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Television Neckties: The Necktie Comeback

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
Channel you inner Mad Man!

Channel your inner Don Draper!

From the Great Gatsby to Mad Men, neckties are making their way back into popular culture! The necktie used to be worn by men of higher status, and was an absolute must-have accessory for many years. Throughout time, men’s style become more relaxed, and the widespread wearing of ties became a thing of the past, or something required for only formal events. However, now more and more men are once again introducing this masculine accessory back into their wardrobe. Whether opting for an easy men’s clip on tie, or the classic do it yourself, wearing a tie can help people perceive you as more of a gentleman and help you achieve a more cohesive look overall. Why is the necktie making such a big comeback? It could because many television shows and films feature characters who wear a necktie, and wear it well. Below are our top 5 stylish men’s television shows:

  1. Suits (USA Network): Suits, a USA Network drama series is a show about lawyers and their law firm. The two main characters are always dressed well, and the wearing of neckties is very prominent.
  2. Mad Men (AMC): A men’s style favorite! The many men of Mad Men almost are never seen without a beautifully tied necktie adorning their necks.
  3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Barney Stinson, a fan favorite of How I Met Your Mother is always dressed in full suit and tie. Primetime never looked better!
  4. House of Lies (Showtime): This hilarious and often dramatic series is full of style! The characters are always seen in full suit and tie!
  5. Boardwalk Empire (HBO): Thick knots and wide ties are a favorite on this Prohibition based drama series! Three piece suits never looked better.

Celebrity Tie-Off: Gosling Vs. Pitt

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Some have it and some don’t. What are we talking about? Great style and panache while wearing a necktie of course! When you’re feeling a bit drab with your style, look to the celebrities who do it best. Either on screen with the help of fashion designers or even just in day to day life when snapped by the paparazzi, these celebrities not only know how to wear a tie, but also how to look good while doing it. In this celebrity tie-off, which big screen actor do you think deserves to win.

yhst-19093679602615_2202_112063495 (1).gif

Ryan Gosling – Thick and thin ties have both suited the man well, and even the occasion bow tie or two have appear on Mr. Gosling while on the red carpet. Ladies clamored when Mr. Gosling lost out on Sexiest Man Alive, posting numerous pictures of the actor in suit and tie as proof of his ’sexy’ status.

Brad Pitt- The always stylish Mr. Pitt is about to tie the knot, and you know he’ll be wearing something very befitting the occasion for his marriage to Angelina Jolie. We can’t wait to see the pictures of his France wedding attire for him and the rest of the fashionable wedding party including guests George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Johnny Depp.

Let us know in the comments which actor you think deserves the title of Tie-riffic Dresser, and we’ll announce our winner at our next Celebrity Tie-Off.