with specific messages will prove the best way to get a laugh, no matter the venue.

Dress Up Fun with Bow Ties for Boys

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Youngsters love to dress up, and while the options may seem more limited for boys, it’s really just as easy to find fun make believe and dress up activities as for girls. Bow ties for boys allow for all sorts of pretend play, and many boys will find ways to use such props to act out favorite stories and characters. Bow ties for boys lend a sense of importance, perfect for playing the part of a grownup in a game.

Here’s a few different roles neckties can suit you up for:

Bow ties for boys

  • Clip on ties allow youngsters to easily dress up, adding the accessory to quickly become a business man, a police commissioner, or a teacher. Pair it with a button up!
  • Black bow ties are perfect for kids wanting to play the villains from their favorite super hero stories.
  • A brightly spotted bow tie also works wonderfully in clown garb.

Playing a waiter, a magician, or any other interesting professional is perfect for developing the imagination. Make the summer an opportunity to read and act out new stories and old favorites. You can put on dramas at dinner. Your youngsters will love ties as ways to get into character!

Breakaway Ties for Breakaway Situations

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Running down dark back alleys, the fuzz hot on your tail, and the valuable information is under your arm. Being a secret agent can’t be easy, but should the cops get close, you don’t want to get grabbed on account of your bothersome tie being snagged. While this situation may not sound familiar, the needs of the common man for breakaway ties can be great as well. Need to slip out of a situation fast? Clip on ties are just what you need for these more commonplace situations:

  • Clip on tiesCongrats grad! You’ve received your diploma, but now it’s time to get out of that cap and gown and get into your comfortable clothes for graduation parties and photo ops! (You rushed into that tie when getting ready, after all too!)  
  • You were dressed to the nines for prom, but now it’s time to get casual for the after party. Toss the clip off tie into a bag for the night and be ready to relax!
  • Weddings and bridal showers are busy times for men and women. Since everyone needs to help with the prep, don’t be restrained by a necktie while lifting boxes and setting up. Keep your clip on tie nearby so when guests start to arrive, you’ll be ready to look presentable.

Secret agent or not, quick clothing changes can save you time! So while you can, you slip out of your tie, change shirts, clip on a new tie and blend into the crowds, with your pursuers never knowing the better! 

Selecting Clip on Ties for Various Needs

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

In a professional environment, a necktie may be necessary on some occasions, but in a more casual business world, the use of neckties on a daily basis isn’t always as predominant of a need. Clip on ties provide a professional with a quick solution when an unexpected meeting arises on a more casual day. 

solid color neckties

There are a variety of choices in style, color and pattern, making it possible for a few choices to be kept in an office desk or closet for a quick wardrobe adjustment. Clip on ties are sometimes preferable to traditional models in that they can be quite a bit more comfortable. If you hate the feel of a necktie, you don’t have to compromise on style.

How do I match my neckties?

There are many tasteful patterns that coordinate beautifully with traditional business wear. Solid color neckties in clip on or breakaway design are also wonderful for complementing your wardrobe. Choose colors that are generally neutral for wearing in your office, but consider more specific colorful necktie choices for adding to your ensemble at home. If you love the opportunity to coordinate, then consider similar tones, with a darker tie that works well with the color of your dress shirt. Solid color neckties are important for the professional, and in clip on styles, they can provide comfort and convenience.