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Best Accessory for Men’s Fashions

Monday, April 11th, 2016

2Bow ties for men are quite easily the most underappreciated accessory that men have to use in their daily fashion statements. Every time they put on that suit they reach for a tie — and what type of tie says a lot about them and how they see themselves. The truth is that a great tie can make or break a look and can truly take it to the next level! Here at Necktie Emporium we have an amazing variety for every type of tie you may want!

Colored and Patterned Ties

It is ok to have fun with your tie selection. Your work clothes are most likely drab and boring- the same old same old every single day. Spice things up and add your own touch to your look every time you head to the office. Colored ties are easy to add to just about any suite or formal attire and patterned ties can be a fun yet professional way to keep things fun and interesting.

Clip-on Ties

For the busy guy on the go who has neither the time nor the interest in traditional tie tying, the clip-on tie is the way to go. Get the look of a regular tie without the time and with a lot more comfort throughout the day. They come in just as many wonderful colors and patterns and styles and you are sure to find what you are looking for here at Necktie Emporium.

Bow Ties

Bow ties are cool and they are coming back in style thanks to many prominent appearances on TV shows and in photo shoots of many popular celebrities. The bow tie is easy to wear and combines casual comfort with formal elegance like no other accessory can in the man’s wardrobe.

So no matter what your tie needs may be you can find the perfect one to make everything come together. For the very best in men’s bow ties, neck ties, kids ties and every in between, there are many options available to you right here at Necktie Emporium — so check them out today!

How to Spice Up the Traditional Gift of a Tie for Seasonal Holidays

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Another holiday, another necktie. If your father, husband, brother, or partner is in business, it’s probably safe to say you’ve given2 him more than your fair share of ties for special gift-giving occasions. That doesn’t mean you need to stop relying on ties as a gift. On the contrary. Up your game and give a more fun tie for the next holiday.

Romantic Holidays

Some of the most dynamic novelty neckties are the ones perfect for romantic holidays and occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and your anniversary. Hearts, cupids, and simple patterns in shades of deep red and pink are ideal for gifts during holidays that celebrate romance.

Winter Holidays

As winter rolls around, your holiday shopping list gets several miles long. Check off a lot of the men on your list with ties featuring Santa Claus, Christmas mouse, and snowflake designs to get them into the holiday spirit. They don’t even have to be so obviously Christmassy. Subdued snowflake patterns make for attractive ties a man can wear year-round.

More Personal Theme

Buy a tie that’s more a reflection of the man who’s going to be wearing it than the holiday or special occasion itself. For example, tech lovers adore the computer mouse, the @ sign, or the Internet-themed ties, while frequent visitors to Las Vegas can’t go gambling without poker or casino-themed ties. Buy a tie with beer or cigar designs or even a wild animal pattern. A more personal theme showcases the man in the suit like no other tie.

Ties will never go out of style, and every man with a suit in his wardrobe needs quite a few to accessorize the suit for different occasions. Let him feel a little fun with conversation-starting ties that are more novelty than what he’s usually used to. If you’re unsure about it, buy him a more traditional tie along with it.

Going the Safe Route: Choosing a Solid Colored Tie

Monday, January 4th, 2016

What makes solid color ties the safe solution to any outfit is the fact that they are the perfect choice for any formal occasion.1Regardless of whether you are attending a dinner night, a date night, or a wedding, a colored tie will very rarely do you wrong. What is important when picking out your tie, is the significance behind the color that you choose.

What the Solid Colors Mean

  • Red: symbolizes power, wealth, strength, and passion.
  • Blue: is a soothing color that symbolizes peace.
  • Black: are namely for formal events, and fancy gatherings.
  • Brown: is a symbol of practicality and humbleness. It denotes reliability.
  • Green: is a symbol of rebirth, growth, and money, but can sometimes be misconstrued with jealousy.
  • Yellow: represents radiance and vitality, but you have to have the personality to go with it to enforce the meaning behind the tie.

For yellow and green specifically you want to be able to carry them well. Green can often be seen as someone who is jealous, rather than as knowledgeable, so make sure to wear this to suitable events. Yellow on the other hand, can mean cowardly so if you are going to wear it, make sure your personality shows off the vibrant meaning behind the tie.

The Advantage to Colored Ties

The major advantage to wearing solid color ties is the ability to define your personality. You can show off that you are adventurous, serious, interesting, or humorous with just one color. Solid textures are often taken more seriously and that is the reason why they are seen at more formal events. Plus, solid ties can help fix shirts that may seem too loud or obnoxious in color. By adding in a colored tie that is solid, you can tone down the look bringing the outfit together without it looking over the top.

