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The Necktie Emporium Guide to Dress Codes: Part 2

Friday, February 21st, 2014

iStock_000016527828SmallWhite tie, black tie and black tie optional are just three of the many dress codes for gentlemen that exist. In the portion of our guide to dress codes, we’ll decipher even more common dress code options to help you look your best in any situation.

  • Black Tie Creative: A variation on black tie that allows you to get a little creative. Keep the general black tie rule in mind, but don’t settle for the classic back tuxedo. Instead consider blue or grey tuxedos, and swap the bow tie for a skinny tie, whether it’s a traditional tie or a clip on tie.
  • Lounge: A little more laid back, but still put together. A dark suit, crisp dress shirt and necktie will suffice for this more laid back yet formal look.
  • Casual: Casual events don’t necessarily require a strict dress code, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. If your next event lacks a specific dress code, consider pairing a dress shirt with a tailored fit blazer, dark jeans, and a skinny clip on necktie from Casual isn’t an excuse to not look your absolute best, so try and stand out from the crowd and put some effort into your appearance, trust us, it’ll go a long way.

Next time you’re invited to a social gathering, use our guides to help ensure you look your best! Don’t forget to stock up on our selection of handsome clip on ties, traditional neckties and bow ties, to complete any look.

What Not to Wear

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

GreetingsIt seems we’re always stressing what to wear, but what about those style faux pas that exist? From overly flashy graphic t-shirts to ill-fitting jeans, there are plenty of wardrobe conundrums that exist in the huge world of men’s style. Below are a few pieces of clothing no man should ever be seen in.

  1. Those t-shirts with the massive skull graphics are meant for one place only–the garbage. T-shirts are an undeniable staple in men’s style, but it’s important to stick with simple and plain options. Did James Dean or Marlon Brando wear graphic t-shirts?
  2. Relaxed jeans are a definite no, and skin tight jeans are even worse! When it comes to denim, keep it slim but not skinny, and avoid boot cut.
  3. We can’t think of anything worse than Crocs, seriously, never let your feet encounter these monstrosities to footwear.
  4. Keep it simple with accessories. Simple is better, trust us. When it comes to accessorizing, we recommend a nice time piece, glasses, necktie and a pocket square. Even bracelets are okay in moderation.
  5. Square shoes are definitely not okay.
  6. No article of clothing should ever be skin tight. Always wear clothes fitted and close to the body, but the stuffed sausage looks is not flattering on anyone.

At, we celebrate the resurgence of men’s classic style. If you want to go from ape to gentleman, don’t forget to browse our selection of attractive and affordable men’s neckwear including zipper ties, clip on ties, and traditional neckties. Here’s to a better stylish you in 2014!

Now, That’s What I Call Neckties: Volume 4| Valentine’s Day Edition

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Gentleman, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time for another Now, That’s What I Call Neckties! Get these songs from your online provider of choice, and create the absolute best Valentine’s Day mix for you and your love to enjoy. So clip on those neckties, sit back and enjoy the holiday.


  1. Echo and the Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar
  2. Joni Mitchell- You Turn Me On I’m a Radio
  3. Van Morrison- Crazy Love
  4. Wilco- I’m the Man Who Loves You
  5. Sam Cooke- Bring It On Home to Me
  6. Hall & Oats- You Make My Dreams
  7. The Avett Brothers- Living of Love
  8. Roy Orbison- You Got It
  9. The Cars- Just What I Needed
  10. The Magnetic Fields- A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
  11. Otis Redding- These Arms of Mine
  12. The Beatles- Ain’t She Sweet
  13. Sonny and Cher- I Got You Babe
  14. The Box Tops- The Letter
  15. Barry White- Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby
  16. Boys II Men- I’ll Make Love to You
  17. Bob Dylan- I Want You
  18. The Beach Boys- God Only Knows
  19. Marvin Gaye- Let’s Get It On
  20. The XX- Shelter
  21. Regina Spektor- Us
  22. The Black Keys- You’re the One
  23. The Cure- Just Like Heaven