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Selling Your Best While Looking Your Best

Monday, August 24th, 2015

businessman-necktieThe modern sales professional has a lot of face to face interaction with clients, so it’s no wonder they need to be looking their best at all times. Adding a tie to a repertoire of already professional attire adds another level of depth that makes a great first impression. So the question is: can a sales representative have too many ties? The short answer: of course not!

Some sales representatives may not know this, but you should base the tie color on how vigorous or mild your sales pitch is. If you are going for a more dominant sales pitch and want to flaunt your knowledge on the subject matter, red would be the color to choose. Brighter colors like light blue or yellow would demonstrate a more passive approach in a laid back environment. Of course, you could always go with classic patterns and stripes as well for a more well-rounded approach of both aggressiveness and calm.

From giving a product demonstration to wining and dining clients, looking well-groomed and fashionable shows clients that you are determined and take their business very seriously. Dress your best and find a huge selection of traditional and clip on ties at!

Back to School Ties for Teachers

Monday, August 17th, 2015

fashion-601553_1280Being a teacher puts you in the spotlight almost every day of your professional life. Making a huge impact on students’ lives is something you strive to do, on top of expanding their minds. If you’re in a professional position of influence, then why not dress the part? Having a well rounded wardrobe including dress shirts and neckties for men shows you’ll be ready to take on the new school year with poise.

Some tenured teachers may have relaxed themselves into the outdated routine of polo and khaki pants. Now there isn’t anything wrong with this style, but adding a dress shirt and tie will get you noticed by fellow faculty and administration alike. If a promotion opportunity comes up in the near future, they’ll be sure to remember the teacher who wore a colorful and dapper necktie and not a plain polo shirt. Also, being complimented on your collection of colorful and attractive ties everyday can boost your confidence and have you instructing your best.

Dressing too casual may not make the greatest impact on newer students when starting off the year. Not only will dressing professionally demand the attention of students, it might influence many to dress a little sharper.

A Necktie for Everyday Use

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Business casual dress at the office can get bland rather quickly if you wear the same outfits week in and week out. Have you ever wondered how to switch it up and add poise to your daily wardrobe? Men’s neckwear is the clear solution and can add style and color to flat attire.


Pattern ties can add pop to a solid colored dress shirt as long as the shirt color is repeated in the tie somehow. For example, if you’re wearing a cobalt blue shirt, you may want to go with a white or grey tie with some sort of blue pattern woven in. Striped ties can match well with checked shirts and while the same rule applies as the aforementioned, you can be a little more lenient with matching. Reds can be added into the pattern of blue and white to match a blue and white checkered shirt or a nice pastel color can be added to the tie pattern for a nice burst of color.

Don’t get stuck in the weekly rut of wearing the same outfits from week to week. Changing up your daily wardrobe will not only get you looking sharp, it will get those heads turning in the office. For all patterns and styles of neckties, visit

Look As Good As Your Favorite On-Screen Character!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015


Actors playing iconic characters are always figures that people look up to and try to emulate, especially how they dress. Most usually don handsome suits with all the accessories with the necktie being one of the main attractions. But, who are some of the most influential fictional characters in men’s fashion you ask? Below are just a few, but probably the most popular:

  • James Bond – From his famous tuxedo to more casual suits, Mr. Bond has always wowed the fashion world with his influential taste for sophisticated dress while maintaining a simple color pallet. Although 007 is famously known for the bowtie, he favors both solid and unassuming pattern ties when going with a standard necktie.
  • Bruce Wayne – Although many actors have portrayed the rich playboy billionaire, every incarnation of the character features a classic looking suit that really jumps off the screen in every frame he’s in. Mr. Wayne usually dresses in pinstripes with a pattern or solid tie that matches his mood at the time.
  • Don Draper – The famously handsome ad-man exemplifies cool to many young men around the world. His 60’s era suit is still fashionable today, but the secret is adding a striped or skinny tie to really give you that classic look.

Of course, these are just three out of many fashionable characters that come to mind that some people may look to when creating their own wardrobe. By following these simple suggestions on suits and men’s neckties, you’ll be sure to be looking your best in no time!