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Stylish Guide to Movies 2014

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

iStock_000032152780Small2014 has presented many excellent movies, and many excellent movies with impeccable wardrobes! Sometimes we’re bigger fans of the neckties and clothes than the movie itself. At, we like to have a little fun every now and again. We’re pleased to introduce our list of the best fashionable movies of 2014:

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel: It’s no surprise that a Wes Anderson film graces our list. Every Anderson film is full of sartorial gold and beautiful aesthetics. The film itself is of impeccable style, and we’re not only talking about wardrobe.
  • That Awkward Moment: We’re not going to lie. The casual outfits worn by Efron should be on every man’s hit list! This is how to dress sans necktie, and we mean it.
  • Jersey Boys: Neckties and classic suits galore! The Clint Eastwood adaptation of the famous Broadway play has a wardrobe that we certainly want to steal.
  • Million Dollar Arm: Jon Hamm always looks stylish and put together, and this baseball centric film is no different. Casual, cool, and perfect for today’s modern man.
  • Yves Saint Laurent: A film that looks into the life of French designer and fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent. How could we not have this on the list?

Necktie Emporium Guide to Men’s Shoes Part 2 (Toe Styles)

Friday, June 27th, 2014

We visited a few popular shoe choices in part 1, but there are many different types of men’s shoes. In part 2, we will look at a few other variations and styles of men’s shoes that make up a stylish wardrobe, concentrating on toe styles:


  • Plain Toe: Simple, classic and straight forward. A Plain toe is just what it sounds like.
  • Cap Toe: A cap toe divides the camp of a shoe at the toe. A stitch is usually evident on the vamp which separates the vamp from the toe potion. Oxfords most commonly feature a cap toe.
  • Split Toe: The split toe shoe features a seam that begins in the middle of the shoe, around the toe, and ends at the middle of the shoe on the other end.
  • Medallion: The Medallion features a plain toe with a brogue decoration adorning it.
  • Wingtip: Features a winged cap that peaks in the middle of the toe.

When it comes to completing your overall look and entering the world of classic men’s style consider opting for a solid pair of classic plain toe shoes in brown or black. After you begin the foundation of your wardrobe don’t forget can help fill in the gaps. At we offer the finest selection of clip on ties for men, traditional neckties, and so much more. When it comes to style, don’t break the bank, be smart, shop

Mad Men| Inspiring Gentleman to embrace a more Stylish Life

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

iStock_000020531225SmallMany men are obsessed with AMC’s hit television Drama “Mad Men”, which concludes with one final season that starts on April 12th, 2014. It’s not only the incredible acting and writing that attracts many to this incredible show, but it’s also the impeccable and classic wardrobe of the characters we’ve grown to love.  It’s no secret that Mad Men has influenced today’s man to embrace a classic look and start wearing a necktie and collared shirt more often.

Whether wearing a clip on tie or traditional tie, you can also look like your favorite mad man with Necktie Emporium. If you’re hoping to embrace a more stylish lifestyle and mimic the look of your favorite Mad Men character, consider opting for an ultra-stylish and modern skinny tie. At, we carry a wide array of skinny ties in clip-on options so you can look your best without having to learn to tie a pesky knot.

If you want to keep it very classic and emulate Don Draper, you can’t go wrong with a classic black tie that pairs well with everything. It might not be the 60s any longer, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it’s still the most stylish decade.

How to Find the Tie for Me

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

iStock_000016425050XSmallRegular tie wearers can attest to the amazing feeling of wearing a necktie. The attention people seem to give to the “put together” look is only attainable with the perfect necktie. It seems that with a necktie, you can literally stroll in anywhere and not only comply with a dress code, but exceed many. Choosing the right necktie for your specific style can be daunting at first, but once you know how to dress to your best assets, the door to more mature and flawless style awaits you. Below are a few helpful tips on choosing the proper necktie, zipper tie, or clip on tie!

  1. Always remember that a tie is the first thing many notice about your wardrobe. If you want your neckwear to be the focal point and compliment producer it can be, choose a necktie that can stand apart from your outfit and take on a voice of its own. Don’t opt for novelty ties or ties with loud patterns, go classic, simple and prepare to keep count of compliments.
  2. Length is important! Your tie should hit directly at your waist line. At, we carry a large selection of necktie lengths from short to extra long. There’s no excuse for a too short or too long necktie!
  3. Width is another factor to keep in mind when choosing neckties for your wardrobe. Skinny neckties are popular among younger and more fashion oriented men, but a great rule of thumb is to choose a tie based on the width of your lapels. If you opt to wear a necktie without a jacket, choose a slimmer, more modern tie.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a solid colored tie. Solid colors present the opportunity to pair them with any shirt in your wardrobe, depending on color of course. A solid tie can round out a patterned short, or help you achieve a classic look when paired with a crisp white dress shirt.
  5. If you’re looking to step out of your boundaries and really turn a few heads, consider rocking a bowtie. As mentioned in previous posts, bowties are extra cool and extra stylish. Remember, it’s all about confidence when you wear a bow tie, as you don’t want to seem gimmicky.

