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Men’s Shoes 101

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Men's Shoes 101

Neckwear is an important component to any mans wardrobe, but it isn’t the only important accessory or garment. From shirting and pants to stylish footwear, there are many crucial elements to men’s style. We have the men’s clip on ties and zipper ties covered, but when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes, there are a few rules to keep in mind to ensure style, comfort and longevity:

  • Consider the occasion for which the shoes will be for. Running shoes are meant for running, not to be worn with jeans or suits. If you’re shopping for work shoes, consider steel toe boots or non-slip shoes, and wear them for work only, unless they are a stylish boot that look great with a dark pair of jeans. Shop shoes for the occasion in which you’ll wear them. Dress shoes for suiting and jeans, boots for the same, and athletic shoes for athletics.
  • Quality is a major factor that should be considered when buying a pair of shoes. Often more expensive shoes are crafted from stronger and much nicer materials. Not every man can afford expensive shoes, but always try and find the best quality you can afford. Thrifting is often a great way to find expensive shoes for a lot less.
  • Fit and comfort are the most crucial elements of finding the perfect pair of shoes. Always make sure your shoes fit perfectly and are comfortable for long durations of time.
  • Take care of your shoes! Use shoe horns and store them properly to ensure their longevity. Take care of your shoes and they’ll take care of you.

Summer Wardrobe 101

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Summer is quickly approaching, and the time to change up your wardrobe is closing in. Many men are often faced with hard decisions on how to upgrade their summer wardrobe and look their best when temperatures get their hottest. From summer friendly suiting to casual breathable shirts, there’s a lot of possibilities that will keep you looking dapper and keep you cool all summer long:

Mens style tips!

  • Just because the temperatures are reaching triple digits doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Knit ties, clip on ties, and bowties are all still extremely friendly summer accessories that can be worn for every season. For a hip and edgier look, consider a fitted short sleeve oxford shirt with a bowtie. Not only will the sleeveless shirt keep you cool, but in combination with a bowtie you’ll be traditionally preppy with a modern edge.
  • Cotton, linen, summer wool, and seersucker suiting are the best choice when staying dapper this summer. It’s important to find a summer suit that is breathable and comfortable. Consider wearing lighter colors, as they don’t retain too much heat.
  • Shorts are a staple in summer style, but those shorts that go past your knees are not as good looking as you think. Shorts are called shorts for a reason, and a great pair of shorts should be plain front and end just above the knee.
  • Oxford and linen shirts are a staple in summer menswear, stock up on a few colors and always look put together, even when you just want to pass out in front of the pool.

Make this your best dressed summer, and bask in sartorial glory. Shop a wide selection of summer friendly clip on ties, neckties, zipper ties and more at We keep you dapper for less!

How to Go Tieless In A Suit

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

There’s plenty of situations where an outfit doesn’t look nearly complete with a necktie or men’s clip on neck tie, however, many opportunities exist where you can look just as dapper and put together without wearing a necktie, however, it’s important that this is done correctly to avoid looking unkempt and out of place. Look at any Red Carpet event, and chances are you’ll see a plethora of Hollywood stars wearing the hottest is high fashion, sometimes with a necktie and even sometimes without. The following guide is how to channel your inner A-Lister, and look great without a necktie:Going tielesss

  • If you’re opting to go sans clip on tie or traditional necktie, be sure the fit out of your outfit is spot on and dashing. If you’re suit is unflattering and not tailored, going without a necktie can just add to the overall frumpy appearance. When wearing a suit, only consider going tieless if and only if your suit fits like a glove and looks sharp enough without a tie.
  • The fit of your shirt and width of your collar are extremely important factors when determining to go tieless. Consider a smaller collar shirt, or a spread collar to look your best without a tie. Make sure the collar keeps its shape, and use collar stays if you must.
  • The most important thing to do when wearing a suit without your tie is to exude confidence. No look works unless you can own it and look comfortable, effortless and cool doing it.

However, doesn’t advise to always go tieless, so when you’re ready to embrace sartorial neckwear once more, shop the finest selection of men’s zipper ties, clip on ties, traditional neckties and more at

Be a Bargain Shopper

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Be a Bargain Shopper!!

At Neck Tie Emporium, we want men to look their best in every aspect of their lives, from the perfect clip on ties, safest zipper ties for men and traditional neckties, we supply men with the best looking neckwear at the most affordable prices. It’s important to remember that fashion fades, but style is forever, and having perfect style has nothing to do with how much money something costs. There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy a bargain, and when you stick to the classics, you can be certain that anything discounted or vintage item you purchase will be in and stay in style. Below is our following guide on how to build a classic wardrobe for less!

  • Many people don’t associate Target with style, but their selection of menswear is surprisingly well crafted and extremely stylish. Stock up on their Merona dress shirts, and cotton blazers and bask in the glory of saving money.
  • GAP has always been the place to get casual classic for less, and still remains a great place to find basics. Browse the sales rack and upgrade your casual wardrobe.
  • Thrift stores are often filled with a lot of strange and unappealing clothing and smells, but every now again there are gems to be found. Thrift stores can be the perfect place to find high fashion brands at extremely low prices. Always make check for holes and tears in vintage clothing, and only buy what looks to be in the best condition. Don’t forget that even though the clothes are prized cheap, you might still need to seek the help of a tailor to make sure everything fits and looks great.

After stocking up on affordable classics, don’t forget to polish off your look with our selection of men’s clip on ties, bowties, and more! Shop and always be in style.