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How to Make Wearing Ties Easier for Your Young Child

Monday, January 18th, 2016

3Whether it’s for a professional portrait, a special occasion, or dressing up for a visit to your church, you know your young son or grandson will look dashing and adorable in a proper suit with a tie. However, young boys don’t always know what to make of ties, and they don’t like sitting still for you to properly tie one. If it’s too early to teach a young boy how to properly tie a tie, ease him into tie-wearing.

Pre-Tied Ties

If you have a young boy you want to dress smartly, pre-tied ties are your dream come true. These zipper ties are as easy to put on as the zippers they’re named for. You place them over the head and pull up until the knot is in the right place. There’s no fumbling or tying, and the knot looks perfect for pictures.

Clip-On Ties

Children are among the biggest consumers for clip-on ties because they’re hassle free. Both traditional ties and bowties suit boys in dress shirts and suits. Plus, they’re safer when the kids start playing around because they can quickly be pulled out of the way if they get stuck.

Make a Clip-On From an Old Tie

Start a tradition of passing down Dad or Grandpa’s old ties to the boys of the next generation. If your favorite ties are too big or require a traditional knot, task an expert with transforming the old tie into a new clip-on version.

Call a sales representative with any questions or pointers for outfitting a young boy in a tie with or without a suit coat. Boys can get used to traditional ties, but it’s best if you ease them into it with ties that take less time to put on so they don’t associate ties with an experience that takes a while when they’re impatient.

How to Use a Zipper Tie

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Despite what the name may imply, a zipper tie does not feature visible zippers. The term “zipper” is used to describe the method5-2 that is used to put this type of tie on: It slips over the head and “zips” up to the neck. Zipper ties for men are already tied, which saves you time and saves you aggravation. Since they already perfectly knotted, you don’t have to worry about tying and retying that knot. You also don’t have to worry about making sure that it sits at the right length.

However, while zipper ties are definitely more convenient than traditional ties, if you have never worn one before, the name may scare you a bit. If you’re thinking that they are complicated to put on, think again. Here’s a brief tutorial (which is all you need) on how to use a zipper tie:

  • Place the tie around your shirt collar, just like you would with a standard necktie.
  • Pull the knot up to your neck, making sure that it sits securely against the top button of your collar.
  • Once in place, slide the zipper behind the tie up. This will adjust the tie, giving you a proper and comfortable fit. You may want to keep one hand on the knot while you are adjusting the zipper to make the process even easier and to make sure that the knot stays in the right place.
  • When you’re ready to remove the tie, simply pull down on the zipper. You can then loosen the tie and pull it up and over your head.

That’s it! That is all that is involved with using a zipper tie. It’s really a no-muss, no-fuss alternative to the standard necktie, yet it still offers you the same polished, put together look.

Going the Safe Route: Choosing a Solid Colored Tie

Monday, January 4th, 2016

What makes solid color ties the safe solution to any outfit is the fact that they are the perfect choice for any formal occasion.1Regardless of whether you are attending a dinner night, a date night, or a wedding, a colored tie will very rarely do you wrong. What is important when picking out your tie, is the significance behind the color that you choose.

What the Solid Colors Mean

  • Red: symbolizes power, wealth, strength, and passion.
  • Blue: is a soothing color that symbolizes peace.
  • Black: are namely for formal events, and fancy gatherings.
  • Brown: is a symbol of practicality and humbleness. It denotes reliability.
  • Green: is a symbol of rebirth, growth, and money, but can sometimes be misconstrued with jealousy.
  • Yellow: represents radiance and vitality, but you have to have the personality to go with it to enforce the meaning behind the tie.

For yellow and green specifically you want to be able to carry them well. Green can often be seen as someone who is jealous, rather than as knowledgeable, so make sure to wear this to suitable events. Yellow on the other hand, can mean cowardly so if you are going to wear it, make sure your personality shows off the vibrant meaning behind the tie.

The Advantage to Colored Ties

The major advantage to wearing solid color ties is the ability to define your personality. You can show off that you are adventurous, serious, interesting, or humorous with just one color. Solid textures are often taken more seriously and that is the reason why they are seen at more formal events. Plus, solid ties can help fix shirts that may seem too loud or obnoxious in color. By adding in a colored tie that is solid, you can tone down the look bringing the outfit together without it looking over the top.