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Fashion Success with Skinny Ties

Monday, March 30th, 2015


There’s no doubt about it – necktie fashion is ever changing, especially when it comes to tie width. At the moment, slimmer cuts, deemed “skinny ties” are becoming more and more present. Though the more fashionably conservative may not be sure if they can pull off this trendy look, mens skinny ties can look great if you know how to wear them properly!

For a classic retro look, choose a skinny tie in black or another dark color and pair it against a crisp white shirt. This dark-on-light look is both chic and classic. For an edgier, more modern look, choose brighter colors or patterned ties. You can also consider a tie in a fun and not-so-common material, such as wool. Go casual by wearing the tie loosely knotted or choosing a skinny knit tie.

Proportion is important with men’s skinny ties, especially when you opt for a skinnier look. Don’t wear large shirt collars, wide spread collars or oversized shirts, as a skinny tie may get lost in the fabric. A fitted shirt with a smaller collar works better. Use a four-in-hand or half-Windsor knot, which are both small enough to work well with skinny ties.

Skinny ties are becoming popular even for more formal occasions, such as weddings. In formal work environments, don’t go too narrow. A tie with a 2.5-inch width is fashionable, while still appearing conservative enough for a business meeting. In more casual offices, go as narrow as you wish!

Keep proportion in mind and anybody can pull off the skinny tie look!

Choosing A Necktie Wardrobe

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

CaptureAt some point in life, many men find themselves wearing ties on a daily basis. Whether it is a personal choice to start dressing up or it is a workplace requirement, choosing a wardrobe of ties requires some thought.

Unless there are specific color and design requirements for work, men should choose ties that reflect their personality and coordinate with their clothing. The first step is to set a budget amount to spend. It is easy to find many more ties than the budget allows, but make a priority list of what must be purchased now and what can be purchased later on a whim. When starting out on a smaller budget, aim for ties that are solid colors. They can be neutral tones, pastel colors, classic colors or dark colors. Alternately, choose one of each. For example, a man who has a budget limit that allows only four ties to start may choose gray, pastel yellow, royal blue and dark red.

When it is possible to choose a few designs in addition to a few solid colors, stripes are a safe choice for most workplaces. If the workplace encourages trendy designs or individual style, find what is most appealing. Many beginners find clip-on ties easier to use when they first start wearing ties. For all styles of neckties at affordable prices, visit

Five More Great Reasons to Wear Clip-On and Zipper Ties

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

You don’t really need an excuse for buying clip-on or zipper ties. They’re stylish, convenient and versatile. However, if yourmen-s-woven-blue-paisley-necktie-3buddies give you a hard time, here are five perfectly valid excuses for taking a man’s best fashion shortcut.

1. Your Best Friend Is the Snooze Button

Sleeping in inevitably leads to being late for work. When every minute counts, taking time to tie a traditional tie could be the difference between keeping or losing your job.

2. Your Hands Hurt

No one should expect you to tie your own knots when you have arthritis, gout, trigger finger or other painful conditions. Unless someone else in the household can tie your tie for you every morning, choosing clip-on and zipper ties is a perfectly logical solution.

3. You Change Your Mind a Lot

Do you change shirts 10 times before picking one and then change your mind again at the last minute? A tie shortcut can prevent your tardiness.

4. Your Mother-In-Law Bought You a Hideous Tie

If your in-laws are visiting, you’d better go ahead and wear that horrendous tie, so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Taking along a clip-on or zipper tie along with you makes it easy to quickly change in the car.

5. You Drive While Drinking Coffee

Everyone who drinks coffee while driving has spilled some on a favorite tie at some point. Keep a clip-on or zipper tie in your glove compartment, so you can fix the problem quickly and without embarrassment.