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What You Need to Know About Men’s Silk Ties

Monday, May 30th, 2016

The goal of any fashion style often comes down to trying to look good while maintaining at least a certain degree of comfort.4While jewelry and fashion accessories usually fall into the area of women’s attire, there is one part of men’s fashion that lends itself well to accessories: men’s silk ties. The ultimate goal is to compliment the look and style that is chosen and the silk tie does this well with two major types — the clip-on and the zipper tie.

Clip-on ties for men are nothing new and have been a staple of men’s fashion for many years. Sometimes there is no time or no desire for a “real” tie and a clip-on is a quick and easy way to get the professional look of a tie without the hassle of tie tying.

Every wardrobe is different and every style unique and the tie is a great way to add a little personal touch to the bland cookie cutter look of a suite and tie work environment. People like to create their own identity and a clip on tie is a great way to quickly and easily add your own pizazz to your suite. It is easy to see why they are one of the most popular types of men’s silk ties out there.
When you are not used to ties or do not wear them often it can be a challenge to tie them — especially when you are in a rush. If your job does not require a tie or your do not have sons who are learning to tie them, then you may be out of practice and find your tie tying sills lacking in your moment of need. Even for guys who wear ties all the time, ties can be a hassle and a pain when they are in a rush! So what can you do to make it easier? Consider a zipper tie for easy wearing, increased comfort, and a classy look. has an impressive selection on men’s silk ties and you can find the looks and styles you love and save yourself some hassle and headache every morning as you prepare for the day ahead!

Caring for Your Ties

Monday, May 16th, 2016

3A tie is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going to work, or you have a semi-casual affair or a formal event to attend, a tie can bring your entire outfit together and make you look stylish.

In order to ensure that your ties always look their best, properly caring for them is vital. To help you ensure that your ties always look great, here are some tips to keep your men’s neckwear in tip-top condition.

Make Sure You Untie Them

While you may be tempted to just loosen your tie and slip it over your head at the end of a long day, avoid the temptation. Leaving your tie tied in a knot can wreak havoc on its shape. Take it off properly by reversing the steps you used to put it on. Make sure that the knot is completely removed from the tie.

Properly Store Your Ties

The way you store your ties can do damage to the fabric. While it may be convenient to roll them up and store them in a drawer, this can do serious damage to the tie. In order to properly store your ties, purchase a tie rack. Hanging your ties on a tie rack will enable the wrinkles and folds to loosen, which will keep the tie in better condition.

Have Them Cleaned

How often do you clean your ties? Once a month? Once every few months? Once a year? Never? Cleaning your ties is vital to maintaining their beauty, especially when something spills on them. While cleaning your neckwear is important, don’t ever toss them in the washing machine. Ties are delicate and require special cleaning. Take your ties to a dry cleaner, who will be able to thoroughly clean them and remove any stains.

How to Choose the Right Tie for You

Monday, May 9th, 2016

The tie: It’s one item that can be found in every man’s wardrobe. Whether they are worn for work, for formal affairs, for dates, or2 for corporate events, a tie is a staple in menswear; however, while a tie is such a vital part of a man’s attire, buying men’s neckties can be overwhelming. There are so many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from; how can you know which one is the right one for you?

If you want your ties to make the best statement possible, you’re going to want to use the following tips to help make your buying experience a success.

Proportion Is Everything

Ties come in all different shapes and sizes, and if you want to look your best, you’re going to want to choose the right proportion. As a guideline, the width of the tie should be the same as the size of the lapels on the blazer or jacket that you intend to wear it with. If it’s too wide or too narrow, it will throw off the look of your entire outfit.  You should also consider the size of your body frame when choosing your tie.

Choose the Fabric Wisely

Ties come in an assortment of fabrics and this can make a huge difference in the look of your outfit. For example, silk is very versatile and will work for a variety of reasons; however, if you’re going to be wearing the tie for a casual dress affair, silk may be too formal and you might want to opt for cotton instead.

Think About the Color and Patterns

A tie that features a bold pattern and color may be too much for a black-tie affair; however, it would be perfect for a fun event, like a wedding or a date.

Outfit Accessories for Men

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

There are many elegant and professional accessories that can be used to complete the businessman’s outfit. Here are some of the1 popular accessories you should consider this season:


Leather offers the wearer a sleek and versatile look which can be used in many accessories and applications to the businessman’s attire. Leather can be used in belts, watches, wallets, shoes, jackets, and many other applications.

Color and Patterned Ties

Men’s bow ties are often overlooked and are by far one of the most underappreciated accessories men have available to them when it comes to their daily fashion statements. The truth is that a great tie can make an outfit pop, add a splash of color and complete any look and take it to the next level!


There are many different styles and colors available when it comes to boots men have available. From high-quality leather boots to dress boots they can be the perfect addition to any outfit and can be chosen so they complement other accessories such as ties and watches.

Metal Details

From jacket sleeves, watch bands, shirt collars, pins and cufflinks, cap brims, and belt metal details are popular in any season! Make your outfit pop with metal detail accessories and create a classier look for any professional dress needs.

Shoulder Bags

Whether you are shopping around for the sales rep, the CEO, a busy student, the busy businessman, or the ordinary individual on the go, a shoulder bag is a must have! There are many practical styles and can help tie an outfit together. The shoulder bag is a great addition to consider this season.

So no matter what your outfit needs are you can find accessories to make everything come together. From men’s bow ties to your accessories and jewelry choices, there are many options available to you!