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A Fresh Style Start!

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Back to school season is right around the corner! Many people are starting fresh this year and beginning a new chapter in their education! Maybe in high school you weren’t the most well-dressed man, but freshman year of college is the perfect opportunity for a style rebirth! From new shoes to neckties, there are ways you could step out of your unstylish past and embrace a more pristine and put together look! Your past is behind you, and the time to hang up the graphic t-shirt and baggy jeans is now! Below are a few helpful style tips for the college freshman:

Young Gentleman's Style

  • Just because you aren’t attending an Ivy school doesn’t mean you can’t have Ivy style! Consider striped neckties, sweaters, and blazers your new best friend. These preppy staples will have you looking put together and polished with little to no effort!
  • Leave the graphic t-shirts back in high school! When you dress, try not to look like a walking advertisement! Opt for fitted plain t-shirts and casual button downs!
  • Basics speak volumes and will make you look put together, effortless and cool. Opt for a pair of slim dark jeans, and casual boots that can be dressed up or down with a blazer or casual jacket. A necktie looks great with a button down shirt and jeans, and will surely you get you noticed this back to school season.
  • If you didn’t have to wear a necktie during high school, embrace one in college! Neckties will make you look more dignified, stylish and get you noticed!
  • Dress like you have a purpose! There’s no reason you can’t wear a necktie everyday! Keep your outfits low-key, cool and polished! Style is learned over time, and back to school is the perfect opportunity to create your own!

Menswear Time Saver!

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

It seems that there is never enough time in the morning to get ready and make it to work on time! Many men often face this troublesome issue, and their appearance is the first thing to suffer. Between eating breakfast, showering, and even taking care of the kids, it seems there is never enough time to properly get dressed, shave or even eat! If wrinkled shirts, unkempt facial hair, and messy neckties are all part of your daily routine, there may be hope for your appearance, well at least for your necktie!

zipper ties

A properly tied necktie is one of the most important accessories to any man’s outfit, and a poorly knotted tie could make you appear less put together than you really are! Men’s zipper ties are the perfect solution for those who just can’t make the time to tie the perfect knot!

Zipper ties always have the perfect knot, and take only seconds to put on! 1-2-3 zip and you’re look transforms from slob to stud right before your eyes! Zipper ties of course won’t take care of the 3 day beard you currently have growing, but these handsome accessories will dramatically help reduce the time it takes to get ready for that big 8am meeting! With a variety of attractive patterns and colors, there are zipper ties that coordinate with your existing wardrobe, and will have you looking your best in seconds! Keep one in the car or in your desk, and never make a tie-less excuse again!

At, we take great pride in helping men look their best, without prior neck tying ability! Find the absolute best clip on ties, zipper ties and traditional neckties at today!

The ABCs of Style!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Man's feet in black trousers and black shoes

A-Always stay sharp!

B- Begin wearing a tie, just because!

C- Clip on ties are fashionable! Never mind the naysayers

D-Dress to your strongest features!

E-Everyone looks great in a necktie!

F-Fashion isn’t permanent!

G-Get dressed up every day!

H- Have a large selection of neckties! They can make any wardrobe seem larger than normal!

I-Instill the love of neckties to your children. Find kids clip on ties at

J-Just clip it!

K- Know how to wear a tie…every day!

L-Look your best every chance you get!

M-Men’s style is all about basics! Neckties, slacks, denim, suits, etc.

N-Never leave home without a necktie!

O-Open your mind and take stylish risks!

P-Pre-tied neckties always look great! Consider making the switch!

Q-Quality doesn’t always mean a high price tag! is the best source for high quality and affordable neckties for men.

R-Remember to keep your knot perfect! A perfect knot is always present with a clip on tie!

S-Shoes can make or break an outfit! Never wear square shoes, and always keep them polished!

T-Ties are one of the most stylish and well-regarded menswear accessories. With a variety of patterns, colors and styles, you can always refresh your look with the right necktie!

U-Un-tucked is un-kempt! Always tuck your shirt in when you wear a necktie!

V-Very large numbers of people don’t know how to tie a tie. Don’t let that deter you from your looking your best! Clip on ties exist for a reason!

W-Wear what fits your body and personality!

X-Xtra long is no problem! has ties for even the tallest of men!

Y- Young men wear baseball caps, young gentleman wear neckties! There’s no age where a necktie isn’t a great accessory!

Z-Zipper ties are easy to wear, look great and found at!

Necktie Emporium’s Guide to Fall 2013!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Fall is quickly approaching which means it’s time to break out the fall wardrobe! Like every year, there are certain trends that appear within men’s style. From patterns to specific colors, men’s style seems to annually be bombarded by new and exciting fashions, and new takes on old classics.

At, we like to keep things classic, cool, and just a little bit modern! Fashion fades away, but style is permanent. From neckties in fall -friendly color hues and patterns, to shirting, there are plenty of ways to dress for the season and stay stylish in a classic kind of way.  Try these tips this fall to upgrade your wardrobe:

men’s red plaid clip on necktie

  • Plaids are a fall staple! Consider mixing plaid shirting with solid colored neckties, or switch it up and try plaid neckties with solid shirting. Solid colored flannel shirts in dark colors look great with bold plaid ties. Our men’s red plaid clip on necktie is the perfect choice to obtain this stylish fall time look!
  • Fall is busting with color, so try to add some of these colors into your wardrobe! Oranges, reds, and other similar shades are always the perfect choice! From an orange necktie, to orange chinos, add some color to your outfit!
  • Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! Whether going for a light weight striped sweater or a striped necktie, stripes are the perfect fall choice for those who like to break the rules. Striped clothing and accessories are often popular in the summer, but mixing stripes with darker clothing is the perfect go to fall look.  Consider pairing our men’s woven orange and white striped tie with a grey flannel shirt or mix it up with a complimenting colored plaid shirt! Mixing patterns is a fun and exciting way to amp up your style.
  • Consider mixing work wear pieces with your wardrobe! Pairing a pair of boots with a suit is a cool new take on business wear, and looks great in the fall!
  • Scarves are making a comeback and quickly becoming a men’s fall staple. Consider adding a light weight scarf to your normal every day outfits for a burst or personality!

When it comes to the fall season, it’s all about dressing with the colors and weather around you. Men’s style is about the staples and functionality! If you’re looking to upgrade your fall neckwear, consider stocking up with the finest men’s clip on ties and traditional ties at!