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Matchmaking – Ties and Shirts, You and Style Part #2

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Patterned Ties

Since you’ve mastered the basics, let’s turn our attention to matching patterned ties with patterned shirts. There are several ways to approach this stylish equation, all of which incorporate the matching, contrasting, and complementary color techniques.

Before we begin matching like fashion connoisseurs, let’s outline a no-fly zones. We never want to cruise into this area: exactly matching the same pattern. If the patterns match closely, the highest contrast in the universe won’t be able to save your look.

Now that that border is set, we can cruise around it in style. Start by examining a patterned shirt. Identify the most dominant color on it, like salmon or pink for a white and salmon checkered shirt. Once you have that, turn your attention to the patterned tie.

Things get more detailed with the tie. That’s because here, you want to pick out a detail in the tie that complements and contrasts the shirt’s dominant color. For our aforementioned example, a tie with salon accents in it will look great. If you are stuck (don’t worry it happens), refer to the contrast and matching tips from our first article and you will do just fine.

Stocking Stuffers for the Classy Man In Your Life

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

santaIn recent years, there has been a very welcomed resurgence of the classic gentleman. Things our grandfathers used to do on a daily basis are making their way back into the lives of many modern men. However, with the modern man embracing a more traditional approach to being a man, it can be difficult to figure out what makes the perfect stocking stuffer for them this holiday season. You obviously can’t go wrong with a clip-on necktie or bow-tie from, but what else is there? Below are a few gifts for the new modern gentleman.

  • Whiskey Decanter: After a long day at the office, sometimes a drink is well-deserved. Instead of sending your loved one off to the bar to unwind, bring the bar to them.
  • Watch: A classic simple timepiece is a menswear essential. There are many excellent choices in many price ranges to fit into your spend.
  • Money Clip: A bulgy wallet does no good for an outfit. A money clip keeps money organized, without the unwanted bulk in the back pocket. The money clip is a must have for today’s modern gentleman.
  • Safety Razor: Throw away those drugstore razors and say hello the best shave you’ve ever had next to a barbershop shave. The Safety razor is a fantastic gift that any man would love to receive. Shaving with a safety razor is better for the skin, and will end up saving a ton of money on replacement blades.

Matchmaking – Ties and Shirts, You and Style Part #1

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Blue NecktieMatching ties and shirts is essential. Your handsome, patterned tie shouldn’t hide in your shirt’s appearance—it should pop. When it does, you will know it. If you aren’t the keenest on colors and patterns though, don’t worry. Our stylists have your back.

Let’s start with the basic strategy of matching contrasting and complementary colors. Break out the color wheel and give it a spin. You will find that your deep orange tie shines on your powder blue shirt. Conversely, your deep red shirt wears a slick silver tie like nothing else in your wardrobe. Make a few combinations of your own thinking about contrast and see for yourself.

Another simple place to start is the classic solid colors and patterns. This is slightly more complex than selecting contrasting colors, but it isn’t particle physics. To make the perfect match, identify a color in the pattern first. Then, pick a tie that matches or contrasts that color. A combination of matching and contrasting will make any color pop and your style with it.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple this process is. You will also find new ways to fall in love with your look. While you are at it, try matching father and son. Our matching necktie page is full of tie combinations adorably match little ones with their old man.

Practice with your shirts and try something new. Get ready. Next week, we will go on to graduate studies and tackle matching pattern ties with pattern shirts!