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Tips to Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies and Clothes

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Kids go through clothes — there is no question about it. From shirts, pants, and shoes to accessories like hats and ties, there are4 many things parents have to consider as they shop. This is especially true when shopping for infants as they grow fast and quickly outgrow their outfits. So whether you are looking for clothes for your new arrival or need some cute accessories like infant bow ties, here are some things to keep in mind.

Check What’s On-Hand Already

Start your shopping list by going through the closets and dresser drawers and seeing what you already have. Separate what fits from what is now too small so you know what you need. Gather them all into one spot and organize them. Once you have a better picture of what items you have and what items you need, you can begin to plan your shopping trips a little easier.

Shop Sales and Online

There are many great brick-and-mortar shops where you can buy infant clothes and accessories but there are even more online shopping options available to parents today. When you need the perfect accessory for your infant’s outfit — whether it is for Christmas, Easter, or just any special occasion — there is only one place to find infant bow ties at great prices. And that is right here at Necktie Emporium!

Buying new clothes for your little one does not have to break the bank and you have plenty of great options available to you when it comes to shopping for everything from infant bow ties to complete outfits online! So what are you waiting for? Make sure you little man looks as great and dashing as his Daddy does and get him a bow tie of his very own to wear!

Best Accessory for Men’s Fashions

Monday, April 11th, 2016

2Bow ties for men are quite easily the most underappreciated accessory that men have to use in their daily fashion statements. Every time they put on that suit they reach for a tie — and what type of tie says a lot about them and how they see themselves. The truth is that a great tie can make or break a look and can truly take it to the next level! Here at Necktie Emporium we have an amazing variety for every type of tie you may want!

Colored and Patterned Ties

It is ok to have fun with your tie selection. Your work clothes are most likely drab and boring- the same old same old every single day. Spice things up and add your own touch to your look every time you head to the office. Colored ties are easy to add to just about any suite or formal attire and patterned ties can be a fun yet professional way to keep things fun and interesting.

Clip-on Ties

For the busy guy on the go who has neither the time nor the interest in traditional tie tying, the clip-on tie is the way to go. Get the look of a regular tie without the time and with a lot more comfort throughout the day. They come in just as many wonderful colors and patterns and styles and you are sure to find what you are looking for here at Necktie Emporium.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are cool and they are coming back in style thanks to many prominent appearances on TV shows and in photo shoots of many popular celebrities. The bow tie is easy to wear and combines casual comfort with formal elegance like no other accessory can in the man’s wardrobe.

So no matter what your tie needs may be you can find the perfect one to make everything come together. For the very best in men’s bow ties, neck ties, kids ties and every in between, there are many options available to you right here at Necktie Emporium — so check them out today!

When to Use a Clip-on Tie for a Kid

Monday, March 28th, 2016

4If you are a parent, you know the hassle that is often involved with getting your little ones dressed. A task that is as simple as putting on a pair of pants, a shirt, shoes, and socks can be a real battle and can take what seems like forever to achieve. Add any other element to the mix and getting your child dressed can go from an already frustrating experience to one that can cause serious meltdowns (for both your child and for you).

If you’re the parent of a boy, there’s no doubt that there is going to be sometime in his young life when he is going to have to wear a tie. Trying to put a standard tie on any little boy can be an act that requires two or more adults, and maybe even a referee. However, thanks to kid’s clip-on ties, getting a tie on your little guy doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. In fact, a clip-on tie can be even easier to put on your little man than putting on his shoes!

When would your little boy have to wear a clip-on tie, you ask? Here’s a look at some times when a clip on tie will come in pretty handy:

  • If he has to wear a uniform to school, a clip-on tie will sure beat a standard neck tie.
  • If he is asked to be a ring bearer or play some other important part in a wedding, you’ll be thankful for the clip-on tie.
  • If he is going to a formal event, such as a fancy holiday dinner or to Easter mass, again, you will be glad that you have a clip-on tie to put on him instead of a standard tie.

It’s really true: A clip-on tie can be a real life saver for parents of little boys.

Boy’s Bow Ties: Fun, Fashionable, and Fine!

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Boys will be boys and boys look cute when they are dressed up in their little suites and bow ties. There is something almost3irresistibly adorable about a little boy dressed up. Kid’s bow ties come in many colors, styles, and fabrics. Whether it is the fun polka-dot tie or checkered pattern or the more traditional and elegant look of a solid color of neatly striped tie, a bow tie can be the perfect touch to any outfit.

