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Striped Ties Make Great Gift Ideas for Men!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Blue and Tan Striped TieIf you are struggling with great gift ideas for men, keep in mind that some designs and fashion accessories are always in style! Adding to his wardrobe is easy, and this is your chance to pick the colors and designs that you love. He has to wear them, after all, or run the risk of offending you! ;)

All joking aside, you can’t go wrong with solid shirts and striped ties as long as you select colors that work well together. Put together a collared shirt, coordinating sweater and a tie that includes a coordinating shade from one or the other, and you’ve got an easy, can’t-go-wrong combo he’ll love wearing, and you’ll love seeing him wear.

You may want to simply provide your guy with some great accents for his current wardrobe, especially if you aren’t sure about sizes or preference. Observation is your greatest ally – take time to notice his favorite colors and styles. Of course, it never hurts to ask him what he likes as well. This can save you a lot of guessing, and it will definitely help you avoid major gift mistakes, especially if he’s a choosy dresser. On the other hand, if you’re looking for accessories for your husband, son or father and know their preferred colors like the back of your hand, finding striped ties they’ll reach for time and again is easy and makes your gift especially thoughtful and personalized.

Fashion Accessories as Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Man in Tie with Christmas StockingIf you are looking for unique stocking stuffers for guys, there are lots of basic products that can contribute to an overall theme. For example, you can use color as a theme, selecting coordinating mens ties, earphones, socks and gloves. Or, you might consider a novelty theme based on his favorite interests. Golf ties, golf tees and vouchers for a couple of rounds of golf at his favorite course are fun to put together in a stocking! You might consider a major tech gift as the basis of your stocking stuffer collection, as well. An @ symbol necktie is perfect for coordinating with a protective case and a download gift card for his new smartphone.

You can explore additional mens ties to include as fashion related stocking stuffers for guys. If you are giving him a new suit or ensemble, for example, then consider including a complementary tie, cuff links and watch in his stocking. If your focus is on a special event, find a tie that will relate perfectly because of its color or print. You have lots of ways to be creative in filling his stocking, and coordinating style elements like neckties or bow ties can put the fun in a fashionably functional gift!

Ties Are Still Great Gifts for Guys!

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Modern Skinny TiePink and Gray Skinny Tie

Brainstorming new, unique, great gift ideas for guys is fun, if not a bit challenging, but it’s easy to overlook the value of some of the more basic options that many men still love to receive! Neckties are an example of gifts for men that often get treated as a ‘too traditional’ choice. However, gifting great ties is an opportunity to provide a special man in your life with a new look in complementary colors to his favorite shirts – something he might not choose on his own, but can certainly appreciate. When it comes in the form of a gift, he has to try it out. And that’s your perfect opportunity to effect change in his apparel and help him step out of a tired style!

There are lots of wonderful choices in affordable neckties at You can opt for clip on ties that are easy for him to put on, especially if he finds it challenging to tie a traditional Windsor knot. You can look for a complete outfit, using a tie as just a part of a set. You can look for interesting ties in unique colors that would work well with his current wardrobe, but that are bolder than he is accustomed to wearing. You can even use a tie as an alternative to a bow on your main gift! There are lots of options as you are considering a variety of different gift ideas for guys. We just hope you’ll keep some fresh new ties on your ‘to buy’ list!

Shake Off the Winter Doldrums with a New Accessory

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Purple Plaid Bow Tie

Winter can be an exciting season, but it also lends itself well to allowing us to get lazy with the way we look and dress. If your wardrobe seems to be experiencing the doldrums, it may be time to liven things up a bit. This is the perfect time to track down a couple of new bow ties in order to brighten up your look, which can in turn bring a smile to your face more often as well! Whether you are looking for a slick tie for evening outings or a trendy, tasteful option for workplace use, there are many great fabrics and prints to consider.

If you aren’t sure which bow ties will work best, start with just a couple of basic designs. Consider the colors you wear most often and look for bow ties that include complementary shades. For example, if your wardrobe includes a lot of earth tone colors, a brown design should work great! Think about striped fabric if you are feeling a little more adventurous. If you want to have a holiday option, there are bright seasonal colors to consider. Make it a point to try one of your new ties out on a date or an evening outing with friends. The spirited style of a bow tie lends itself well to moments of levity and celebration! Think of a bow tie as the male version of lipstick – it can draw more attention to your smile and brighten up your whole look.