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Outfit Accessories for Men

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

There are many elegant and professional accessories that can be used to complete the businessman’s outfit. Here are some of the1 popular accessories you should consider this season:


Leather offers the wearer a sleek and versatile look which can be used in many accessories and applications to the businessman’s attire. Leather can be used in belts, watches, wallets, shoes, jackets, and many other applications.

Color and Patterned Ties

Men’s bow ties are often overlooked and are by far one of the most underappreciated accessories men have available to them when it comes to their daily fashion statements. The truth is that a great tie can make an outfit pop, add a splash of color and complete any look and take it to the next level!


There are many different styles and colors available when it comes to boots men have available. From high-quality leather boots to dress boots they can be the perfect addition to any outfit and can be chosen so they complement other accessories such as ties and watches.

Metal Details

From jacket sleeves, watch bands, shirt collars, pins and cufflinks, cap brims, and belt metal details are popular in any season! Make your outfit pop with metal detail accessories and create a classier look for any professional dress needs.

Shoulder Bags

Whether you are shopping around for the sales rep, the CEO, a busy student, the busy businessman, or the ordinary individual on the go, a shoulder bag is a must have! There are many practical styles and can help tie an outfit together. The shoulder bag is a great addition to consider this season.

So no matter what your outfit needs are you can find accessories to make everything come together. From men’s bow ties to your accessories and jewelry choices, there are many options available to you!

Zipper Ties — Why Men Love Them

Monday, March 14th, 2016

2It is a scenario that is all too familiar to far too many. The alarm clock failed to go off and now you are running around like a madman to get ready and out the door so you are only half an hour late to work instead of more.

Today is a day you have a big presentation so you must dress your absolute best. Grab the shirt and slacks out of the closet no problem, but now you search for a tie…and they are all dirty and an absolute mess. The one clean tie is an extra-long tie that is a pain to try and tie and tame. Time is something you do not have but you also know it will look bad to not have a necktie. What do you do? The simple solution is to keep some zipper ties on hand for just such a situation.
When you find yourself in a time crunch, zipper ties can be the time-saver and life-saver you so desperately need. There are countless numbers of guys who find themselves in this type of situation at any day! If your job is one of those envious one that does not make ties a requirement, then you may be out of practice and not familiar with tie tying; you may also not have very many ties to choose from when you find that you need one. Even for guys who wear ties all the time, ties can be a hassle and can present challenges you just don’t want to deal with early in the morning or when you are in a rush! is here to help with our collection of men’s zipper ties. Find the looks and styles you love and make it easier on yourself every day when you need to throw on a tie and head off to work!

How to Spice Up the Traditional Gift of a Tie for Seasonal Holidays

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Another holiday, another necktie. If your father, husband, brother, or partner is in business, it’s probably safe to say you’ve given2 him more than your fair share of ties for special gift-giving occasions. That doesn’t mean you need to stop relying on ties as a gift. On the contrary. Up your game and give a more fun tie for the next holiday.

Romantic Holidays

Some of the most dynamic novelty neckties are the ones perfect for romantic holidays and occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and your anniversary. Hearts, cupids, and simple patterns in shades of deep red and pink are ideal for gifts during holidays that celebrate romance.

Winter Holidays

As winter rolls around, your holiday shopping list gets several miles long. Check off a lot of the men on your list with ties featuring Santa Claus, Christmas mouse, and snowflake designs to get them into the holiday spirit. They don’t even have to be so obviously Christmassy. Subdued snowflake patterns make for attractive ties a man can wear year-round.

More Personal Theme

Buy a tie that’s more a reflection of the man who’s going to be wearing it than the holiday or special occasion itself. For example, tech lovers adore the computer mouse, the @ sign, or the Internet-themed ties, while frequent visitors to Las Vegas can’t go gambling without poker or casino-themed ties. Buy a tie with beer or cigar designs or even a wild animal pattern. A more personal theme showcases the man in the suit like no other tie.