The Perfect Ties for Older Men With Arthritis

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

4You remember how dashing your husband of decades looked back when we wore a tie on formal occasions. Or maybe you want to give a tie to your elderly father or grandfather, but you know his arthritis makes it difficult for him to tie one. While you can always offer to help him put a tie on, give him some of his confidence back by gifting him a tie ideal for an older man with arthritis or another condition that makes it difficult for him to move his hands much.


The variety of clip-on ties for men look just like traditional ties and will lend your elderly loved one that elegant, confident look. They’re far easier for people with pain in their hands to put on because it’s a simple matter of clipping the beneath the collar instead of tying a knot and wrapping the material around the neck.

Personal Clip-Ons

Does your loved one have some favorite ties that he used to wear before his hands hurt, ties that have special meaning to him? Raid his closet and send them in to a professional who can convert traditional ties into clip-ons so he can wear them again.

Zipper Ties

Pre-tied ties, also known as “zipper ties,” are also a boon for elderly men because they look just like traditional ties, including the loop that goes around the neck and under the collar, but they come pre-tied. Once the tie is in place, all he’ll have to do is pull the knot up like a zipper on a jacket or pair of pants.

If your elderly loved one experiences other mobility issues, you might also consider tie clips to keep his tie snugly in place against his dress shirt so it doesn’t get in the way. If you require assistance picking out ties, contact an expert sales representative. Don’t forget that every order comes with free first-class shipping.

What Is a Clip-On Tie?

Monday, December 7th, 2015

A tie is a mainstay in a man’s wardrobe. It dresses up any outfit, adding a polished look that is perfect for work, semi-formal1affairs and formal affairs. However, while a tie is a vital element in any man’s wardrobe, many men look at them as a big hassle. Why? Well, because it can be difficult to tie a necktie. Getting a great looking knot takes skill, and many men just don’t have the patience or the know-how to develop that skill. Additionally, many men just don’t have the time that it takes to properly tie a tie.

If you are one of the many men you think that tying a necktie is a pain, you don’t have to struggle, and you don’t have to worry about looking out of place at work, a semi-formal or a formal event. Why? Because there are clip-on ties for men.

What exactly is a clip-on tie? If you’re wondering, and if you’re interested in learning how these ties can benefit you, you’ve come to the right place! Just keep on reading!

What Is a Clip-On Tie?

As the name suggests, a clip-on tie is a tie that has already been tied. It does not need to be put around the neck; rather, a small metal clip is attached to the tie right behind the knot. In order to wear this tie, all that needs to be done is open the clip and attach the tie behind the closed top button of a button-down shirt.

Benefits of Wearing a Clip-On Tie

The biggest benefit of wearing a clip-on tie, of course, is that you don’t have to worry about tying the tie; it’s already done for you. There’s no need to struggle with getting the tie the right length or making sure that the knot is just right. Just clip on the tie and your look is complete!

Necktie Emporium Christmas Wish List

Monday, December 1st, 2014

men-s-woven-black-purple-dot-pattern-necktie-3With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s that time again. We’re of course talking about holiday shopping. If you’re looking for the best stocking stuffers and gifts for dad, you can never go wrong with a beautiful quality necktie or clip-on necktie from A necktie is a staple in many men’s wardrobes, and in actuality, you can never have too many neckties. Below are a few of our favorite neckties that will make the perfect Christmas gift:

  • Men’s Woven Blue and Yellow Plaid Necktie: Heavy enough for the colder months and extra stylish, this stunning necktie is the perfect gift choice.
  • Men’s Woven Navy & Pink Paisley Pattern Necktie: Paisley is in, and this necktie is the perfect way to be stylish without breaking the bank. Stuff that Christmas stocking with a paisley clip-on tie this Christmas.
  • Men’s Solid Red Necktie: What’s more festive than a red necktie? This solid clip-on tie is a great Christmas gift choice, and is able to be worn with many different outfits to achieve many different looks.
  • Men’s Woven Black & Purple Snowflake Pattern Necktie: With a unique pattern and handsome color combination, this necktie is sure to make somebody really happy when they find it under their tree or in their stocking. Even better, the snowflake pattern is perfect for the season.

When it comes to handsome neckties at exceptional cost, make your only choice. Get your Christmas shopping done early at today.

Stocking Stuffers for the Classy Man In Your Life

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

santaIn recent years, there has been a very welcomed resurgence of the classic gentleman. Things our grandfathers used to do on a daily basis are making their way back into the lives of many modern men. However, with the modern man embracing a more traditional approach to being a man, it can be difficult to figure out what makes the perfect stocking stuffer for them this holiday season. You obviously can’t go wrong with a clip-on necktie or bow-tie from, but what else is there? Below are a few gifts for the new modern gentleman.

