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Novelty Ties: ‘Tis the Season to Enjoy

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Novelty TiesIt’s okay to tie on a little fun during this holiday season. Novelty ties are a great way to add personality and fun to your wardrobe, so break out the last gag gift tie you received and wear it with pride. Here are a few upcoming occasions that are perfect for this type of fun.

Veterans Day is coming up fast. It is also one of the best days after the Fourth to break out the flags. Wear them loud and proud, November 11.

Thanksgiving is all about fellowship. Hopefully you will be dressed down for your turkey day, but the days before it are ripe for food tie fashion. You don’t have to be a turkey with it either. Just check out our beer barrel clip on.

Christmas ties are a classic. You will certainly see wrapping paper, fir trees, lights, and bells galore this season just like last season and the one before that. Take your tie to the level. A tie that actually lights up is fun, festive, and actually exciting.

As we take holidays and days off this time of year, casual Fridays get lost. That makes these fresh ties a great way to reclaim the spirit and stay at the relative level of dress the week demands. They are also a great way to continue the business conversations that keep professional relationships profitable; but don’t take out word for it. Try one on yourself this season.

Mad Men| Inspiring Gentleman to embrace a more Stylish Life

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

iStock_000020531225SmallMany men are obsessed with AMC’s hit television Drama “Mad Men”, which concludes with one final season that starts on April 12th, 2014. It’s not only the incredible acting and writing that attracts many to this incredible show, but it’s also the impeccable and classic wardrobe of the characters we’ve grown to love.  It’s no secret that Mad Men has influenced today’s man to embrace a classic look and start wearing a necktie and collared shirt more often.

Whether wearing a clip on tie or traditional tie, you can also look like your favorite mad man with Necktie Emporium. If you’re hoping to embrace a more stylish lifestyle and mimic the look of your favorite Mad Men character, consider opting for an ultra-stylish and modern skinny tie. At, we carry a wide array of skinny ties in clip-on options so you can look your best without having to learn to tie a pesky knot.

If you want to keep it very classic and emulate Don Draper, you can’t go wrong with a classic black tie that pairs well with everything. It might not be the 60s any longer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it’s still the most stylish decade.

The Most Stylish Films of All Time

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Stylish necktie films of all time

The necktie is a popular wardrobe choice for many notable film characters throughout film history. From the stunning suit and tie ensemble of Cary Grant in North by Northwest to the often sloppy wardrobe choices of the workers in Office Space, the necktie is an important part of cinematic wardrobes. We’re proud to present our list of the most stylish films of all time:

  • Get Carter (1970): Michael Caine’s sophisticated gangster style is put together and sophisticated. From the tailored black suit to the classically wide black necktie, Caine’s style is one to take note of.
  • Diner (1982): Set in 1959, the cast of Diner are always put together with suit and necktie.
  • Quadrophenia (1979): Perhaps the most stylish Mod film of all time. Skinny neckties for men reign supreme in this look of mid-60’s Mod culture.
  • Rushmore (1998): Wes Anderson is no slouch to style, and his attention to details are highly evident in his 1998 masterpiece. From bowties to neckties, Rushmore is a sartorial dream.
  • 8 ½ (1963): Classic and simple, Marcello Mastroianni is seen dressed in a classic black suit, black tie combo throughout this genius French masterpiece from Federico Fellini.
  • Reservoir Dogs (1992): Black ties are the uniform of choice in this Quentin Tarantino blood bath.

Whether you want to echo the look of your favorite Hollywood stars, or add a dash of classic handsome to your wardrobe, consider stocking up on the best selection of neckties, clip-on ties and bow ties at

Television Neckties: The Necktie Comeback

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013
Channel you inner Mad Man!

Channel your inner Don Draper!

From the Great Gatsby to Mad Men, neckties are making their way back into popular culture! The necktie used to be worn by men of higher status, and was an absolute must-have accessory for many years. Throughout time, men’s style become more relaxed, and the widespread wearing of ties became a thing of the past, or something required for only formal events. However, now more and more men are once again introducing this masculine accessory back into their wardrobe. Whether opting for an easy men’s clip on tie, or the classic do it yourself, wearing a tie can help people perceive you as more of a gentleman and help you achieve a more cohesive look overall. Why is the necktie making such a big comeback? It could because many television shows and films feature characters who wear a necktie, and wear it well. Below are our top 5 stylish men’s television shows:

  1. Suits (USA Network): Suits, a USA Network drama series is a show about lawyers and their law firm. The two main characters are always dressed well, and the wearing of neckties is very prominent.
  2. Mad Men (AMC): A men’s style favorite! The many men of Mad Men almost are never seen without a beautifully tied necktie adorning their necks.
  3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Barney Stinson, a fan favorite of How I Met Your Mother is always dressed in full suit and tie. Primetime never looked better!
  4. House of Lies (Showtime): This hilarious and often dramatic series is full of style! The characters are always seen in full suit and tie!
  5. Boardwalk Empire (HBO): Thick knots and wide ties are a favorite on this Prohibition based drama series! Three piece suits never looked better.

