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Zipper Ties Keep Convenience without Sacrificing Sophistication

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Navy and Gold Striped Zipper TieOn that first date, you want to dress to impress. While a clip on tie provides convenience, you run the risk of being caught in your comfort. Make it look like you went to extra measures in order to make a great impression. Zipper ties are so convenient to wear, and they look as if you are the one who has done all the work! The knot is in place. All that’s required of you is putting your tie over your head and tightening it just a bit. How easy is that?

In a day and age that is characterized by casual sentiment, it’s easy to leave formalities aside. However, that special lady will love that you make an effort to impress her, and you don’t have to go overboard in the process. Zipper ties are affordable and fashionable, a midpoint between the ease of use associated with clip designs and the formality of that often-tricky hand-tied Windsor knot. You can easily find a solid color to coordinate or contrast with your apparel, and you will find that patterned ties give you exciting options as well. It might not be an ‘every date’ sort of thing, but since first impressions matter, a little extra attention to detail is important, and rarely goes unrecognized!

Update Your Fall Wardrobe with Skinny Ties

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Yellow Pattern Skinny TieFall is quickly approaching, and it’s time to spiff up your wardrobe for some of those important celebrations and events. Ties aren’t as common these days as they once were for everyday wear, but taking time to add a tie to your attire can make a distinct impression on those with whom you interact. Your family may be pleasantly surprised at your new commitment to being dressier, and you can even include your son with his own ties to match yours, giving you a chance to bond over looking dapper together. Create some memories with skinny ties, and look polished doing it!

Skinny ties diverge from the thicker look of traditional ties, adding a sleek, modern touch to your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a full suit or are opting for jeans and a dress shirt, your ties will add a sense of style that is perfect for soccer banquets, parent welcome night, Thanksgiving drama day – any slightly formal event! The tendency in fall is toward earthy colors, but don’t be afraid to choose bright variations in yellows or rusts. Funky geometric prints are also great, especially in skinny ties, because they don’t stand out as much as they do in thicker ties. You can be a bit more daring in your choices, and see what works best. Fashion is meant to be fun, and skinny ties let you experiment without making your wallet skinny, too!

Getting Ready for Fall with Affordable School Uniform Ties

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Solid Navy Uniform TieThe reality in society is that education isn’t taken as seriously by some students as others, no matter if it is a public school or private school. It’s tough enough to keep your kid on task with basic chores at home, but as he moves into middle school and high school, academics become even more challenging. Schools that implement the use of uniforms can make inroads in the lives of those that are challenged by staying devoted to studies. Developing a set of standards that include dressing formally can lead to a more serious consideration of the academic setting. School uniform ties can play a subtle role in the establishment of a positive and disciplined attitude toward academics.

Your selection of the right school uniform ties should comply with school standards. It’s important to recognize that a student who is new to school uniforms, especially with regard to wearing a tie, may balk at the prospect. However, the discipline established in caring for a uniform and dressing to a standard can begin to impact other areas of life. You son will find that he’s not alone in his perceived plight, and he may not be alone in his attitude about wearing a tie or a uniform. Even if he really doesn’t like it, there’s at least a conversation starter for he and another student!

We believe that children can succeed at whatever they put their minds to, whether they are wearing a tuxedo or a t-shirt, but we do see some advantages to a formal dress code. We tend to perform better and feel better when we look nice, and school uniform ties can help make that possible.