You can find a superior selection of boy’s bow ties at Necktie Emporium. We have more than 50 designs and colors to choose from, so there is something for every need and every little boy’s fancy!

While some boys want to be just like daddy and like the look of the tie and prefer to use clip on ties until they can manage the complicated tying themselves, boy’s bow ties have their advantages, too. Some of the most commonly cited reasons why kid’s bow ties are so popular include:

  • They keep their shape easily
  • Little hands can manage them
  • They have an easy-use design
  • Many different colors and styles are available
  • They’re totally cool and popular

Actors and celebrities have brought the bow tie to the mainstream media as seen by the stunning fashions of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher, David Arquette, Pete Wentz, and David Tennant. These are just some of the many celebrities who’ve helped show the world that bow ties are cool and that they are trendy!

Necktie Emporium takes pride in our election of bow ties for boys and every single one is made with care and uses the finest of materials and manufacturing. All of our bow ties adjust to fit boys between the ages of two and seven years old, and are easy to fasten so small fingers can easily manipulate them. Young boys will be comfortable and also be cool and stylish whenever the need arises — so browse around and see what options are waiting for you to discover in our selection of kids bow ties!

Kids Tie Times

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Kid Bow TieComplete your kid’s look with the perfect, most adorable bow tie. These hip, stylish elements are a great accent to any baby, toddler, or junior ensemble, and they will most assuredly leave you with plenty of pictures to post.

With more than 50 designs for you to shop, our store is the perfect place to start combing your kid’s options. For your handsome little dressers, start out with our boys bow tie section. It holds 19 unique options, including ties in:

  • Solid colors to match patterned shirts
  • Box patterns for solids
  • Plaid to pop on striped coats
  • Flag patterns to highlight anything
  • Stripes to make vests shine

An adjustable, comfortable Velcro strap or reliable clip holds our bow ties in place. This ensures your little one will look his best whether he is learning to crawl, walk, or strut. In addition, our bow ties are fashioned from 100% polyester, so there is no worry about shrinking and little worry for staining. Polyester is also incredibly durable—perfect for those rambunctious boys.

While bow ties are certainly fashionable, don’t ignore their traditional brethren. Some occasions need a stylish tie. Whether, you are matching your little ring bearers with wedding colors or your boys to the thankful season, Necktie Emporium has you covered.

Novelty Ties: ‘Tis the Season to Enjoy

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Novelty TiesIt’s okay to tie on a little fun during this holiday season. Novelty ties are a great way to add personality and fun to your wardrobe, so break out the last gag gift tie you received and wear it with pride. Here are a few upcoming occasions that are perfect for this type of fun.

Veterans Day is coming up fast. It is also one of the best days after the Fourth to break out the flags. Wear them loud and proud, November 11.

Thanksgiving is all about fellowship. Hopefully you will be dressed down for your turkey day, but the days before it are ripe for food tie fashion. You don’t have to be a turkey with it either. Just check out our beer barrel clip on.

Christmas ties are a classic. You will certainly see wrapping paper, fir trees, lights, and bells galore this season just like last season and the one before that. Take your tie to the level. A tie that actually lights up is fun, festive, and actually exciting.

As we take holidays and days off this time of year, casual Fridays get lost. That makes these fresh ties a great way to reclaim the spirit and stay at the relative level of dress the week demands. They are also a great way to continue the business conversations that keep professional relationships profitable; but don’t take out word for it. Try one on yourself this season.

Summer Wardrobe 101

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Summer is quickly approaching, and the time to change up your wardrobe is closing in. Many men are often faced with hard decisions on how to upgrade their summer wardrobe and look their best when temperatures get their hottest. From summer friendly suiting to casual breathable shirts, there’s a lot of possibilities that will keep you looking dapper and keep you cool all summer long:

Mens style tips!

  • Just because the temperatures are reaching triple digits doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Knit ties, clip on ties, and bowties are all still extremely friendly summer accessories that can be worn for every season. For a hip and edgier look, consider a fitted short sleeve oxford shirt with a bowtie. Not only will the sleeveless shirt keep you cool, but in combination with a bowtie you’ll be traditionally preppy with a modern edge.
  • Cotton, linen, summer wool, and seersucker suiting are the best choice when staying dapper this summer. It’s important to find a summer suit that is breathable and comfortable. Consider wearing lighter colors, as they don’t retain too much heat.
  • Shorts are a staple in summer style, but those shorts that go past your knees are not as good looking as you think. Shorts are called shorts for a reason, and a great pair of shorts should be plain front and end just above the knee.
  • Oxford and linen shirts are a staple in summer menswear, stock up on a few colors and always look put together, even when you just want to pass out in front of the pool.

