The Necktie Emporium Guide to Dress Codes: Part 2

iStock_000016527828SmallWhite tie, black tie and black tie optional are just three of the many dress codes for gentlemen that exist. In the portion of our guide to dress codes, we’ll decipher even more common dress code options to help you look your best in any situation.

  • Black Tie Creative: A variation on black tie that allows you to get a little creative. Keep the general black tie rule in mind, but don’t settle for the classic back tuxedo. Instead consider blue or grey tuxedos, and swap the bow tie for a skinny tie, whether it’s a traditional tie or a clip on tie.
  • Lounge: A little more laid back, but still put together. A dark suit, crisp dress shirt and necktie will suffice for this more laid back yet formal look.
  • Casual: Casual events don’t necessarily require a strict dress code, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best. If your next event lacks a specific dress code, consider pairing a dress shirt with a tailored fit blazer, dark jeans, and a skinny clip on necktie from Casual isn’t an excuse to not look your absolute best, so try and stand out from the crowd and put some effort into your appearance, trust us, it’ll go a long way.

Next time you’re invited to a social gathering, use our guides to help ensure you look your best! Don’t forget to stock up on our selection of handsome clip on ties, traditional neckties and bow ties, to complete any look.

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