Now, That’s What I Call Neckties!

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Whether wearing a clip on necktie or regular necktie, a tie can truly make your outfit come together and help you exude class! The following is the perfect necktie playlist. Put these songs together, and turn them into your morning routine. The necktie playlist is the perfect complimentary piece to your love of neckties and men’s fashion! Remember, women go crazy about a sharp dressed man!

now thats What I call Neckties

  1. Justin Timberlake (Featuring, Jay Z)- Suit and Tie
  2. Tom Waits- The Piano Has Been Drinking
  3. ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man
  4. Nat King Cole- Calypso Blues
  5. Givers- Up, Up, Up
  6. Bishop Allen- Charm School
  7. The Highwaymen- Jim, I Wore a Tie Today
  8. Jay Z and Beyonce- Upgrade U
  9. Graham Parker- Back In Time
  10. Donovan- I Love My Shirt
  11. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- Zoot Suit Riot
  12. James Brown- I Feel Good
  13. Morrissey- Good Looking man About Town
  14. Pulp- Common People

Listen to this playlist every time you’re looking your best! Men’s clip on ties and traditional neckties are a surefire way to always look your absolute best, and what’s better than a complimenting playlist that will keep you  feeling stylish all day long. Don’t forget to find the best selection of men’s clip on ties, bowties, and neckties at Here’s to keeping it classy!

Days of the Week Ties!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Ties can be fun! If you run a company, or work at a job that requires a necktie, consider having some fun with it. Designating a specific day each week for a specific type of tie is a fun and expressive way to follow dress code, look great, and maintain professionalism while having a little bit of fun! The following are just a few suggestions to turn your workplace into a fun and creative environment, all while maintaining the dress code policy!

Novelty Ties

  • Monday: Macho Monday! Consider wearing clip on ties for men, or traditional neckties that feature bold and abrasive patterns. Masculine plaids and bold colors are the perfect macho tie. Consider wearing a wider tie to convey how macho you really are!
  • Tuesday: Novelty Tuesday! Wear your favorite novelty tie that expresses your interests! Consider one of the extra fun novelty ties found at Show your love for cinema with a cinema themed tie, with novelty ties, the possibilities are endless!
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday! Wear ties that are bold and zany. Interesting patterns, off kilter colors, and unique ties are the perfect choice. Make hump day your fun day! Your half way through the week, so have fun with it.
  • Thursday: Trim Thursday! Celebrate the retro and hip skinny tie! Whether a clip on skinny tie or traditional, emulate your best Don Draper and wear a slimmer tie. Skinny ties are fashionable, classy and overall cool. After work, go out for some drinks and show off your immaculate style!
  • Friday: Free For all Friday! Let your creativity fly! Consider a bow tie or the most unique tie you could find! Celebrate the end of a good week, and consider switching up next week’s themes.

Our Favorite Television Style’s

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


Neckties have been popping up more than ever on our TV sets. Dapper dressed men are appearing more and more on today’s popular television shows. The sartorial choices of some of our favorite television character are crossing over to today’s generation of men, and we couldn’t be happier. The truth is we need more Don Drapers and Neal Caffrey’s in the world! These are our favorite television style icons.


Don Draper.jpg

Don Draper: The Dapper Ad-man from AMC’s , Mad Men tops our list as the best dressed on TV. Slim tailored suits and Skinny ties never looked so good! Photo: Courtesy of  AMC)neal caffrey.jpgNeal Caffrey: The smooth talking con-man from USA’s , White Collar makes a fitted suit and men’s silk ties look better than ever! Photo: Courtesy of USA)jimmy darmody.jpgJimmy Darmody: This gangster from HBO’s, Boardwalk Empire makes a three-piece-suit and classic wide men’s necktie look cooler than cool. Damody’s suit is the equivalent to Brando’s leather jacket! (Photo: Courtesy of HBO)

Barney Stinson.jpgBarney Stinson: Barney Stinson of CBS’s , How I Met Your Mother is never not in a suit or necktie. Men, take note! His look is always Legen?wait for it?Dary! (Photo: Courtesy of CBS)

chuck bass.jpgChuck Bass: Chuck Bass of the CW’s , Gossip Girl fame is always dapper and put together in double breasted suits and beautiful silk neckties. (Photo: Courtesy of CW)

These are the looks you should be copying! It’s a new year, and now is the perfect time to get dapper!