  • Whiskey Decanter: After a long day at the office, sometimes a drink is well-deserved. Instead of sending your loved one off to the bar to unwind, bring the bar to them.
  • Watch: A classic simple timepiece is a menswear essential. There are many excellent choices in many price ranges to fit into your spend.
  • Money Clip: A bulgy wallet does no good for an outfit. A money clip keeps money organized, without the unwanted bulk in the back pocket. The money clip is a must have for today’s modern gentleman.
  • Safety Razor: Throw away those drugstore razors and say hello the best shave you’ve ever had next to a barbershop shave. The Safety razor is a fantastic gift that any man would love to receive. Shaving with a safety razor is better for the skin, and will end up saving a ton of money on replacement blades.

Novelty Ties: ‘Tis the Season to Enjoy

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Novelty TiesIt’s okay to tie on a little fun during this holiday season. Novelty ties are a great way to add personality and fun to your wardrobe, so break out the last gag gift tie you received and wear it with pride. Here are a few upcoming occasions that are perfect for this type of fun.

Veterans Day is coming up fast. It is also one of the best days after the Fourth to break out the flags. Wear them loud and proud, November 11.

Thanksgiving is all about fellowship. Hopefully you will be dressed down for your turkey day, but the days before it are ripe for food tie fashion. You don’t have to be a turkey with it either. Just check out our beer barrel clip on.

Christmas ties are a classic. You will certainly see wrapping paper, fir trees, lights, and bells galore this season just like last season and the one before that. Take your tie to the level. A tie that actually lights up is fun, festive, and actually exciting.

As we take holidays and days off this time of year, casual Fridays get lost. That makes these fresh ties a great way to reclaim the spirit and stay at the relative level of dress the week demands. They are also a great way to continue the business conversations that keep professional relationships profitable; but don’t take out word for it. Try one on yourself this season.

Neckties: The Most Important Part of Any Man’s Wardrobe

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


Style isn’t about trends, but instead it revolves around classic looks that are timeless, tested and true. A suit is one of the most long running components of classic style, and the necktie is not far behind. The necktie, whether a traditional tie or clip on tie is one of the style variables that truly pulls any look together, and is an important and vital part of any stylish man’s wardrobe. Here a few reasons why the necktie is an important menswear accessory every man should own:

  • A necktie garners respect! Looking through history, many of the most powerful men we’re always seen wearing a necktie. From presidents to CEOs, the necktie is the one common denominator we can all share with these lucrative and powerful people.
  • Neckties help a man exude confidence. Wearing a necktie with confidence, much like any piece of clothing can really help a man find his natural and stylish swagger. Don’t believe us? Find a tie that speaks to your tastes at and pair it with your favorite suit and see how much more confidence you’ll have.
  • Men who wear ties are often in professional fields and maintain a professional career. When men are seeing wearing a tie, it is assumed that they are matured and professional.
  • Neckties just look great! Why else would you wear one? Wearing a necktie can pull any look together and even separate you from the norm. People that dress well are often treated with more respect and get noticed more than the average Joe in the ripped jeans and tee shirt.

Wearing a necktie shows those around you that you like to go the extra mile. From job interviews to landing a job, wearing a tie everyday will show people that you actually care and are willing to go the extra mile. If you’re ready to embrace a classic style, browse our large selection of affordable and attractive neckties at

For All Your Gift Giving Needs: Necktie Emporium

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

With the holidays quickly approaching, finding the perfect gift for dad has never been easier! The necktie is the quintessential gift for Dad, and you won’t find a better selection of men’s neckties than the neckties found at We don’t just carry traditional neckties; instead we offer the largest selection of men’s clip on ties, zipper ties and even bow ties. We understand that not every man knows how to tie the perfect knot, which is why we offer pre-tied ties that are sure to look flawless with every wear. If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face, then is the perfect starting point. Below are a few of our favorite neckties that you can get Dad this holiday season:


  • This beautifully stylish paisley necktie is both fashion forward and debonair. In both clip-on or regular, you can’t go wrong giving Dad this paisley blue necktie.
  • Classics are classic for a reason, and a striped necktie is as classic as it gets. In a beautiful navy, red, and white color combination, this striped men’s necktie makes the perfect gift for Dad this holiday season.
  • Does Dad have a bigger than life personality? If so, novelty neckties are the perfect choice. We carry a large selection of novelty neckties in a variety of different themes that are sure to strike Dad’s fancy.

When it comes to holiday shopping for Dad, make your first choice. We take pride in offering men the endless gift of style!