How to Wear a Necktie Casually

A men’s necktie is an accessory that can be worn for any occasion, but some ties are best suited for certain events. Neckties have the amazing ability to compliment even the most casual looks, however, there are a few guidelines that should be followed to avoid looking foolish and unkempt.


  • Stay away from silky neckties, unless you’re attending a formal event. A silky necktie doesn’t typically look great when worn in a casual setting. Instead opt for a matte cotton or woven necktie.
  • A skinnier tie is best suited for a casual outfit. Wider neckties typically look out of place when worn with casual clothing.
  • If wearing a blazer, be sure you’re wearing a casual blazer. Leave the suit jackets and formal blazers for a different time.
  • Solid colored neckties are often better suited for casual wear. A solid color tie will compliment a variety of patterns and fabric.
  • Even for casual dressing, your tie should end at your belt line. The same rules apply for formal dressing. It’s crucial to buy the correct sized tie in order to look suave and not lazy.
  • A sweater instead of a jacket is a perfectly suitable way to wear a tie without looking too formal.

Men’s neckties are an accessory that can amp up any outfit! Next time you’re ready for a night out, consider wearing a neck tie. If you’ve strayed away from wearing ties due to not having the knowledge to tie a knot, consider men’s clip on ties from

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