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Our Favorite Television Style’s

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


Neckties have been popping up more than ever on our TV sets. Dapper dressed men are appearing more and more on today’s popular television shows. The sartorial choices of some of our favorite television character are crossing over to today’s generation of men, and we couldn’t be happier. The truth is we need more Don Drapers and Neal Caffrey’s in the world! These are our favorite television style icons.


Don Draper.jpg

Don Draper: The Dapper Ad-man from AMC’s , Mad Men tops our list as the best dressed on TV. Slim tailored suits and Skinny ties never looked so good! Photo: Courtesy of  AMC)neal caffrey.jpgNeal Caffrey: The smooth talking con-man from USA’s , White Collar makes a fitted suit and men’s silk ties look better than ever! Photo: Courtesy of USA)jimmy darmody.jpgJimmy Darmody: This gangster from HBO’s, Boardwalk Empire makes a three-piece-suit and classic wide men’s necktie look cooler than cool. Damody’s suit is the equivalent to Brando’s leather jacket! (Photo: Courtesy of HBO)

Barney Stinson.jpgBarney Stinson: Barney Stinson of CBS’s , How I Met Your Mother is never not in a suit or necktie. Men, take note! His look is always Legen?wait for it?Dary! (Photo: Courtesy of CBS)

chuck bass.jpgChuck Bass: Chuck Bass of the CW’s , Gossip Girl fame is always dapper and put together in double breasted suits and beautiful silk neckties. (Photo: Courtesy of CW)

These are the looks you should be copying! It’s a new year, and now is the perfect time to get dapper!

Novelty Ties for the Fun and Zany

Sunday, January 20th, 2013


A boring solid colored necktie can be boring! Especially to those with a fun or zany personality! Let your freak flag fly by wearing novelty ties. Novelty ties are an excellent way to show off your personality, passion or profession while still looking put together and professional. Whether you love poker, film or cigar’s there are novelty ties that will match your interests. Below are our top 5 favorite novelty ties!

Novelty ties

1.Men’s Cinema Theme Clip On Necktie: Cinephile’s or casual movie goers will love this film themed necktie. Show you love for all that is cinema with this excellent cinema themed tie!

2.Men’s News Theme Clip On Necktie: Journalists and writer’s will love this news theme tie. The tie features a newspaper article and photograph and is sure to show your love for all that is journalism while also keeping yourself dapper and dressed up!

3. Men’s Computer Clip On Necktie: Computer Teacher, Web Designers and Computer Programmers Unite! Whether you’re a computer professional or just a computer fan, let your neckwear reflect it.

4.Men’s Cigar Theme Clip On Necktie: Love to relax with a delicious fine cigar? Show your love for the pleasures of life with this cigar themed necktie. This tie is perfect for a night out to your favorite lounge!

5.Men’s Beer Barrel Clip On Necktie: Craft Beer is extremely popular these days, and there is no better way to show your love of a nice cool brew than with this beer barrel clip on tie!.

Who said a necktie had to be boring and plain? Novelty ties keep you looking put together while also letting your fun side show. Get yourself some novelty neckties today and keep your outfits interesting and fun!




Be a Dapper Man in 2013

Sunday, January 6th, 2013


be a man!.JPG


A new year is here and a fresh start is entirely possible for 2013! Let’s make 2013 be the year we bring back the lost art of being a dapper man! This is the year to start regularly wearing men’s neckties, growing facial hair and doing everything a man should do! It’s time to go back to the days of Cary Grant and James Dean! wants to help you achieve dapper man status in the New Year!

Dapper Up Your Wardrobe

Start your year off on the right foot! Incorporate men’s neckties and even throw on a suit this year! Don’t look for a reason, just do it!

Grow a Moustache

Almost like regularly wearing a necktie, a moustache takes commitment, care and a confident attitude! Moustaches are extremely popular again! Every November is now “Movember”, a month of raising awareness for men’s health issues! In November 2013, we urge you all to grow yourself a moustache and join the ranks of the most masculine! What’s more masculine than a thick moustache! Channel your inner John L Sullivan, and help raise aware this November!

Learn the Importance of Family

With a dapper look and a new swagger, set time aside to spend with your family! Take your wife somewhere fancy with your new wardrobe, or plan a weekly game night. A real man keeps his family strong and passes his ancestors history and traditions. Teach your children the importance and charm of neckties. Pick yourself up a set of father and son matching ties!

Make your Own Fortune

This is the year to get that big promotion! If you don’t have to wear a necktie to work, do it anyway. It’s important to dress for the job you want, and not the one you have. Take the initiative and strive for perfection this year!

Neck Tie Emporium wants you all to strive to be the best man you can in 2013! 

Why Wear a Tie?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013


Long ago, a necktie was an essential part of most men’s wardrobes and we’re worn with dignity and pride. Over time, men’s style and style in general has become more relaxed and casual, leaving the tie for our grandparents or the rich businessman. However, a necktie is a great accessory to dress up any outfit. Ties are essentially required for most job interviews, weddings, funerals and classy events. Wearing a tie makes a better impression on strangers and also makes your wardrobe really shine. Here are the top 5 reasons that you should start wearing a necktie!wear a tie anytime.JPG

1.       Regardless of whether a company is casual or not, a necktie is essential for almost every job interview. In most situations, an interviewer expects a candidate to be well-dressed and put together. A tie goes a long way in showing a potential employer that you think of yourself as a professional and proper person.

2.       A tie can make a cheap suit or shirt look like a million bucks. A quality suit can be rather expensive, but a quality tie will ultimately become the focal point of your entire ensemble. Men’s silk ties are a great choice in classing up any look.

3.       You’ll be taken more seriously by strangers. People respect professionals and take notice of those who put effort into their overall look. Ties can help with making a good first impression as it shows your dapper and professional qualities.

4.       A necktie is a versatile accessory. You can wear a necktie with a suit or with jeans and a blazer, and still look classy and put together. A necktie can change your entire look, as more people will notice your tie as much as they notice your face.

5.       They set a great example for younger men. Young men are growing up in a society where casual clothing and dressing are the norm. Wear a necktie regularly to show your young and impressionable children that a necktie can be worn anytime. A necktie models self-respect, maturity, discipline and professionalism.

There are many reasons to wear neckties, and there is no reason that you shouldn’t start working them into your everyday wardrobe. If tying a necktie is your problem, then opt for clip on ties. Clip on ties still add the class of a normal necktie without the hassle of tying a knot every time you want to wear a tie.