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Caring for Your Ties

Monday, May 16th, 2016

3A tie is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Whether you’re going to work, or you have a semi-casual affair or a formal event to attend, a tie can bring your entire outfit together and make you look stylish.

In order to ensure that your ties always look their best, properly caring for them is vital. To help you ensure that your ties always look great, here are some tips to keep your men’s neckwear in tip-top condition.

Make Sure You Untie Them

While you may be tempted to just loosen your tie and slip it over your head at the end of a long day, avoid the temptation. Leaving your tie tied in a knot can wreak havoc on its shape. Take it off properly by reversing the steps you used to put it on. Make sure that the knot is completely removed from the tie.

Properly Store Your Ties

The way you store your ties can do damage to the fabric. While it may be convenient to roll them up and store them in a drawer, this can do serious damage to the tie. In order to properly store your ties, purchase a tie rack. Hanging your ties on a tie rack will enable the wrinkles and folds to loosen, which will keep the tie in better condition.

Have Them Cleaned

How often do you clean your ties? Once a month? Once every few months? Once a year? Never? Cleaning your ties is vital to maintaining their beauty, especially when something spills on them. While cleaning your neckwear is important, don’t ever toss them in the washing machine. Ties are delicate and require special cleaning. Take your ties to a dry cleaner, who will be able to thoroughly clean them and remove any stains.

A Necktie for Everyday Use

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Business casual dress at the office can get bland rather quickly if you wear the same outfits week in and week out. Have you ever wondered how to switch it up and add poise to your daily wardrobe? Men’s neckwear is the clear solution and can add style and color to flat attire.


Pattern ties can add pop to a solid colored dress shirt as long as the shirt color is repeated in the tie somehow. For example, if you’re wearing a cobalt blue shirt, you may want to go with a white or grey tie with some sort of blue pattern woven in. Striped ties can match well with checked shirts and while the same rule applies as the aforementioned, you can be a little more lenient with matching. Reds can be added into the pattern of blue and white to match a blue and white checkered shirt or a nice pastel color can be added to the tie pattern for a nice burst of color.

Don’t get stuck in the weekly rut of wearing the same outfits from week to week. Changing up your daily wardrobe will not only get you looking sharp, it will get those heads turning in the office. For all patterns and styles of neckties, visit

Become Well Kempt, the Necktie Emporium Way!

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

well groomed manBeing a well kempt gentleman certainly requires more than just a men’s necktie. Sure, style is an important component of being a well put together gentleman, but style is more than just a nice wardrobe. Proper grooming is also a key component to being a truly put together male, however, many men neglect a proper grooming regimen. If you’re looking to be separated from the boys, and be a leader among men, follow these helpful grooming tips.

  • Never over-do it with scent. You’re personal fragrance should be discovered, not immediately known as soon as you enter a room.
  • Your hands will always be noticed. Make sure you take the time to keep them trimmed. Don’t be afraid to get a manicure.
  • Shave properly and with high quality tools and creams. It’s important to properly shave and not rush through it, like many men. Consider using a more expensive razor and cream, as they are designed to provide the best shave and last significantly longer than drug store brands that can damage your face.
  • Never over-do it with hair products. Your hair should move and have life, not be stiff and un-moveable.
  • Moisturize! Keep your face moisturized to prevent aging and unsightly lines. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Look As Good As Your Tie

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Look as good as yoru tie

Neckties are an absolute must for many gentlemen around the world, and many men are rarely ever seen without a necktie or clip on tie around their necks. The necktie, a quintessential gentleman’s accessory, isn’t the only detail a man needs to look his very best! Many men often neglect a proper grooming regimen, but taking care of your skin and overall appearance is the best way to truly look your best. Before you clip on your tie, or tie it yourself, consider adding the following grooming tips to your routine.

  • Exfoliate: Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells and even prepares hair for a closer and more effective shave. Exfoliating 3 times a week can truly make a huge different to the appearance of your skin.
  • Trim eyebrows and Nose hairs: There are a variety of electric trimmers on the market that are priced reasonably, but tweezers also do the trick. Unsightly hairs sticking out of your brow line and nose can make you appear unkempt and sloppy. Keep hairs short and manageable every time they get out of hand.
  • Don’t overdo the fragrance: When it comes to cologne, less is always more.
  • Use a face wash: Never use a bar soap on your face, find a face wash that caters to your specific skin type and keep your face clean daily.
  • Moisturize: Use a moisturizer with a sun block in it to help avoid wrinkles and aging skin.  Your face will thank you!

However basic, the above tips are easy to overlook, especially for the man on the go. Next time you wake up and start your morning routine, make sure you look as good as your necktie!