Caring for Your Ties

3A tie is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going to work, or you have a semi-casual affair or a formal event to attend, a tie can bring your entire outfit together and make you look stylish.

In order to ensure that your ties always look their best, properly caring for them is vital. To help you ensure that your ties always look great, here are some tips to keep your men’s neckwear in tip-top condition.

Make Sure You Untie Them

While you may be tempted to just loosen your tie and slip it over your head at the end of a long day, avoid the temptation. Leaving your tie tied in a knot can wreak havoc on its shape. Take it off properly by reversing the steps you used to put it on. Make sure that the knot is completely removed from the tie.

Properly Store Your Ties

The way you store your ties can do damage to the fabric. While it may be convenient to roll them up and store them in a drawer, this can do serious damage to the tie. In order to properly store your ties, purchase a tie rack. Hanging your ties on a tie rack will enable the wrinkles and folds to loosen, which will keep the tie in better condition.

Have Them Cleaned

How often do you clean your ties? Once a month? Once every few months? Once a year? Never? Cleaning your ties is vital to maintaining their beauty, especially when something spills on them. While cleaning your neckwear is important, don’t ever toss them in the washing machine. Ties are delicate and require special cleaning. Take your ties to a dry cleaner, who will be able to thoroughly clean them and remove any stains.

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