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How to Stand Out at a Black Tie Event

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

blacktieYou’ve just received an invitation to a black tie event and the idea has set you in a panic! What if you don’t know how to tie a necktie or bow tie? Clip on ties and bow ties can save you from the panic and stress of a black tie required event.  In most cases, black tie required typically means that men are expected to show up in a full tuxedo.  Black satin neckties are an excellent solution to the black tie conundrum.  Black satin mens clip on ties are an easy way to fit the black tie requirements for almost any formal event! No one will know you didn’t tie your tie and you’ll look dapper and put together for a fraction of preparation time and cost with

A fitted black suit may also pass for certain black tie events. The key is to wear a suit that is modern and fitted, and deck it out with details. A black satin pocket square and one of black clip on ties will keep you in the black tie requirements without having to rent or purchase a tuxedo. If you opt to wear a tuxedo, it’s best to rent one and size down from the suggested size the store measures you at. The key to really stand out at a black tie event is to pay attention to the fit and details of your outfit.  Many events may be black tie optional, but this isn’t an excuse to dress more casually than others. Anytime an event is black tie, it’s best to overdress and be the sharpest man in the room.

Look Dapper in 3 Easy Steps with Zipper Neckties

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

zipperties collageWe’ve discussed the convenience of wearing zipper neckties before, so it’s no secret that zipper neckties will have you look dapper and put together in seconds. There’s no need to waste time tying a tie in the morning with zipper neckties. Gentlemen who are required to wear a tie to work, or those who just want to wear a tie may benefit greatly from a zipper tie. Much like clip on ties, zipper neckties include a permanent knot that stays perfect all the time.  If you recently purchased a zipper necktie and need some guidance on how to wear it, follow these simple instructions:

  • Simply flip your collar up and place the zipper tie’s loop around your neck.
  • With your dominant hand, hold the tie knot and keep the narrow end in your other hand.
  • Hold the narrow end and slide the knot toward your neck.

In just 3 easy steps, you’ll appear more put together and save plenty of time from your morning routine.  Men’s zipper neckties are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and no one will know you’re wearing a pretied tie! If you’re always on the run and often wish you had more time, perhaps you should make the switch to zipper neckties today!

How to Look Your Best This Spring

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Spring fashion forward!Spring is almost here in full force, and spring clothing is popping up through retail stores and boutiques. When the weather warms up, it’s time to shed those tweed sports coats and muted clip on ties. Men’s style changes every year and new trends emerge and disappear just like the seasons. Here’s what we think will be the spring 2013 trends in men’s clothing:

  • Color: Bright colors had their spotlight, but we predict primary colors will be back in style this year. Concentrate on crisp whites, reds, blues and blacks. A striped clip on tie in primary colors will be your go-to piece this spring
  • Accessories: We think this year will be the year of the accessories. Tie-clips, watches, and pocket silks will be in style this year and in full force! It’s time to go back to the days of being a gentleman, and dressing the park. Think Steve McQueen and Paul Newman this spring.
  • Stripes: Stripes never truly go out of style, but we predict they will be even more popular this year. Whether it’s a striped necktie or bow tie, stripes will make you look fresh and current in today’s crazy menswear world.
  • Classic: Classic and traditional menswear is going to be popular again this season and for good reason. Classic style never goes out, and it’s resurgence in menswear is extra exciting. It’s time to dress like our grandparents again! Sports coats, slacks, and pretied neckties will keep you look stylish and suave.

Pattern Mixing 101: How to Stand Out

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

iStock_000020458271XSmallA solid color tie and solid color dress shirt are most commonly the clothing choices for most men; however, if you’re bored by this traditional look, perhaps pattern mixing will excite you when it comes to dressing again. Patterns are about personality, and mixing patterns is a surefire way to separate you from the norm. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shirt to wear with your collection of clip on ties or bowties, can help. This is our guide on how to mix patterns!

  • When deciding on what patterns you want to mix, start with your shirt. Determine what the dominant color is in the pattern and choose a tie that accents that color. If you’re shirt is navy checkered, a striped tie with navy in it is a perfect choice.
  • If you’re shirt has stripes, avoid wearing a tie that has the same thickness of stripes printed on it. Wearing two off the same size or weight patterns looks extremely busy and not flattering.
  • Polka dots look fantastic with stripes or plaid patterns, just be sure to compliment the colors in some way.
  • Thick stripes look great with smaller checkered shirts. A Gingham plaid shirt and preppy striped tie is a perfect match that is sure to turn some heads.
  • When it comes to mixing patterns, have fun, but be sure to put a little thought into what looks good together. The idea is to look effortless and cool, not eccentric and unkempt.

If you’re looking to turn some heads and dress to reflect your personality, pattern mixing is the perfect idea. We carry a large selection of clip on ties and cheap bow ties that will open the door to many sartorial options.