Ties will never go out of style, and every man with a suit in his wardrobe needs quite a few to accessorize the suit for different occasions. Let him feel a little fun with conversation-starting ties that are more novelty than what he’s usually used to. If you’re unsure about it, buy him a more traditional tie along with it.

3 Perfect Occasions for Wearing a Holiday-Themed Tie

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Santa Claus, snowflakes, and even a Christmas mouse adorn some of the most fun conversation-starter tie designs for the3holiday season. If you’re like most men, you’ve received at least a few holiday ties as gifts throughout the year and you’ve bought a few yourself. It gets tedious wearing only the plain ties all year round, so go all out and wear your holiday-themed designs whenever the occasion calls for one.

Office Holiday Party

You’ll see more holiday ties than plain ties at the typical office holiday party. Go all out and get in the holiday spirit with a tie that puts a smile on your co-workers’ faces. With or without a suit coat (and you may want to strip your suit coat off after a while), a tie with a holiday pattern makes you stand out as one of the fun guys.

Social Holiday Gathering

Whether you’re the host or you’re a guest at a friend or a family member’s, put on a Santa hat and suit coat and wear a holiday tie. Even if few of the other guests dress up, you’ll look dashing without sacrificing any of the merriment.

Holiday Concerts

If you have children or nieces and nephews, chances are you’ll get more than one invite to a holiday-themed concert at a school, church, or club event. Dress up for the occasion but keep the theme of the event in your heart with a tie featuring a holiday pattern.

Remember that “holiday-themed” ties don’t have to be so obviously tied to one holiday, either. If you buy a snowflake or even a solid, striped, or dotted green or red design, wear these ties throughout the season or even throughout the year. Ask a sales associate for more suggestions on ties that go well with the holidays but won’t collect dust in your closet during the rest of the year.

Selling Your Best While Looking Your Best

Monday, August 24th, 2015

businessman-necktieThe modern sales professional has a lot of face to face interaction with clients, so it’s no wonder they need to be looking their best at all times. Adding a tie to a repertoire of already professional attire adds another level of depth that makes a great first impression. So the question is: can a sales representative have too many ties? The short answer: of course not!

Some sales representatives may not know this, but you should base the tie color on how vigorous or mild your sales pitch is. If you are going for a more dominant sales pitch and want to flaunt your knowledge on the subject matter, red would be the color to choose. Brighter colors like light blue or yellow would demonstrate a more passive approach in a laid back environment. Of course, you could always go with classic patterns and stripes as well for a more well-rounded approach of both aggressiveness and calm.

From giving a product demonstration to wining and dining clients, looking well-groomed and fashionable shows clients that you are determined and take their business very seriously. Dress your best and find a huge selection of traditional and clip on ties at!

Back to School Ties for Teachers

Monday, August 17th, 2015

fashion-601553_1280Being a teacher puts you in the spotlight almost every day of your professional life. Making a huge impact on students’ lives is something you strive to do, on top of expanding their minds. If you’re in a professional position of influence, then why not dress the part? Having a well rounded wardrobe including dress shirts and neckties for men shows you’ll be ready to take on the new school year with poise.

Some tenured teachers may have relaxed themselves into the outdated routine of polo and khaki pants. Now there isn’t anything wrong with this style, but adding a dress shirt and tie will get you noticed by fellow faculty and administration alike. If a promotion opportunity comes up in the near future, they’ll be sure to remember the teacher who wore a colorful and dapper necktie and not a plain polo shirt. Also, being complimented on your collection of colorful and attractive ties everyday can boost your confidence and have you instructing your best.

Dressing too casual may not make the greatest impact on newer students when starting off the year. Not only will dressing professionally demand the attention of students, it might influence many to dress a little sharper.

A Necktie for Everyday Use

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Business casual dress at the office can get bland rather quickly if you wear the same outfits week in and week out. Have you ever wondered how to switch it up and add poise to your daily wardrobe? Men’s neckwear is the clear solution and can add style and color to flat attire.


