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Clip On Ties for Men: A Summer Must!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Summer is almost in full bloom, and men around the country and breaking out their summer wardrobes. Clip on ties for men are the perfect summer neckwear accessory, and are sure to look just as cool as you hope to be when the temperature rises to high temperatures. What makes clip on ties for men the perfect summer sartorial accessory?

Clip on ties for men

  • Unlike traditional neckties, clip on ties for men don’t wrap around your neck. A clip on tie simply clips to the top of your shirt’s collar, allow you to be less restricted, keeping you cooler and allowing you to enjoy more comfort.
  • Clip on ties for men come in a large variety of summery patterns and styles. Consider a preppy striped clip on tie, or a clip on tie in warm summer colors. Like traditional neckties, clip on ties for men come in endless patterns and styles.
  • Staying fresh and looking your best is often hard in the summer. A clip on tie will look pristine and fresh even when you don’t feel at your best! Always tied in the perfect knot, and easy to wear, a clip on tie will cut back on your morning routine, and allow you to keep your cool and look your best.

This summer, look your absolute best every day with a clip on tie. has a large selection of clip on ties for men that are sure to compliment your summer wardrobe and keep you cool when temperatures climb to their hottest.

Summer Wardrobe 101

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Summer is quickly approaching, and the time to change up your wardrobe is closing in. Many men are often faced with hard decisions on how to upgrade their summer wardrobe and look their best when temperatures get their hottest. From summer friendly suiting to casual breathable shirts, there’s a lot of possibilities that will keep you looking dapper and keep you cool all summer long:

Mens style tips!

  • Just because the temperatures are reaching triple digits doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Knit ties, clip on ties, and bowties are all still extremely friendly summer accessories that can be worn for every season. For a hip and edgier look, consider a fitted short sleeve oxford shirt with a bowtie. Not only will the sleeveless shirt keep you cool, but in combination with a bowtie you’ll be traditionally preppy with a modern edge.
  • Cotton, linen, summer wool, and seersucker suiting are the best choice when staying dapper this summer. It’s important to find a summer suit that is breathable and comfortable. Consider wearing lighter colors, as they don’t retain too much heat.
  • Shorts are a staple in summer style, but those shorts that go past your knees are not as good looking as you think. Shorts are called shorts for a reason, and a great pair of shorts should be plain front and end just above the knee.
  • Oxford and linen shirts are a staple in summer menswear, stock up on a few colors and always look put together, even when you just want to pass out in front of the pool.

Make this your best dressed summer, and bask in sartorial glory. Shop a wide selection of summer friendly clip on ties, neckties, zipper ties and more at We keep you dapper for less!