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Now, That’s What I Call Neckties!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Whether wearing a clip on necktie or regular necktie, a tie can truly make your outfit come together and help you exude class! The following is the perfect necktie playlist. Put these songs together, and turn them into your morning routine. The necktie playlist is the perfect complimentary piece to your love of neckties and men’s fashion! Remember, women go crazy about a sharp dressed man!

now thats What I call Neckties

  1. Justin Timberlake (Featuring, Jay Z)- Suit and Tie
  2. Tom Waits- The Piano Has Been Drinking
  3. ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man
  4. Nat King Cole- Calypso Blues
  5. Givers- Up, Up, Up
  6. Bishop Allen- Charm School
  7. The Highwaymen- Jim, I Wore a Tie Today
  8. Jay Z and Beyonce- Upgrade U
  9. Graham Parker- Back In Time
  10. Donovan- I Love My Shirt
  11. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot
  12. James Brown- I Feel Good
  13. Morrissey- Good Looking man About Town
  14. Pulp- Common People

Listen to this playlist every time you’re looking your best! Men’s clip on ties and traditional neckties are a surefire way to always look your absolute best, and what’s better than a complimenting playlist that will keep you  feeling stylish all day long. Don’t forget to find the best selection of men’s clip on ties, bowties, and neckties at Here’s to keeping it classy!

Clip On Ties for Men: A Summer Must!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Summer is almost in full bloom, and men around the country and breaking out their summer wardrobes. Clip on ties for men are the perfect summer neckwear accessory, and are sure to look just as cool as you hope to be when the temperature rises to high temperatures. What makes clip on ties for men the perfect summer sartorial accessory?

Clip on ties for men

  • Unlike traditional neckties, clip on ties for men don’t wrap around your neck. A clip on tie simply clips to the top of your shirt’s collar, allow you to be less restricted, keeping you cooler and allowing you to enjoy more comfort.
  • Clip on ties for men come in a large variety of summery patterns and styles. Consider a preppy striped clip on tie, or a clip on tie in warm summer colors. Like traditional neckties, clip on ties for men come in endless patterns and styles.
  • Staying fresh and looking your best is often hard in the summer. A clip on tie will look pristine and fresh even when you don’t feel at your best! Always tied in the perfect knot, and easy to wear, a clip on tie will cut back on your morning routine, and allow you to keep your cool and look your best.

This summer, look your absolute best every day with a clip on tie. has a large selection of clip on ties for men that are sure to compliment your summer wardrobe and keep you cool when temperatures climb to their hottest.

Days of the Week Ties!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Ties can be fun! If you run a company, or work at a job that requires a necktie, consider having some fun with it. Designating a specific day each week for a specific type of tie is a fun and expressive way to follow dress code, look great, and maintain professionalism while having a little bit of fun! The following are just a few suggestions to turn your workplace into a fun and creative environment, all while maintaining the dress code policy!

Novelty Ties

  • Monday: Macho Monday! Consider wearing clip on ties for men, or traditional neckties that feature bold and abrasive patterns. Masculine plaids and bold colors are the perfect macho tie. Consider wearing a wider tie to convey how macho you really are!
  • Tuesday: Novelty Tuesday! Wear your favorite novelty tie that expresses your interests! Consider one of the extra fun novelty ties found at Show your love for cinema with a cinema themed tie, with novelty ties, the possibilities are endless!
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday! Wear ties that are bold and zany. Interesting patterns, off kilter colors, and unique ties are the perfect choice. Make hump day your fun day! Your half way through the week, so have fun with it.
  • Thursday: Trim Thursday! Celebrate the retro and hip skinny tie! Whether a clip on skinny tie or traditional, emulate your best Don Draper and wear a slimmer tie. Skinny ties are fashionable, classy and overall cool. After work, go out for some drinks and show off your immaculate style!
  • Friday: Free For all Friday! Let your creativity fly! Consider a bow tie or the most unique tie you could find! Celebrate the end of a good week, and consider switching up next week’s themes.

Father Son Matching Tie: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Father Son Marching Ties

Father’s day is right around the corner, and it seems that every year finding the perfect gift for Dad gets harder and harder. A necktie is a common gift for Dad, but don’t settle for the same boring old department store neckties. Father son matching ties from are an incredible gift idea for Father’s Day! Not only are you getting Dad a gift that he’ll love, but also showing him how much you hope to be just like him. Father Son matching ties are perfect for family photos, fancy dinners, and will make Dad truly feel the role model he deserves to be. At we have a large selection of high quality father son matching ties that are sure to make the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Almost every little boy aspires to grow up and be just like Dad, and father son matching ties are a great way to show it! With father son matching ties, you’re giving Dad two gifts; the necktie and honor knowing that he’s impacted your life! If you’re struggling with finding the perfect Father’s Day gift, look no further than! Browse our large selection of styles and find the perfect father son matching ties for the most exceptional and affordable prices. Give Dad a gift that will truly put a smile on his face, and a tickle in his heart.