The Brief History of the Necktie

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012


The necktie is a staple of men’s style, and for good reason. Neckties have been worn since ancient times to signify title, wealth, or just to sop up sweat. The first people documented to wear a necktie were Croatian soldiers, these soldiers were said to wear bow-tie-like embellishments on their uniforms. After spotting the embellishments of the Croatian soldiers, King Lois XIV of France, popularized a new form of neckwear, the cravat. The cravat is a strip of fabric worn around the neck and then tucked inside a shirt. The cravat was the closet in look to the modern day tie.Vintage Tie

In the 1920’s an American tailor named Jesse Langsdorf created the very first modern tie. Langsdorf patented his creation, and gave birth to the necktie we are familiar with today. Throughout the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s the necktie grew in popularity. By the 1950’s, the tie became a necessary accessory for all men. The necktie quickly became a symbol of individuality and even conformity.

Today neckties are worn by many different groups of people. Since the first creation of the modern neck- tie, the style of ties has changed. The introduction of extra wide, skinny, and even clip on ties have given men more of a choice when it comes to dressing. Neckties have changed since ancient times, but are still worn the same way, and are still a very necessary accessory for any dapper man.  Oscar Wilde once said, ”A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie: Part Three!

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
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In Parts One and Two of our ‘Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie’ blog post series, we have highlighted 4 awesomely affordable and fun ideas that we’d be proud to wear ourselves. These include Fred Sanford and Al Bundy of television fame, and Jerry Maguire and the Men in Black, who found themselves on a bigger screen. For Part Three, we’re focusing on one character you could find not only on screens big and small, but also in countless books, on posters, decorations and more. Also, a man who was an indisputable master of suspense. Yes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention necktie-loving Alfred Hitchcock and the bow tie-bedecked Count Dracula!

Costume Idea #5: Alfred Hitchcock: As a youngster who couldn’t get enough of Nick at Nite, I always scooted a little closer to the television when ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ came on. Sure, it packed enough suspense and convoluted plots to make my little mind spin, but it was exciting! It was like nothing else on TV, and it was headed up by this strange, quirky-cool man that my young self had no idea was one of the best, most unique, most influential filmmakers that ever was or would be. Of course, when I found that out, I loved him even more. And if I looked anything like him I would be thrilled to dress as him for Halloween. (I’m counting on the guys that can pull it off to really have fun with it!)

Costume Idea #6: Count Dracula: OK, to be fair, dressing up as Dracula for Halloween isn’t exactly the most unique idea ever conceived. But while the costume itself might lean toward typical, what you do with it can be anything but! Not only does Dracula have an over-the-top personality that you can really go crazy with, but with such a classic look you can alter it while still making it obvious who you are. For example, mix up the colors; go with purple or orange instead of black. Or – keep the look the same but add a humorous element, like making Count Dracula obsessed with ‘underground’ rap!

Unique Halloween Costumes for Guys that Require a Tie: Part Two!

Monday, October 15th, 2012
Jerry Maguire

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Men in Black

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In our last blog post we highlighted 2 easy peasy Halloween costume ideas for guys, each taking its inspiration from the world of TV dads. First, we suggested the unforgettable Al Bundy, and that got us thinking about other men of the small screen that would be not only fun to dress up as, but also fun to portray all day long. As such, you can see why Fred Sanford came to mind! In thinking of the next 2 costumes – each of which also requires a tie, as the first 2 did! – we thought beyond the screen in the living room to the screen in the theater. In other words: movie men.

Costume Idea #3: Agent J or Agent K from Men in Black: Whether you fancy yourself more of a Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones type, this costume has some serious potential to guarantee you a good time! Unlike an inflatable chicken costume, or a furry costume that keeps things a balmy 110 degrees inside, you’ll feel as cool as you look in a Men in Black costume! And best of all, you probably already own most of what you’ll need to put it together. A solid black tie, white dress shirt, black suit, black shoes, black sunglasses, and of course, a plastic replica weapon or two from the film.

Costume Idea #4: Jerry Maguire: If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to breathlessly scream, “Show me the money!” – here it is. You don’t get to do this too often without people thinking you’re remarkably dated in your quotable movie lines, but Halloween isn’t your everyday cocktail party! What might seem a bit ‘old’ any other day is perfect for Halloween, when people will be dressed up as everything from Audrey Hepburn to M&Ms. In fact, dressing up as Jerry Maguire now is way more unexpected than it would have been in the 90s after the movie came out. And unexpected often equals awesome! Just don’t forget to loosen your necktie a little before you scream.