Necktie Emporium’s Guide to Fall 2013!

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Fall is quickly approaching which means it’s time to break out the fall wardrobe! Like every year, there are certain trends that appear within men’s style. From patterns to specific colors, men’s style seems to annually be bombarded by new and exciting fashions, and new takes on old classics.

At, we like to keep things classic, cool, and just a little bit modern! Fashion fades away, but style is permanent. From neckties in fall -friendly color hues and patterns, to shirting, there are plenty of ways to dress for the season and stay stylish in a classic kind of way.  Try these tips this fall to upgrade your wardrobe:

men’s red plaid clip on necktie

  • Plaids are a fall staple! Consider mixing plaid shirting with solid colored neckties, or switch it up and try plaid neckties with solid shirting. Solid colored flannel shirts in dark colors look great with bold plaid ties. Our men’s red plaid clip on necktie is the perfect choice to obtain this stylish fall time look!
  • Fall is busting with color, so try to add some of these colors into your wardrobe! Oranges, reds, and other similar shades are always the perfect choice! From an orange necktie, to orange chinos, add some color to your outfit!
  • Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! Whether going for a light weight striped sweater or a striped necktie, stripes are the perfect fall choice for those who like to break the rules. Striped clothing and accessories are often popular in the summer, but mixing stripes with darker clothing is the perfect go to fall look.  Consider pairing our men’s woven orange and white striped tie with a grey flannel shirt or mix it up with a complimenting colored plaid shirt! Mixing patterns is a fun and exciting way to amp up your style.
  • Consider mixing work wear pieces with your wardrobe! Pairing a pair of boots with a suit is a cool new take on business wear, and looks great in the fall!
  • Scarves are making a comeback and quickly becoming a men’s fall staple. Consider adding a light weight scarf to your normal every day outfits for a burst or personality!

When it comes to the fall season, it’s all about dressing with the colors and weather around you. Men’s style is about the staples and functionality! If you’re looking to upgrade your fall neckwear, consider stocking up with the finest men’s clip on ties and traditional ties at!

Understanding the Many Fabrics of Neckties

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Understanding Necktie Fabrics

No tie is created equal, and knowing specific fabrics is a crucial step in choosing the perfect neck tie. From silk to wool, many variations of fabrics are used to craft and create neckties. Below is a simple guide to help learn the differences between fabrics:

  • Polyester: Polyester is a fabric that can sometimes be mistaken for silk. Polyester ties are a very popular and common type. However, Polyester is known to stain easily and also hold wrinkles.
  • Knit : Knit ties are a very popular casual style of neckties and mostly worn in prep style circles. Knit ties are exactly what they sound like, ties made from knitted material. It’s best to avoid wearing knit ties in professional or formal settings.
  • Silk: Silk is an extremely popular material used in neckwear. Silk reflects natural light and has a glossy and shiny appearance. Silk needs special care in order to obtain it’s shape and overall appearance. It’s best to save silk neckties for more formal or professional settings, as silk ties often look out of place when worn casually.
  • Wool: Wool is a great fabric for winter looks. The unique and stylish appearance of wool ties make them extremely popular among fashion forward men. carries a large selection of different fabric neckties that helps ensure you find the perfect tie for any look you hope to obtain. Whether looking for clip on ties or standard neckties, Necktie Emporium can cater. It’s important to choose a tie made from a fabric that goes along with your daily life. If you work in a professional setting, silk and wool neckties will also keep you looking proper and suave, where as more casual fabrics are perfect for everyday wear.

How to Choose a Bow Tie

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Wearing a bow tie may be foreign for many men, but this sartorial accessory is a classic staple in menswear and for good reason. The pointers that go with wearing a standard necktie are also applicable when it comes to the bow tie as well. If you’re interested in wearing a bow tie for men but don’t know what to look for, follow this simple guide:

bow tie for men

  • There are 3 types of bow tie; the self tie, clip on bowtie, and the pre-tied bow tie. Many men prefer the self-tie versions of the bow tie, but tying the perfect bow can be tedious and nearly impossible. Clip on bowties are great choices for both men and children alike.
  • The width of your bowtie should never overcome the width of your face and should be smaller than the width of your collar. An oversized bowtie will look ridiculous and unflattering.
  • Bowties come in a variety of fabrics and patterns. Flannel, cotton and seersucker are popular choices for daily worn bowties whereas silk is essential for formal and classier events. Patterns like paisley and stripes are also popular when it comes to bowties.
  • Choose a bow tie that correlates well with the colors in your outfit. Never choose as bowtie that is too bright and overpowering. Like most accessories in men’s style, bowties should emphasize your style and not overshadow your entire outfit.
  • A bow tie can be worn for a variety of occasions. Pairing a bow tie or clip on bow tie with a suit or tuxedo is an excellent choice for more formal events. A bow tie worn with jeans and sports coat is also a dapper and popular choice for more laid-back occasions.