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Plaid Neckties: Stylish and Sophisticated

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

plaid clip on tiePlaid neckties are quite honestly one of the most versatile and easy to wear necktie styles. The striped lines in the pattern help provide a hint of color to your wardrobe while keeping you chic and professional in appearances. The classic sophistication of plaid ties makes them the perfect choice for professional career men, as well as men who fashion forward. With a variety of different color options, it’s very easy to choose plaid ties to coordinate with the seasons. Unlike solid color neckties, plaid ties add a little more excitement and contrast to your overall appearance. Whether pairing a plaid necktie with a solid colored dress shirt, or taking the risk of mixing patterns, a plaid necktie will help create a more interesting and extra stylish look to any outfit.

For both formal and casual events, a plaid necktie will help you truly stand out as a put together man. The perfect choice for holiday events and parties, plaid neckties can keep you looking festive and dapper. Whether looking for clip on ties in plaid patterns, or traditional neckties, consider browsing the large selection of neckties at  If you’re looking to really amp up your personal style, we encourage you to succumb to the power of the plaid.

The Most Stylish Films of All Time

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Stylish necktie films of all time

The necktie is a popular wardrobe choice for many notable film characters throughout film history. From the stunning suit and tie ensemble of Cary Grant in North by Northwest to the often sloppy wardrobe choices of the workers in Office Space, the necktie is an important part of cinematic wardrobes. We’re proud to present our list of the most stylish films of all time:

  • Get Carter (1970): Michael Caine’s sophisticated gangster style is put together and sophisticated. From the tailored black suit to the classically wide black necktie, Caine’s style is one to take note of.
  • Diner (1982): Set in 1959, the cast of Diner are always put together with suit and necktie.
  • Quadrophenia (1979): Perhaps the most stylish Mod film of all time. Skinny neckties for men reign supreme in this look of mid-60’s Mod culture.
  • Rushmore (1998): Wes Anderson is no slouch to style, and his attention to details are highly evident in his 1998 masterpiece. From bowties to neckties, Rushmore is a sartorial dream.
  • 8 ½ (1963): Classic and simple, Marcello Mastroianni is seen dressed in a classic black suit, black tie combo throughout this genius French masterpiece from Federico Fellini.
  • Reservoir Dogs (1992): Black ties are the uniform of choice in this Quentin Tarantino blood bath.

Whether you want to echo the look of your favorite Hollywood stars, or add a dash of classic handsome to your wardrobe, consider stocking up on the best selection of neckties, clip-on ties and bow ties at

Color Spotlight: Black Ties

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Black tie is synonymous with formal events, but what else does the black tie represent? Black is associated with power, elegance, and even mystery. A favorite color among the likes of CEOs and James Bond, a black tie can help emphasize power and even wealth.  Black denotes strength and authority, and considered to be extremely formal, elegant and prestigious. Black is also extremely popular in fashion, as it has a slimming effect, but overall the color black is timeless and classic.

black ties

The black necktie is a one of the most popular neckwear options, as it has its roots in popular male style, and for good reason. Black is a color that commonly goes with everything, and is a great choice when you want to be modest with your clothing choices. Black ties are also popular in many fields that require uniforms, as black ties are very subtle.  There are many different variations of black neckties, including patterned neckties that use black as a predominate color. If you’re looking for the best selection of black neckties or black clip-on ties, consider shopping  Whether looking for the perfect necktie for a formal event, or a necktie to help symbolize power and wealth, consider a classic black necktie today!

For All Your Gift Giving Needs: Necktie Emporium

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

With the holidays quickly approaching, finding the perfect gift for dad has never been easier! The necktie is the quintessential gift for Dad, and you won’t find a better selection of men’s neckties than the neckties found at We don’t just carry traditional neckties; instead we offer the largest selection of men’s clip on ties, zipper ties and even bow ties. We understand that not every man knows how to tie the perfect knot, which is why we offer pre-tied ties that are sure to look flawless with every wear. If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face, then is the perfect starting point. Below are a few of our favorite neckties that you can get Dad this holiday season:


  • This beautifully stylish paisley necktie is both fashion forward and debonair. In both clip-on or regular, you can’t go wrong giving Dad this paisley blue necktie.
  • Classics are classic for a reason, and a striped necktie is as classic as it gets. In a beautiful navy, red, and white color combination, this striped men’s necktie makes the perfect gift for Dad this holiday season.
  • Does Dad have a bigger than life personality? If so, novelty neckties are the perfect choice. We carry a large selection of novelty neckties in a variety of different themes that are sure to strike Dad’s fancy.

When it comes to holiday shopping for Dad, make your first choice. We take pride in offering men the endless gift of style!