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Why Men Love Our Variety of Patterned Ties

Monday, June 20th, 2016

4-1Who has been here before: Your alarm fails to go off and now you are late for work. You scramble to get ready and grab a tie as you head out the door. You work on tying it and straightening it at red lights on your way to work; only to arrive and find that you grabbed the blandest tie that looks just like everything else people are wearing in the office.

You do not have to be a slave to bland fashion or cumbersome, bulky ties. You can be unique and trendy while still being professional and having a taste and style of your own. An easy ways to accomplish this with Necktie Emporium’s line of patterned ties.

When you find yourself searching for just the right tie but they all look the same, it can be frustrating. There are countless numbers of guys who find themselves in this type of situation at any day! Some jobs require workers to wear ties but often do not dictate what color or style the ties have to be so long as they are professional.

Even for guys who wear ties all the time, it can be a challenge at times to keep their collection varied and creative. So checking out what we have here at Necktie Emporium is a great place to start building your collection and adding some variety to your tie collection today! is here to help you find the right ties for any occasion regardless of what your tastes are. When you are looking for fun, creative, elegant, and professional ties, our lines of patterned ties are just what you need! Find the looks you love so it is easier to find the tie that is right for you every day.

Types of Neck Ties for Men

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Ties have been a fashion accessory in men’s wardrobes for centuries. The very first ties were pieces of fabric that were literally tied around the neck. Over time, the neck tie has evolved, and today, there are several different types of ties available for men to choose from.

If you’re just venturing into the world of tie wearing, you probably want to know what types of ties are available for you to purchase and wear. To help you with purchasing the right tie for your needs, here’s a guide to introduce you to the different types of neck tie options that are available for men.

The Standard Neck Tie

These are, by far, the most common type of men’s tie. Long pieces of fabric, these ties are placed around the neck and they are tied into a knot, at the center of the neck. They come in a variety of fabrics, including satin, silk, wool, and linen. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. The standard neck tie can be knotted in a variety of ways.

The Clip-on Tie

Clip-on ties for men offer the appearance of a traditional neck tie, but they eliminate the need to create a knot. These ties areBlog2already knotted, and they have a metal clip sewn underneath the knot. The tie is affixed to the color of a shirt with this metal clip. They are easy to put on, safe, and comfortable.

The Zipper Tie

These ties also eliminate the need to create a knot, like the clip on tie; however, they are more similar to the traditional neck tie, in that they go around the neck. Once placed around the neck, they are secured in place with a zipper-like device, which is located behind the back of the tie.

How to Put on a Clip-on Tie

Monday, April 25th, 2016

You’re running late for work and the last thing that you have time for is putting on a tie. Trying to get the perfect knot and the4right length can be very time consuming, especially when you are rushing. If you are wishing there was a better way, then you should really consider a clip-on.

Clip-on ties for men are a great alternative to the traditional neck tie. They are super convenient, super simple to put on, and they give you the same polished, put together look that a standard tie does. If you’ve never worn one of these ties, you may be wondering how to put it on. You’ll be relieved to learn that putting a clip-on is so fast and easy to do. Here are the basic steps to putting on your clip-on tie.

  • Button up your short, including the top button, by the neck
  • Open up the clip on the back of the tie
  • Place the clip over the top of your shirt, just above the top button at the collar
  • Press the knot on the tie so that the clip closes
  • Once the clip is closed and the tie is secured to your shirt, make any necessary adjustments

That’s it! Putting on a clip-on tie is quite literally one of the easiest things you will do when getting ready for your day. From work, to weddings, to dates, to corporate events, a clip-on tie will give you that polished, put together look, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of getting the perfect knot or the perfect length.

This type of neck tie is perfect for men, teenagers, and especially for little boys. You’ll never have to worry about struggling to get the perfect look again!

