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Make a Great First Impression

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Fixing tieMaking a first impression is important for anyone seeking employment in a new career. You might not think so, but your job interview attire is extremely important and can even sometimes make or break a new and exciting job opportunity. The first impression you make on a potential employer is extremely important, and the first judgment an interviewer makes is based on your appearance and what you are wearing. It’s extremely important to dress for success, especially for a job interview.

The first step for dressing for success is finding a proper necktie! Neckties become the focal point of any outfit, and most professional jobs require one to wear a necktie. Whether you’ve mastered the art of tying a proper tie knot, or haven’t the slightest skill, has the best selection of traditional neckties and clip on neckties that are sure to set you up for job interview success. It’s important to choose a modest necktie that isn’t too loud. A solid colored necktie or subtle patterned tie are the best choices for a job interview.

A well fitting pair of slacks and ironed dress shirt are also important to make a great first impression for an interview. If you have a suit, wear it. Using a few classic and basic pieces, it’s easy to put together a professional outfit that is stylish, professional and sure to make a great first impression. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the perfect professional wardrobe, but it’s important to choose and wear pieces that fit and look great on you. At, we have a large selection of clip on ties, bowties and more, priced exceptionally low so you can look your best for less.

Popular Necktie Subcultures

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Style trends come and go, but some remain consistent forever. From the mid-1960’s to today, neckties have remained an accessory associated with many subcultures and style trends. Whether you prefer a traditional tie-it-yourself necktie or easy to wear clip on ties, a necktie is an easy way to make a statement or comply with the style trends of a specific subculture. Below are a few popular subcultures where the necktie has reigned and continues to reign supreme!iStock_000011050129XSmall

  • Mod: A popular youth subculture during the mid-1960s that continuously becomes revived and remains popular in some circles. The mod culture was focused on fashion and music, and began in London. These young stylish men were fans of modern jazz, and wore expensive designer clothing as well as neckties and even bowties. Mod culture had its revival in the 1970s and became a popular subculture and style in the early 1980s in the United States. Some people still embrace the mod look, and often wear skinny neckties and high fashion clothing.
  • Prep:  Preppy fashion is surrounded by the classics, from striped neckties to fitted polo shirts, preppy fashion began in the late 1940s and was rooted in an Ivy League style of dress. Popular with American upper-call children in the Northeastern United States, preppy fashion has grown in modern popularity. Striped neckties and bowties are staples of preppy fashion, and the subculture is currently going through a revival with popular preppy brands re-emerging and new companies catering to the preppy style demands.
  • Beatniks: The beat generation came to prominence in the 1950s and included many artists and writers who we’re true visionaries of style and creativity. Many beatniks opted for a style of dress where sports coats and neckties were essential! Today’s beatniks are often referred to as hipsters, and the wearing of a necktie is still popular within these creative circles.

There are many other popular subcultures where the necktie is an important accessory and dress component. Whether looking for the best clip on neckties, traditional neckties, zipper ties, or bowties, find the best selection at

How to Find the Tie for Me

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

iStock_000016425050XSmallRegular tie wearers can attest to the amazing feeling of wearing a necktie. The attention people seem to give to the “put together” look is only attainable with the perfect necktie. It seems that with a necktie, you can literally stroll in anywhere and not only comply with a dress code, but exceed many. Choosing the right necktie for your specific style can be daunting at first, but once you know how to dress to your best assets, the door to more mature and flawless style awaits you. Below are a few helpful tips on choosing the proper necktie, zipper tie, or clip on tie!

  1. Always remember that a tie is the first thing many notice about your wardrobe. If you want your neckwear to be the focal point and compliment producer it can be, choose a necktie that can stand apart from your outfit and take on a voice of its own. Don’t opt for novelty ties or ties with loud patterns, go classic, simple and prepare to keep count of compliments.
  2. Length is important! Your tie should hit directly at your waist line. At, we carry a large selection of necktie lengths from short to extra long. There’s no excuse for a too short or too long necktie!
  3. Width is another factor to keep in mind when choosing neckties for your wardrobe. Skinny neckties are popular among younger and more fashion oriented men, but a great rule of thumb is to choose a tie based on the width of your lapels. If you opt to wear a necktie without a jacket, choose a slimmer, more modern tie.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a solid colored tie. Solid colors present the opportunity to pair them with any shirt in your wardrobe, depending on color of course. A solid tie can round out a patterned short, or help you achieve a classic look when paired with a crisp white dress shirt.
  5. If you’re looking to step out of your boundaries and really turn a few heads, consider rocking a bowtie. As mentioned in previous posts, bowties are extra cool and extra stylish. Remember, it’s all about confidence when you wear a bow tie, as you don’t want to seem gimmicky.

Now, That’s What I Call Neckties! Volume 2

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Neckties, volume 2

Gentlemen, a new season is quickly upon us, and the time to bring out the fall wardrobe and fall friendly clip on neckties, traditional neckties and bowties is finally here. Welcome autumn with open arms while looking stylish and enjoying the best fall playlist that is perfect for the changing season. Tighten up that Windsor knot or secure your zipper tie, put on your head phones and enjoy Now, That’s What I Call Neckties: Volume 2. Not only are some of the following artists style icons in their own respect, but they have also captured the changing colors and refreshing breeze of fall through the power of song!

  1. Neil Young- Harvest Moon
  2. The Kinks- Autumn Almanac
  3. Bon Iver- Flume
  4. Mumford and Sons- Babel
  5. Hall & Oates- Change of Season
  6. Van Morrison- When the Leaves Come Falling Down
  7. Augustana- Boston
  8. Frank Sinatra- September Song
  9. The Byrds- Turn! Turn! Turn!
  10. Simon & Garfunkel- Leaves That Are Green
  11. Yo La Tengo- Autumn Sweater
  12. Nat King Cole- Autumn Leaves
  13. The Mamas and the Papas- California Dreamin
  14. The White Stripes- Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground
  15. Caribou- Sun
  16. Paolo Nutini- Autumn
  17. The National- Apartment Story
  18. The Small Faces- The Autumn Stone
  19. Broken Social Scene- Meet Me In The Basement
  20. The Sadies- Another Year Again

Bust out those heavy flannels, wool knits, fall colored clip on ties and enjoy the beauty of autumn. Don’t forget to upgrade your fall wardrobe with the finest clip on ties, zipper ties and neckties at