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Bowties are Cool Again!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


The Bowtie was most commonly associated with the nerd or pretentious writer, but as of lately, the bowtie has once again become cool. James Franco, Gary Oldman, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Hamm have been spotted numerous times with a bowtie adorning their necks. What was once an accessory most commonly associated with waiters is now a hot new men’s style trend.Bowties are cool again

There are various types of bow ties to represent your personality and style. Bowties are made from a variety of fabrics like silk, cotton, polyester, and combination fabrics. A bowtie has a charming characteristic that gives men a classically handsome look. Over are the days of jeans and t-shirts, men recently have been dressing more like their grandparents than the rock stars they see in magazines. The bowtie seems to be just another factor in a men’s style revolution. However, tying a bowtie can be quite tricky for some. carries a wide variety of already-tied bowties for those who can’t quite master the art of tying a bowtie. Whether your style is preppy or edgier, a bowtie can really make you stand out. More and more bow ties are popping up in menswear ads than ever before, and the fad doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon. Join the ranks of the cool cats and get yourself a bowtie.With a New Year Approaching, why not start 2013 dapper?

New Ideas for Boring Old Neckties

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


repurpose your ties!When people think of neckties, they probably don’t know the multi functionality of this neckwear accessory. A necktie can be used for many different things, some more bizarre than the other. A necktie can be repurposed into a whole variety of things! Have old ties that need to be recycled? Here are some ideas on how to reuse that old necktie.

  • Guitar Strap: In need of a new strap for your guitar? A necktie makes a unique guitar strap that no one else will have. Have fans stare at your creation as you?re rocking out on stage with your very own necktie guitar strap.
  • Belts: It’s not uncommon to see a woman wearing a man’s necktie as a belt. A lot of fashion blogs show this being done. Donate those old ties to your wife! She might be able to make a blog worthy belt. If you’re a fashionably forward man and a sartorial risk taker, why not try it yourself?
  • Pocket Square: A necktie can easily be transformed into a pocket square. Don’t have a perfect pocket square to really make your outfit pop? Fold up an old necktie and tuck it in your pocket. It’s quick, easy, and cool.
  • Bow Tie: Turn that standard necktie into a brand new bowtie.  This one requires scissors and a little bit of research.
  • Dog leash: By cutting your old necktie and stitching the edges, you can create a very fashionable dog leash! You can by the clips and hardware at a standard hardware store and you’ll have a brand new leash for you and your stylish canine.

The possibilities of reusing neckties are endless. If you have old neckties, don’t throw them away, repurpose them!  What are some of your repurposed necktie ideas?

How to Not Wear a Tie

Thursday, December 6th, 2012


A necktie has the power to make a man look refined and dapper. However, some men can actually make themselves look sloppy and unkempt while wearing a tie. There are many mistakes a man can make when wearing a tie and these mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Here are some simple rules to follow to avoid making a style mistake!Tie mistakes

  • Stained or Wrinkled ties: A necktie becomes an outfit’s focal point as soon as you put it on. Wearing a tie that is wrinkled or stained makes you look way less than dapper. Always untie your tie after wearing it, and hang them on a tie rack or hanger.
  • Tie Width: The width of your tie should be in proportion to your body type. If wearing a jacket, your tie width should be in proportion to your lapels. If you’re wearing a Mad Men style thin lapel jacket, a skinny tie is the perfect choice.
  • Poorly tied knot: A tie tied too short or too long makes your knot look sloppy and unappealing. Tie your knot so it fills the gap between your collars.
  • Too short/Too long tie: Buy a tie that is proportional to your height! It’s that simple! We carry extra long ties for men of above average height.

These are simple mistakes to avoid to ensure you look as put together as you want to be. 

The Brief History of the Necktie

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


The necktie is a staple of men’s style, and for good reason. Neckties have been worn since ancient times to signify title, wealth, or just to sop up sweat. The first people documented to wear a necktie were Croatian soldiers, these soldiers were said to wear bow-tie-like embellishments on their uniforms. After spotting the embellishments of the Croatian soldiers, King Lois XIV of France, popularized a new form of neckwear, the cravat. The cravat is a strip of fabric worn around the neck and then tucked inside a shirt. The cravat was the closet in look to the modern day tie.Vintage Tie

In the 1920’s an American tailor named Jesse Langsdorf created the very first modern tie. Langsdorf patented his creation, and gave birth to the necktie we are familiar with today. Throughout the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s the necktie grew in popularity. By the 1950’s, the tie became a necessary accessory for all men. The necktie quickly became a symbol of individuality and even conformity.

Today neckties are worn by many different groups of people. Since the first creation of the modern neck- tie, the style of ties has changed. The introduction of extra wide, skinny, and even clip on ties have given men more of a choice when it comes to dressing. Neckties have changed since ancient times, but are still worn the same way, and are still a very necessary accessory for any dapper man.  Oscar Wilde once said, ”A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.”