Make this your best dressed summer, and bask in sartorial glory. Shop a wide selection of summer friendly clip on ties, neckties, zipper ties and more at We keep you dapper for less!

How to Choose a Bow Tie

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Wearing a bow tie may be foreign for many men, but this sartorial accessory is a classic staple in menswear and for good reason. The pointers that go with wearing a standard necktie are also applicable when it comes to the bow tie as well. If you’re interested in wearing a bow tie for men but don’t know what to look for, follow this simple guide:

bow tie for men

  • There are 3 types of bow tie; the self tie, clip on bowtie, and the pre-tied bow tie. Many men prefer the self-tie versions of the bow tie, but tying the perfect bow can be tedious and nearly impossible. Clip on bowties are great choices for both men and children alike.
  • The width of your bowtie should never overcome the width of your face and should be smaller than the width of your collar. An oversized bowtie will look ridiculous and unflattering.
  • Bowties come in a variety of fabrics and patterns. Flannel, cotton and seersucker are popular choices for daily worn bowties whereas silk is essential for formal and classier events. Patterns like paisley and stripes are also popular when it comes to bowties.
  • Choose a bow tie that correlates well with the colors in your outfit. Never choose as bowtie that is too bright and overpowering. Like most accessories in men’s style, bowties should emphasize your style and not overshadow your entire outfit.
  • A bow tie can be worn for a variety of occasions. Pairing a bow tie or clip on bow tie with a suit or tuxedo is an excellent choice for more formal events. A bow tie worn with jeans and sports coat is also a dapper and popular choice for more laid-back occasions.

Pattern Mixing 101: How to Stand Out

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

iStock_000020458271XSmallA solid color tie and solid color dress shirt are most commonly the clothing choices for most men; however, if you’re bored by this traditional look, perhaps pattern mixing will excite you when it comes to dressing again. Patterns are about personality, and mixing patterns is a surefire way to separate you from the norm. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shirt to wear with your collection of clip on ties or bowties, can help. This is our guide on how to mix patterns!

  • When deciding on what patterns you want to mix, start with your shirt. Determine what the dominant color is in the pattern and choose a tie that accents that color. If you’re shirt is navy checkered, a striped tie with navy in it is a perfect choice.
  • If you’re shirt has stripes, avoid wearing a tie that has the same thickness of stripes printed on it. Wearing two off the same size or weight patterns looks extremely busy and not flattering.
  • Polka dots look fantastic with stripes or plaid patterns, just be sure to compliment the colors in some way.
  • Thick stripes look great with smaller checkered shirts. A Gingham plaid shirt and preppy striped tie is a perfect match that is sure to turn some heads.
  • When it comes to mixing patterns, have fun, but be sure to put a little thought into what looks good together. The idea is to look effortless and cool, not eccentric and unkempt.

If you’re looking to turn some heads and dress to reflect your personality, pattern mixing is the perfect idea. We carry a large selection of clip on ties and cheap bow ties that will open the door to many sartorial options.

Bowties are Cool Again!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


The Bowtie was most commonly associated with the nerd or pretentious writer, but as of lately, the bowtie has once again become cool. James Franco, Gary Oldman, Robert Downey Jr., and Jon Hamm have been spotted numerous times with a bowtie adorning their necks. What was once an accessory most commonly associated with waiters is now a hot new men’s style trend.Bowties are cool again

There are various types of bow ties to represent your personality and style. Bowties are made from a variety of fabrics like silk, cotton, polyester, and combination fabrics. A bowtie has a charming characteristic that gives men a classically handsome look. Over are the days of jeans and t-shirts, men recently have been dressing more like their grandparents than the rock stars they see in magazines. The bowtie seems to be just another factor in a men’s style revolution. However, tying a bowtie can be quite tricky for some. carries a wide variety of already-tied bowties for those who can’t quite master the art of tying a bowtie. Whether your style is preppy or edgier, a bowtie can really make you stand out. More and more bow ties are popping up in menswear ads than ever before, and the fad doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon. Join the ranks of the cool cats and get yourself a bowtie.With a New Year Approaching, why not start 2013 dapper?