A Look at the Clip-on Tie

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Whether it’s a little boy, a teenager, or a full-grown man, a tie is a necessity in a male’s wardrobe. This accessory dresses up any3 outfit, giving a polished look that is ideal for work, dates, semi-casual events, and formal affairs. However, while a tie a crucial element, many consider them to be a big hassle. Trying to tie them to get the perfect fit and the perfect knot can really be a challenge. Achieving the perfect knot takes skill, and many people just don’t have the know-how or the patience to get that is required to perfectly tie a tie.

Whether you’re a mother of a young boy who needs to wear a tie for a formal event or you’re a businessman who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of tying a tie, you’re in luck! The clip-on tie is the perfect solution for you! These pre-tied ties are hassle-free and create the same polished, pulled-together look as a traditional tie.

Here’s a look at this highly versatile and easy to use tie.

Clip-on ties defined: A clip-on tie is a pre-tied tie. It does not need to be put around the neck and knotted; rather, the knot is already created and is attached to a small metal clip.

How to use a clip-on tie: Wearing this type of tie is simple: Simply open the clip and attach behind the closed button on the top of your shirt.

The benefits of wearing a clip-on tie: The biggest benefit of this type of tie is that you don’t have to tie it! It’s already done for you. There’s no need to struggle with getting the tie the right length or making sure that the knot is just right. Imagine how useful this type of tie will be on those days you are running late for work!

Selling Your Best While Looking Your Best

Monday, August 24th, 2015

businessman-necktieThe modern sales professional has a lot of face to face interaction with clients, so it’s no wonder they need to be looking their best at all times. Adding a tie to a repertoire of already professional attire adds another level of depth that makes a great first impression. So the question is: can a sales representative have too many ties? The short answer: of course not!

Some sales representatives may not know this, but you should base the tie color on how vigorous or mild your sales pitch is. If you are going for a more dominant sales pitch and want to flaunt your knowledge on the subject matter, red would be the color to choose. Brighter colors like light blue or yellow would demonstrate a more passive approach in a laid back environment. Of course, you could always go with classic patterns and stripes as well for a more well-rounded approach of both aggressiveness and calm.

From giving a product demonstration to wining and dining clients, looking well-groomed and fashionable shows clients that you are determined and take their business very seriously. Dress your best and find a huge selection of traditional and clip on ties at!

Choosing A Necktie Wardrobe

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

CaptureAt some point in life, many men find themselves wearing ties on a daily basis. Whether it is a personal choice to start dressing up or it is a workplace requirement, choosing a wardrobe of ties requires some thought.

Unless there are specific color and design requirements for work, men should choose ties that reflect their personality and coordinate with their clothing. The first step is to set a budget amount to spend. It is easy to find many more ties than the budget allows, but make a priority list of what must be purchased now and what can be purchased later on a whim. When starting out on a smaller budget, aim for ties that are solid colors. They can be neutral tones, pastel colors, classic colors or dark colors. Alternately, choose one of each. For example, a man who has a budget limit that allows only four ties to start may choose gray, pastel yellow, royal blue and dark red.

When it is possible to choose a few designs in addition to a few solid colors, stripes are a safe choice for most workplaces. If the workplace encourages trendy designs or individual style, find what is most appealing. Many beginners find clip-on ties easier to use when they first start wearing ties. For all styles of neckties at affordable prices, visit

Five More Great Reasons to Wear Clip-On and Zipper Ties

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

You don’t really need an excuse for buying clip-on or zipper ties. They’re stylish, convenient and versatile. However, if yourmen-s-woven-blue-paisley-necktie-3buddies give you a hard time, here are five perfectly valid excuses for taking a man’s best fashion shortcut.

1. Your Best Friend Is the Snooze Button

Sleeping in inevitably leads to being late for work. When every minute counts, taking time to tie a traditional tie could be the difference between keeping or losing your job.

2. Your Hands Hurt

No one should expect you to tie your own knots when you have arthritis, gout, trigger finger or other painful conditions. Unless someone else in the household can tie your tie for you every morning, choosing clip-on and zipper ties is a perfectly logical solution.

