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Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie: Part Three!

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
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In Parts One and Two of our ‘Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie’ blog post series, we have highlighted 4 awesomely affordable and fun ideas that we’d be proud to wear ourselves. These include Fred Sanford and Al Bundy of television fame, and Jerry Maguire and the Men in Black, who found themselves on a bigger screen. For Part Three, we’re focusing on one character you could find not only on screens big and small, but also in countless books, on posters, decorations and more. Also, a man who was an indisputable master of suspense. Yes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention necktie-loving Alfred Hitchcock and the bow tie-bedecked Count Dracula!

Costume Idea #5: Alfred Hitchcock: As a youngster who couldn’t get enough of Nick at Nite, I always scooted a little closer to the television when ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ came on. Sure, it packed enough suspense and convoluted plots to make my little mind spin, but it was exciting! It was like nothing else on TV, and it was headed up by this strange, quirky-cool man that my young self had no idea was one of the best, most unique, most influential filmmakers that ever was or would be. Of course, when I found that out, I loved him even more. And if I looked anything like him I would be thrilled to dress as him for Halloween. (I’m counting on the guys that can pull it off to really have fun with it!)

Costume Idea #6: Count Dracula: OK, to be fair, dressing up as Dracula for Halloween isn’t exactly the most unique idea ever conceived. But while the costume itself might lean toward typical, what you do with it can be anything but! Not only does Dracula have an over-the-top personality that you can really go crazy with, but with such a classic look you can alter it while still making it obvious who you are. For example, mix up the colors; go with purple or orange instead of black. Or – keep the look the same but add a humorous element, like making Count Dracula obsessed with ‘underground’ rap!

Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie: Part Two!

Monday, October 15th, 2012
Jerry Maguire

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Men in Black

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In our last blog post we highlighted 2 easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for guys, each taking its inspiration from the world of TV dads. First, we suggested the unforgettable Al Bundy, and that got us thinking about other men of the small screen that would be not only fun to dress up as, but also fun to portray all day long. As such, you can see why Fred Sanford came to mind! In thinking of the next 2 costumes – each of which also requires a tie, as the first 2 did! – we thought beyond the screen in the living room to the screen in the theater. In other words: movie men.

Costume Idea #3: Agent J or Agent K from Men in Black: Whether you fancy yourself more of a Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones type, this costume has some serious potential to guarantee you a good time! Unlike an inflatable chicken costume, or a furry costume that keeps things a balmy 110 degrees inside, you’ll feel as cool as you look in a Men in Black costume! And best of all, you probably already own most of what you’ll need to put it together. A solid black tie, white dress shirt, black suit, black shoes, black sunglasses, and of course, a plastic replica weapon or two from the film.

Costume Idea #4: Jerry Maguire: If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to breathlessly scream, “Show me the money!” – here it is. You don’t get to do this too often without people thinking you’re remarkably dated in your quotable movie lines, but Halloween isn’t your everyday cocktail party! What might seem a bit ‘old’ any other day is perfect for Halloween, when people will be dressed up as everything from Audrey Hepburn to M&Ms. In fact, dressing up as Jerry Maguire now is way more unexpected than it would have been in the 90s after the movie came out. And unexpected often equals awesome! Just don’t forget to loosen your necktie a little before you scream.

Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie: Part One!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

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There’s a certain familiar chill creeping through the air as of late, gently but persistently working its way ‘round corners, making the hair on your arms and neck stand at attention. Some think it’s just the weather turning; some think this change in temperature alone is responsible for those shivers. Others walk a little more quickly past alleys and through parking lots as the whistling sounds of the wind are enough to drive you mad!

It’s as though something…or someone…is fast on your heels, taking two steps for every one you take until it finally spins you round, wide-eyed and unable to scream, and stares you in the face. Yes, you’ve been here before. This isn’t your first ride around this block. That something that snuck up on you is Halloween, and there you stand facing it in all its candy-colored glory without a thing to wear. Next year, you promised yourself. Next year you’ll have your costume ready in September! But that doesn’t happen, does it?

You are not alone. And just because you’ve not been prepared in the past does not mean you won’t be ready to enjoy Halloween this year – enjoy it in a way that only a well-costumed man can! Not sure what to dress up as? We’ll be unveiling some clever ideas over the next few weeks, each of which involves wearing a necktie, of course…

Costume Idea #1: Al Bundy from Married…With Children: Honestly, this costume is about as easy as they come, and if you have a female friend with voluminous red hair or a full red wig, you just might have yourself a Peg Bundy to really leave no questions as to who you are! All you’ll need to master is Al’s signature way of speaking and walking, and occasionally slump onto a couch tucking your hand inside the waist of your pants. You might even be dressed as Al right now accidentally! (For bonus points, carry around a woman’s shoe.)

Costume Idea #2: Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son: He might not have worn one on every episode, but Fred Sanford was no stranger to a bow tie! And if you got to play his famously spunky character for one night, you’d be no stranger to a good time. Just be careful who you call a ‘big dummy’! And don’t forget to download the theme song so you can play it from your phone all day and night.

The Five Neckties Every Man Should Own

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Black Tie with White DotsIf you’re just beginning to build out your assortment of neck wear, you may feel lost in the whirlwind of colors, patterns, prints and tie-related jargon out there. It can be dizzying – and confusing, too – but it doesn’t have to be. While some sartorialists claim that a man needs dozens of ties to accommodate any situation, it’s not necessary to go crazy. Here are five great all-purpose neckties for any guy:

1. Solid – Choose a solid blue or red in a shade you like and you can wear it in any situation with just about any outfit. There are some that recommend a solid black as the go-to solid hue, but black is far less versatile, especially if you want to avoid matching color-on-color or pattern-on-pattern with an inarguably essential solid black suit.

2. Repp – A casual tie wearer probably doesn’t need to worry about the material, though the ‘repp’ style gets its name from the tightly woven ribbed texture of the silk in the first repp ties. This classic striped style still comes in silk, but you can also find it in polyester and satin. These ties are great, all-year-round striped ties that can really bring out the accent colors in your wardrobe and give your outfit a touch of aristocratic elegance.

3. Bow TieBow ties are cool! The bow tie is a fashion-forward neckwear staple – not just for kids! And, not for nothing, we can help you conquer the complex bow tie knot with our selection of pre-tied bow ties (nobody else has to know).

4. Polka Dot – Dispel any notions of massive polka dots – a restrained pattern of small dots is a surefire way to create a classy look.

5. Pattern – Like with the polka dots, there’s no need to go overboard with the pattern. Whether you go for gingham, houndstooth, plaids, florals or geometrics, a small, nuanced pattern can create an understated point of interest in your outfit, pull out secondary colors in your suit, shirt or accessories, and give you a refined-yet-understated look.

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