Pattern ties can add pop to a solid colored dress shirt as long as the shirt color is repeated in the tie somehow. For example, if you’re wearing a cobalt blue shirt, you may want to go with a white or grey tie with some sort of blue pattern woven in. Striped ties can match well with checked shirts and while the same rule applies as the aforementioned, you can be a little more lenient with matching. Reds can be added into the pattern of blue and white to match a blue and white checkered shirt or a nice pastel color can be added to the tie pattern for a nice burst of color.

Don’t get stuck in the weekly rut of wearing the same outfits from week to week. Changing up your daily wardrobe will not only get you looking sharp, it will get those heads turning in the office. For all patterns and styles of neckties, visit

Men’s Easter Fashion Trends in 2015

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

As Easter approaches, men who will be attending church or family events need to prepare for the holiday. Looking your best on Easter is a must, and keeping up with the latest trends when it comes to formal wear will help you turn heads this spring. Here are some Easter fashion trends that you can incorporate into your spring look.

• Add a little color to your suit, but be careful not to overdo it. Choosing a shirt or tie in a bold color will give that bright pop that is needed in the spring, but choosing an entire suit in a bright color will just look silly.

• Be sure that your suit fits well. If you need to visit the tailor, give yourself enough time to do so before Easter arrives. It’s likely that other men will be making appointments to have their suits tailored, so you want to plan accordingly.

• A tie is a must this Easter. If you don’t know how to tie a tie, a clip-on variety will do. There are even extra long neckties available for tall men who require more length to get the appropriate shirt coverage for a put-together look.

• Don’t forget to put some focus on your footwear. Nothing is worse than pairing a nice suit with an old pair of dress shoes that have been collecting dust in your closet. A brand-new pair of wingtips completes the perfect Easter outfit for men.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

businessman-481113_640 (1)When it comes to accessories, there aren’t many choices for men. Of course the necktie is the number one accessory that can really help a man’s outfit shine and stand out, but other than neckties, watches, and modest jewelry, how else can a man look his best? Well, a lot of men often forget about the pocket square. A pocket square when worn well can make a man transform from an average Joe into a style maven. However, many men don’t know how to fold a pocket square.

  1. Place the pocket square on a clean, flat surface.
  2. Fold one side of the pocket square to the others so you get two overlapping triangles.
  3. Fold one side in and repeat for the opposite side.
  4. Place the folded pocket square in your breast pocket and adjust accordingly to your desired appearance.
  5. If you want to experiment with a more “fashion forward” look, throw the square in your pocket, and play around with it until it looks messy but put together.

A pocket square much like an attractive necktie can really pull a look together. Keep in mind that your pocket square and necktie do not have to match 100%, but should be complimentary of each other.

Stylish Guide to Movies 2014

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

iStock_000032152780Small2014 has presented many excellent movies, and many excellent movies with impeccable wardrobes! Sometimes we’re bigger fans of the neckties and clothes than the movie itself. At, we like to have a little fun every now and again. We’re pleased to introduce our list of the best fashionable movies of 2014:

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel: It’s no surprise that a Wes Anderson film graces our list. Every Anderson film is full of sartorial gold and beautiful aesthetics. The film itself is of impeccable style, and we’re not only talking about wardrobe.
  • That Awkward Moment: We’re not going to lie. The casual outfits worn by Efron should be on every man’s hit list! This is how to dress sans necktie, and we mean it.
  • Jersey Boys: Neckties and classic suits galore! The Clint Eastwood adaptation of the famous Broadway play has a wardrobe that we certainly want to steal.
  • Million Dollar Arm: Jon Hamm always looks stylish and put together, and this baseball centric film is no different. Casual, cool, and perfect for today’s modern man.
  • Yves Saint Laurent: A film that looks into the life of French designer and fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. How could we not have this on the list?