How to Put on a Clip-on Tie

You’re running late for work and the last thing that you have time for is putting on a tie. Trying to get the perfect knot and the4right length can be very time consuming, especially when you are rushing. If you are wishing there was a better way, then you should really consider a clip-on.

Clip-on ties for men are a great alternative to the traditional neck tie. They are super convenient, super simple to put on, and they give you the same polished, put together look that a standard tie does. If you’ve never worn one of these ties, you may be wondering how to put it on. You’ll be relieved to learn that putting a clip-on is so fast and easy to do. Here are the basic steps to putting on your clip-on tie.

  • Button up your short, including the top button, by the neck
  • Open up the clip on the back of the tie
  • Place the clip over the top of your shirt, just above the top button at the collar
  • Press the knot on the tie so that the clip closes
  • Once the clip is closed and the tie is secured to your shirt, make any necessary adjustments

That’s it! Putting on a clip-on tie is quite literally one of the easiest things you will do when getting ready for your day. From work, to weddings, to dates, to corporate events, a clip-on tie will give you that polished, put together look, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting the perfect knot or the perfect length.

This type of neck tie is perfect for men, teenagers, and especially for little boys. You’ll never have to worry about struggling to get the perfect look again!

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