3. You Change Your Mind a Lot

Do you change shirts 10 times before picking one and then change your mind again at the last minute? A tie shortcut can prevent your tardiness.

4. Your Mother-In-Law Bought You a Hideous Tie

If your in-laws are visiting, you’d better go ahead and wear that horrendous tie, so you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Taking along a clip-on or zipper tie along with you makes it easy to quickly change in the car.

5. You Drive While Drinking Coffee

Everyone who drinks coffee while driving has spilled some on a favorite tie at some point. Keep a clip-on or zipper tie in your glove compartment, so you can fix the problem quickly and without embarrassment.

5 Reasons to Use a Clip on Tie

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

men-s-woven-blue-and-yellow-plaid-necktie-3 (1)As someone who is unable to tie a tie, you may have just given up on the style completely. Unfortunately, ties are staple pieces for business and formal attire. Here are the benefits of opting for a clip on tie to remedy your problem.

  • These ties offer the convenience of allowing you to dress up your outfit without the effort of tying a tie. Even if you know how to tie one, purchasing a tie that is ready to clip on saves you time.
  • You’ll never have to worry about getting a uniform length. Clip on ties are already set to the appropriate length for your shirt, making it easy to accessorize without being anxious about whether you’re doing it right.
  • If you work in an industrial setting and still have to wear a tie, these ties prevent the possibility of injury if they are caught in machinery. They’re not worn around your neck, so you don’t have to worry about the choking hazard.
  • The knot on the tie is always uniform and has a neat appearance. You can create a put-together look without having to put it together yourself.
  • These ties come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing options when it comes to accessorizing your outfit. Patterns like stripes and polka dots can be found to match your unique personality.

Novelty Ties: ‘Tis the Season to Enjoy

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Novelty TiesIt’s okay to tie on a little fun during this holiday season. Novelty ties are a great way to add personality and fun to your wardrobe, so break out the last gag gift tie you received and wear it with pride. Here are a few upcoming occasions that are perfect for this type of fun.

Veterans Day is coming up fast. It is also one of the best days after the Fourth to break out the flags. Wear them loud and proud, November 11.

Thanksgiving is all about fellowship. Hopefully you will be dressed down for your turkey day, but the days before it are ripe for food tie fashion. You don’t have to be a turkey with it either. Just check out our beer barrel clip on.

Christmas ties are a classic. You will certainly see wrapping paper, fir trees, lights, and bells galore this season just like last season and the one before that. Take your tie to the level. A tie that actually lights up is fun, festive, and actually exciting.

As we take holidays and days off this time of year, casual Fridays get lost. That makes these fresh ties a great way to reclaim the spirit and stay at the relative level of dress the week demands. They are also a great way to continue the business conversations that keep professional relationships profitable; but don’t take out word for it. Try one on yourself this season.

Why Dress Like a Gentleman?

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Smiling business manIt might just be a normal day, but you can make it feel extraordinary! Okay, so maybe we’ve stretched the truth a little bit, but you can easily make a casual day a classier day with a little help from Necktie Emporium. Did you know that dressing like a gentleman has a lot of perks that go beyond just looking your best? You’ve probably heard the term “dress for success”, which doesn’t only apply to your professional life, but can translate to your personal life. Here are our top 3 reasons that you should start dressing like a gentleman:

  1. If you dress like a gentleman, you will behave as such! It’s simple really, dressing well can help immensely improve your self-worth, and give your self-esteem a boost in the right direction. Feel more confident, look better, and take pride in your charming and debonair appearance. People will certainly take notice of your new gentlemanly personality.
  2. You will be perceived as a gentleman. People will notice the effort you put into your appearance, and begin to perceive you as a professional.  It’s no secret that when men dress well, they get treated differently.
  3. Good dressing increases your sex appeal! Dressing well makes you look more successful which also boosts your confidence. Both of these traits are adored by both genders!

If you’re ready to make a change and begin dressing like a gentleman, don’t forget to browse the extensive selection of neckties, clip-on ties, and more at